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Golf Balls Galore.

June 29, 2011

I have been away for 3 weeks and travelled many miles to some lovely countries meeting some really cool and sometimes weird people on route,but had an amazing time in Moscow, Finland,Denmark,Germany,Hungary,Poland.
Tilly-Miss was so excited to see me walk through door, her greeting was one to remember and i had little time to unpack my bag before she wanted to head to the woodland.
We made it to the wood to be greeted by an avalanche of golf balls ranging from brand new to nearly new and as expected quite a few rubbish balls which i am sure were hidden from view of any of there golfing partners.
We have a buyer arriving tomorrow to purchase a large amount of Srixon,Calloway and Titleist, so a busy few hours sorting through these.
We also have to get busy visiting the local pubs to refill our sweet range in there machines as these were not done before i headed away due to so many other things having to be sorted.
I have a week at home before heading back to Russia a visit to the gorgeous capital of St Petersbourg a real gem of a place which i have loved since first visiting, if you do one thing in your life visit this great city.
Back to the golf ball sorting, i will add some pictures of my travels later, take care everyone.


Tilly is sulking today.

June 7, 2011

Tilly has the sulks today as she can sense that i am heading away and leaving her behind.

Hopefully the time will pass and please god i will be back safe and sound from a tour
that will eventually lead back to Moscow, then i can get back to the woods and wildlife that i enjoy the most, as for tilly she can enjoy a good rest and be prepared for lots of rabitt chasing golf ball finding and of course watching the progress of the young deer.
I am away tomorrow night and i hope to return with some nice pictures of of my travels through europe and hopefully some good stories.
I have to drop off nearly 2500 golf balls to a contact in Birmingham who will then arrange shipping to Estonia….happy times for our golf friend in eastern europe it seems.

Why not have a colours ball day.

June 6, 2011

Why not have one day a week where the rule applies that golfers can only play with a coloured ball

This would indeed get the coloured balls moving and produce an increased awareness of the lovely colours that are available

I am interested in the varieties of colours that are available in the uk and wonder what colours apply in different countries throughout the world, i bet somewhere there is some amazing golf ball colours that have yet to be fully appreciated.

The pearly white should have far more competition, get some colours out there and brighten your game.

Has anyone used any very colourful golf balls, i do remember tilly-miss collecting a stars and stripes ball from the hedgerow which was fascinating to see, how the colours and stripes seperated and the white stars was quite fascinating….anyone have any idea how this was done…..Has anyone yet found or played a rainbow ball?
i am told there is such a ball orbiting the australian coastline somewhere.

Any unusual colours please send them .

Pinnacle Balls selling them cheap for £10

June 6, 2011

These Pinnacle Golf Balls are as new as you can buy, in perfect condition and in such good quality they do not require a wash (but we will wash and clean them)

We would like to clear these for £10 which includes postage to any uk postcode.

These Vending Machines are Banned.

June 4, 2011

Be careful if you are vending sweets from these type of machine, they are banned due to hygeine reasons and you will be fined if the local council have there way.

You can have one of our vending machines that look neat and tidy wall mounted and you can choose from sweets, condoms, dog treats, golf balls, whatever you choose.

Scraggy the fox is back on the prowl for late night food

He certainly has been getting some late night treats from me and it is always good to sit and wait his arrival.

These Sizzler treats should be very appealing to the dogs

Tilly Treats in a can

June 4, 2011

We have a pub that would like to trial our idea of doggie treats in a can direct from our vending machine.
The pub has a good trade of dog walkers and the landlord is fedup with keep feeding all the dogs with a treat.

So we are going to give this idea a try and see what the results bring

Hopefully we will be able to add a few varieties from various pet food companies

Disgusted with Vet Charges quoted for my friends dog. (Slough Berks)

June 3, 2011

Talk about daylight robbery and care for your pet, this vet practice Penstone in Slough Berks should be reported for there charges.
A family member wanted to take there dog to be spayed the price quoted was £230 the family member asked could they remove a broken chipped tooth from the dog whilst the dog was under sedation…er…yes …one moment please…silence…followed by more silence….finally 8 minutes later…that will be £110
extra….hello are you there …(family member) that is daylight robbery and outrageous, well take it or let the animal suffer….
I strongly oppose what these rip off merchants are being allowed to getaway with today and i will be taking this up through the Animal Ombudsman Organisation and with the local Vets Group who play at my local course.
Why can the chipped tooth not be removed whilst the dog is under sedation? it is costing nothing more to carry out this procedure, these are vile practices being carried out for no other reason than profit and no care towards the animal.

Do you know this Slough Vet ? have you dealt with them previously? i want to know

How many golf balls do you want !

June 2, 2011

We have had a good few days hunting them pearly white balls in hedges and fields trying hard to not upset the deer that have taken a liking to our No2 field, i have spent ages over the last few days watching the young one taking his feeding lessons
helping himself to the tasty branch leaves from overhanging trees, little one was oblivious to me watching him and it was a great time for me but sadly my camera was not with me.
Apart from that the walking has continued and as i am now called “The Ball Hunter” by local golfers who recognise me and tilly-miss on a daily basis, tilly has been magnificant the last few days pulling loads out of hedgerows and under the trees, golfers are amazed and you hear them calling tilly find my ball, we found a ball this evening and the bloke couldnt believe it when from the hedgerow tilly pulled out a lovely new Srixon minutes after finding the golfers Calloway, tilly really is one in a million.

We have as many balls as you will ever need 25p per ball washed and direct to your door.