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Keeping watch on the Deer

February 10, 2016


Apples and pears chopped and bagged ready for feeding time, on arrival in the field i noticed the mum and young waiting close to where i had left there food yesterday, on inspection everything had gone including broccoli and stems, the deer were not at all nervous and looked to be very content, so i dropped more food and left them while i went in search of woodland golf balls, in just over 2 hours in woodland hacking down thorn bushes and endless prickles, i managed 72 very good golf balls.


A majority of these were brought out of woodlands by my golf ball dog Tilly-Miss who just seems to have a great sense of liking Titleist Pro V Balls, we had loads of that brand ball today, and as you can see from the pictures tilly is back home having a cuddle from my wife after we had gone for a long time.

I  managed some pictures of the deer waiting patiently for food, well i hope that is the reason why Laughing out loud


This is mum and Thomas


What a beauty

But not as beautiful as this little lady


Who is now flat out on my settee sleeping and dreaming

And finally Golf Balls if anyone needs any ?



Back home and straight in the fields.

July 8, 2013

I have been away in Europe earning some money to keep the wolf from the door, my journey has taken me by road from the UK to Norway, Denmark &  France to some beautiful Islands especially in Norway, goodness me if i had the chance i would go and live there, it is an awesome place.

I arrived home late afternoon on Sunday to a welcome from my faithful companion tilly-miss, even my wife was happy to see me which is sometimes unusual (put your dog and wife in the boot of the car for an hour and see who would be happiest to see you…hahaha) not that i ever would ???

It was a scorching heat and in an hour we were collecting lots of golf balls that had laid idle and waiting no doubt for my return, was i happy to collect near enough a bag full in just a brisk walk due to the heat which played its part also on tilly, so i kept it low key and tried to keep as sheltered as we could in the woodland area.

Today i am cleaning an order of just Titleist Pro V Balls for a pub in Essex that has our golf ball vending machine sited, the request was for that specific brand of ball which is a bargain at only £1 at the moment i have a cleaning session going on in the back yard, lots of golf balls being washed, vending pots have been sorted and were almost ready to get the order in to a box ready for posting.

In the scorched field still no sign of Deer life, i miss those lovely animals and keep hoping they will return, i have noticed lots of Red Kite action today with near enough 8 flying mighty low around tilly and myself, have a feeling they are getting hungry?

Lots to do between now and Wednesday as i leave again Thursday for more travelling to Spain & Portugal for more music shows, also happy that i will get the chance to be at the Montraux Jazz Festival which i have also wished to visit, so dreams do come true?

Wishing you all happy and safe times ahead, enjoy the sun while you can and i hope to be back with some tales from my travels and some pictures.

Hard work in the woods now.

May 13, 2013

The fast growing of bluebell’s and stinging nettles has taken its toll and we are now having to use our x-ray vision to hunt out the golf balls that drop daily in all areas, believe me this is hard work.


And on top of all this we then have more disruption having to deal with the likes of this friendly deer who now pop’s up frequently as we walk round,sometimes without warning the huge beast lets me know it is there and is more than happy that i get quite close for a picture.


You really do have to see the size of this beauty to be really scared, it is huge but has a good character and is obviously happy.

That is not all that has taken to resting in the wood, the ducks who visit every year to my door for regular feeding were taking a rest in the field


I am hoping they survived the night and the naughty fox did not get to them.

Here is tilly enjoying her rest after a long day and so much walking, but she is the correct weight 8kg for her age and bang on what she should be, as told by the vet? but do we believe everything they say because most of the time it will cost us money?


And what about postage charges? my goodness i sent 9 golf balls to a client and could not believe the cost £5:64p who is kidding who?


How can anyone afford to pay that much, I will have to consider whether it is worth offering to sell small amounts or do i just concentrate on the bigger volumes to make a few pounds to keep tilly in good condition?

Another Bunny bites the dust.

April 25, 2013

Another favour done for the poor bunny who was put out of his misery by tilly this morning, the dreadful mixi infection leaves poor rabbits blind and vulnerable, could you imagine living like that


The overflow field is looking healthy for a lot of stray golf balls, had a walk through this morning but was in no fit state to be picking up any golf balls after a very heavy birthday celebration with my son’s and friends last night, god my head is just clearing after all that time, what a session Sambuca…jack Daniels…and endless pints of that amber nectar…why do we do it ??????

Anyway waiting for my grand children to arrive and were heading to the woods to find more golf balls and to let them see the Deer so hopefully some pictures when we return.

Young Deer back in the field / Red Kite Feast !

March 30, 2013

What a total surprise to see 3 young deer in the field this morning, have not seen these young beauties before and guess they have left the herd that are quite happy in the woodland about 1 mile from here, i just hope that they will stay around for the summer.

20130330_115306 (2)

There is a young male amongst them who is just growing antlers and looks very much like Thomas from last year, but i am pleased to say Thomas is doing very well roaming the fields of the national trust very close to me, hopefully if they stay then i will get closer to them and give them all name’s so let us see what happens, i am just delighted that we have them here where they are safe.

20130330_115002 (2)

Tilly was up to her tricks of catching bugs bunny the last couple of days, not 1 but 2 were laid to rest due to them both having the dreadful mixi disease which leaves them hopelessly blind and not capable of doing anything other than suffer.20130328_102903-120130328_102849-120130329_10501920130329_105616-1

After leaving the bunnies to rest in the field i was amazed to look in the sky and to see us surrounded by red kite’s hovering above, in total 7 of these lovely birds were ready to feast on our furry friend.

20130329_171441 (2)20130329_171432

And what a meal they had, they were like scavengers at a feeding frenzy diving down at speed and pecking what they could get, not a lot was left they had skinned poor bunny down to the bones more or less

20130329_171926 (2)

Tilly has been in good form and despite everything that has been a distraction she is still pulling golf balls from the thorn bushes and our collection is underway again after clearing 2200 balls to an online golfing shop.

20130329_110104-120130330_120338 (2)

Going back to the woods now….

Golfers Book your room at this hotel.

May 28, 2012

Looking for a golf break with your friends,a chance to get away from the wife,are the kids driving you wild? then get on the phone and book your break for freedom while you can.

Go on, you know you want to

We had a bumper collection of golf balls over the weekend, hacking those netles have done the trick and we are filling the sack nicely

The huge sack will hold in excess of 1200 and we are nearly three quaters full which is not bad considering the sheer hot weather.