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Another Bunny bites the dust.

April 25, 2013

Another favour done for the poor bunny who was put out of his misery by tilly this morning, the dreadful mixi infection leaves poor rabbits blind and vulnerable, could you imagine living like that


The overflow field is looking healthy for a lot of stray golf balls, had a walk through this morning but was in no fit state to be picking up any golf balls after a very heavy birthday celebration with my son’s and friends last night, god my head is just clearing after all that time, what a session Sambuca…jack Daniels…and endless pints of that amber nectar…why do we do it ??????

Anyway waiting for my grand children to arrive and were heading to the woods to find more golf balls and to let them see the Deer so hopefully some pictures when we return.


No shortage of Golf Balls.

April 24, 2013

Were out picking them all up like a hoover


Not bad for a week i suppose and guess what, we have another lot just like that to keep us busy, just washing a lot of Taylor-Made & Bridgestone for repeat orders.

ProV Balls are coming in thick and fast landing everywhere in the fields and woodlands, be quick if you want to secure some very cheap balls, we have every make available at low prices.

The last week has been a nightmare.

April 24, 2013

Have not been able to use my desktop PC and have struggled to get mail  through my phone? blamed and shouted at BT accused there engineers of being utterly useless bas****s and gave there service in India a hard time…how wrong could i be?

It turns out my lovely wife had been playing with her kindle looking for wallpaper and paints to decorate our bedroom and by sheer accident wiped all and everything from the home hub? a simple thing that caused so much trouble and loss of work all because my wife has no idea on how to turn the kindle on let alone do anything positive with it but all sorted now until her next brainstorming  venture.

So here are some things we found recently in the woods


Obviously one lady golfer will not be smelling very sweet after an 18 hole walk or had she intentions of have a bath in the pond at the 18th ?…mmmm the mind boggles at the thought…lol.

Have you seen golf balls like these before


And this one


And what about this very handy golf ball collector given to me by a lovely lady near the golf course, what a fancy bit of kit


I should imagine it will hold 50 golf balls, no wonder tilly-miss is guarding it for me.


As you can see the Deer are making themselves at home quite nicely in the top fields now and Romeo is busy courting his new mate and they are together constantly, romeo spends most days sleeping under the tree trying to keep his strength up for the night shift it seems.

Anyway it is my birthday today and i am heading to the pub for a session that will leave me worse for wear in the morning, so until then take care for now.

Fresh from the field today.

April 16, 2013

Another day and the walking begins, we head back to the fields that we tread daily and would you believe that we find more golf balls despite believing that we had cleared everything from our previous visit.


We are bringing some very good golf ball name’s to the net that is starting once again to feel quite heavy, i wouldn’t want to be carrying this bag around all day.

Lovely colour balls are showing with yellow and orange the favourite choice from the golfers who obviously care very little at what happens to the ball, but we do and that is why we are out there 365 days bringing top quality fresh from the field to our wash station and then to inspection and finally wrapped and posted direct to your door at the lowest prices, where else will you buy 12 Calloway or Nike or Srixon balls for £1…plus postage….and you better believe me when i say these are as good as new.

Look at the deer who we bumped in to this morning


And of course there is Romeo relaxing once again after a busy night


As we walked through the woodland we found this car abandoned in the fern and bracken


And another bunny for tilly, sadly a young one with mixi

Golf balls and deer in the woods.

April 15, 2013

Busy times in the woodlands with us hunting golf balls in all corners of the woods.

We have been helped by my little man who has to be the best golf ball hunter in the uk at the present time, my goodness that boy can spot a ball at distance, young George has built a collection of colour balls that would reduce any golf outlet to tears and he wants to have more than grandad, but his mum is not so keen on having so many in the house lol !


We have had brilliant days with the deer and far to many pictures to add but here are a couple to keep you all amused….enjoy them !

20130412_150200 (2)20130415_093212

Above is young Romeo and how he is growing, one randy little rascal who just seems so tired of late and i cannot think why? always spot him first as he is always laying down resting or sleeping after a hectic night of romance.


A check on them before dark tonight and within minutes of walking in the garden mum was having a quick nap on her own while the other three were grazing before darkness, the other snap shows the four of them this morning enjoying the sunshine.

Getting up close to the Deer.

April 7, 2013

In the grounds this morning the 4 deer were there feeding on the grass and daffodils until there hearts were content, i was not expecting to see them at all in all honesty as i thought they would be long gone after a few days, but i am not complaining and they must be happy to have me and tilly around as mum allowed me up and close to get a few pictures and i was happy to oblige.

I have now over 190 pictures on my phone and need to start moving a lot to the bin, i just wish i had a better camera than the rubbish on this Samsung, my old HTC Phone had a brilliant clearer picture but i will carry on and hopefully get some better close ups. here are a couple that were snapped this morning and when i look through them the more i am convinced mum is again pregnant,


Here is mum enjoying the daffodils, she is looking quite big


I think we surprised her a little bit when after grazing she turned and looked up and must have thought …aagh who are these 2 ??? watching me !


And here is Juliet doing what most women do? eat and eat while Romeo was busy sharpening his new antlers on the tree bark


During the time i have watched them they are always washing and keeping themselves clean and a constant rear leg having a dam good scratch, it really is good to have the time to watch them close up.

I am going to add more random pictures to Twitter & Facebook today, so keep your eyes peeled…bye for now

We have another young deer.

April 4, 2013

What a shock to enter the woods and see another young one has joined forces with the other three, this one has arrived out of the blue and funny enough as strange as it seems the young one has been made very welcome from what viewing i had of them today, Romeo has been keeping close tabs on the new addition probably hoping for some fun and games and to build his harem !!!!!

Here are some of todays pictures taken in the bitter cold whilst it was just starting to snow

20130404_144332 (2)

Can you believe your eyes? i had to look a few times myself to make sure i was not dreaming, but yes there is 4 all of them behaving very well and as you can see randy Romeo having a lay down to preserve his strength for maybe some activity as night falls.


Where this one comes from is a mystery but here is the proof that he was nowhere to be seen in the morning as we strolled round.


I was walking round the other side of the wood and come face to face with the workers starting to clear the debris from the old milking sheds and barn that have stood idle for best part of 30+ years, they are making way for new energy solar panels to be built and housed on the land and hopefully all the waste wood and rubbish that has piled up will be burnt very soon, i just hope that the wind direction changes or there could be trouble from a close neighbour who was in his day a very famous voice on radio and television and believe you me if that smoke heads his way there could be trouble as this person has every councillor licking his boots along with endless people sucking up to open this and open that, and of course he will if it means a free dinner or payment for maybe a new toupee !

Call me lucky or maybe not but i recently found this dog in the woods, it has German markings on the pad of his feet and a number etched under its belly, it was filthy when i found him in woodlands and took him home and cleaned him up and as you can see it is in immaculate condition


Before Night-fall in the woods.

April 3, 2013

Not long been back from the woods where we have walked round to check on the deer before darkness,this is something we do everyday and it gives me the chance to also check on the other older deer grazing on the other side of the golf course, and i am pleased to say each and everyone we have seen this evening is in great shape and hopefully in the morning we will be greeted with the same.

I left romeo and juliet in the top field tonight where they were happy stripping leaves from some bushes and feeding on grass, mum was nearby on the other side of the fence resting and watching another visitor to the field who like them was probably quite hungry, yes scraggy the fox was out looking for his dinner and eye contact and a chase in the field was attempted once tilly caught sight,  but nothing more than a couple of minutes and scraggy was on his way alone and wondering where he will get food, but i know full well where that will come from as when i arrived home there he was in the field opposite my house sitting with another larger fox both looking very sad, so that is it a bowl of mince has been put in the oven and will be served on the lawn before bed.

It has been a lovely day in the woods and fields despite the cold bitter wind, we also managed around a 20-30 golf ball pick-up as we have walked field to field and have seen so many animals and various birds it makes the walking worthwhile.

Thank you to everyone who has taken time to send email regarding the pictures of the deer, it makes me happy to know that what i do is being enjoyed around the world from quite a few people, i do this as a little bit of fun and to keep my brain ticking over and keeping me out of the pub, i really appreciate your interest.

Here are some pictures from early evening

20130403_151116 (2)

Mum watching me and tilly and the fox while Romeo and Juliet are in the right side field

20130403_151047 (2)20130403_154728 (2)20130403_154934 (2)

We stood quite close while the young and mum grazed, the coat on the mum is changing and looks amazing when the sun was shining on her, it was almost as thou she was completely white.

Together in the field.

April 3, 2013

Aagh looks like they have both found love, i was out early this morning and happened to find these two laying side by side obviously exhausted after a night of chase me and i am yours !

20130403_104056 (5)

The young one obviously learning very fast and is happy to have a mate it seems, i cannot get over how much he looks like “Thomas” but he does seem smitten with his new love…lol

20130403_104128 (2)

The wind was howling very fierce this morning and against the young lovers in the field, so they were unaware of my presence until tilly made herself known to them and as you can see our hot blooded young one was away like Mr Bolt at the Olympics but only for a minute or so and he was back protecting his prize.

I could stay for hour’s watching these deer and all wildlife but on a cold morning like this it was time for home and a cup of tea, will be back in the field again later for some more pictures

If you go in the woods today !

April 2, 2013

You might be in for a surprise, totally unexpected but proud and privileged to see the deer enjoying the freedom and tranquillity that the place gives them.


These beauties are roaming and finding there way through the vast field area


One day they are there the next they are gone, obviously not to far but away far enough to feel safe, the ferns are great protection for them and sometimes myself or tilly will disturb them without even knowing they were there.

We have been very lucky and only once we encountered a jealous stag that was not happy with tilly getting to close, a gentle reminder from his antlers directly in to tilly was enough to get the message and it cost me £100 or near dam it for a trip to the vet to get my dog treated.


Fancy getting in the thorns to collect some golf balls ???


We put up with these obstacles daily to provide golfers with affordable clean golf balls that come fresh from our fields direct to your door.

This is what we collected on Easter Monday, nearly 200 with the help of my little helper Vinnie who along with his brother and sister walked a very long walk in the woodlands,searching everywhere they could, so the winner with most golf balls got the prize of a sweet tube.


It was a great outing for all the family to join in the fun of golf ball hunting, and as you guessed the children all went home tired and with a nice bag of sweets for there efforts.