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What happens when you play a cheap or lake ball.

November 25, 2010

Times get hard for nearly everyone at some stage in life,only the lucky ones born with the golden spoon in there big mouths manage to escape life pressures.
Playing the game of golf is a costly business and beyond the reach of many people if the truth really is known,the cost of setting up with all the “has to have toys” will cost a fortune and will finally be absorbed in the quality of ball you choose.
Everyday i see people walking courses dressed in the best of golf wear
pulling huge brand name golf bags,many have electric trolleys and enviable sets of clubs,but they look lost in a big field,watch them hit a ball,clueless its like going to a swinging jive dance,hips shaking legs trembling and body as stiff as what lays in a coffin,its seriously quite sad in all honesty,when they actually hit the ball which is about 3 minutes after there wiggle and shake the ball goes actually slips a few feet or takes of in the wrong direction.
Getting back to using a ball,this looks quite like a decent ball

Until we look closer at the other half

Then we see the maker of this

We can presume this is a rubbish ball being sold cheap or possibly a ball that has been weakened by the hazards of water,otherwise known as a lake ball.
This what happens the water weakens the core and soon enough you will have the exploding joke ball for all your friends to witness.
4 of these balls all Dunlop have been retrieved today,each one split in half ? obvious reason to be concerned,the green keepers have not been out mowing so we can forget that theory,my thoughts would be a freezing water laid ball being walloped was to much for the weakened core.
So please golfers just use your imagination and buy decent golf balls,in the longterm it will improve your game,but not so sure about your dancing lesson.
PS….I am going to video some of these golfers and make a short film of there hip shaking…stay tuned.


So cold on a golf course.

November 25, 2010

Freezing cold this morning i was wrapped up with fleece and overcoat and scarf not forgetting my russian hat that certainly done the trick,but my legs and feet were freezing.
The course had about 5 groups playing and who could blame all the stay away golfers,the bitter winds that blew were very strong and sharp,all the hedgerows have been stripped of any leaves,the woodlands look bare and we have only just started the cold snap.
We managed to find quite a few Nike balls thanks to the strong wind blowing the leaves, tilly-miss was very happy to find 7 mixed name balls with her usual routine of jumping and rolling round with her favourite play toy,but carry on regardless there is still a lot of great balls still to be found.

Changes in postal conditions are now in place :
With immediate effect all golf ball orders will now be tracked,everyone will now have to sign for there orders,if you are not at home when delivery is made a card will be left asking you to contact royal mail,you will be able to arrange another delivery or you can go direct and collect from the main sorting office.
We have implemented these changes due to orders not arriving at destinations,so this way i can guarantee postage has been sent with issue of a tracking number to all buyers,it also covers me for loss of goods when this happens,protecting both parties is a better priority and can pinpoint any abuse to one party only…honesty and civility cost nothing and we prefer a honest policy of trading.

Moving your goods to Middle East and Beyond.

November 24, 2010

Look no further than this great british company who have pioneered road movements to the middle east and beyond.

Thank You for more orders.

November 24, 2010

Just finished hand washing more orders,these lucky people will have some fantastic golf balls arriving on there door hopefully in time for the weekend.
The wash process resulted in the checking of each ball with our guarantee of no cuts or teeth marks from tilly,just fantastic looking white golf balls from many of the top makers.
Next we will advertise our colour golf balls,there is lots to choose from
so if you need some good colours to get you round the course…get in touch.
What about some logo balls : we are finding varieties of many companies who add there name to a ball and would like to clear them.

Looking to be a cold start in the morning…just remember the motor parked outside that takes you to work….Check your Antifreeze !!!
dont make the mistake of not doing so.

Golfers like our affordable golf ball prices.

November 24, 2010

The orders continue to arrive despite the cold weather settling in on us all,we were actually thinking of shutting up shop until after xmas but the orders still arrive.
Mixed balls,coloured balls,calloway balls,titleist balls,the list goes on.

We sell quality woodland retrieved golf balls,washed by hand each ball is then checked for damage whilst being washed,we do not sell rubbish and we do not associate in anyway with lake balls.
We offer the old fashioned wash and scrub method direct to your door,every make of ball available is probably within our reach we have a huge supply of 1 hit wonders with a price to suit every budget.
Why pay premium prices when we can offer a cheaper affordable option.

They are back in there droves ? Top-Flite Golf Balls.

November 23, 2010

Goodness gracious i cannot believe that so many of these are being brought,is this a sign that things are getting somewhat drastic on golf courses. 3 courses visited and a pile of these horrid golf balls has been collected to add to the huge stash we already have,and guess what you cannot even clear them on Ebay,nobody wants them.
It seems that golfers are making drastic cuts,we have never had the misfortune of collecting so many in a short space.
I will donate these Top~*hit balls to the local charity shops,hopefully they will get some money for them,knowing them they will sell at a higher price than a golf shop would? have you seen the prices of the stuff in them charity shops? what world do they live in for gods sake,but i forgot about all the hangers on bleeding money for themselves and give nothing to there volunteers,and we call this charity !
My russian hat was worth buying it seems with the cold weather soon to arrive,i must get tilly’s nice coat ready just in case things get to bad but unlikely as she is a dog that likes nothing to be in the way of slowing her down in hunting her prey,we just returned and she had a big fat bunny rabitt so big she could hardly carry the thing,but she trotted away and buried it somewhere in the woods.
Vending machines doing ok so far and i will be adding some fantastic new products from big name’s very soon.
I am heading to Oslo for a few days then home for a while, i hope the weather is not as bad as i am hearing,last year was really bad and i know what to expect,the snow clearance is something you have to witness,it is done with precise planning using state of the art machinary a willing workforce and the army to keep things moving,and it works very well.
Now to get more golf balls washed and posted….what a lovely task…

Presents from Moscow.

November 19, 2010

Whilst on my whirlwind tour of Moscow i gathered a few presents

A very nice hat to keep the cold weather away.

And some russian dolls

So many shops to pamper yourself,and spectacular scenery making the visit worthwhile.

Look no further than this great hotel for fantastic accommodation

Leaves making our golf ball hunting nearly impossible.

November 19, 2010

Today myself and tilly have covered 6 miles on various courses,the results have been the lowest we have ever known,hardly a pocket full of balls for all our efforts,but the good crisp foggy morning was beautiful for walking and most enjoyable.

Lots of interesting things going on with recommendations of where to site more machines, we have a possible 4 more locations to consider.

It is amazing what can be sold through vending machines today, sweet and confectionary lines are fantastic with top name brands potting anything that will fit in a can making it interesting times for the future.

Every pub and office should try the options available,it will cost nothing to display a machine and you get generous commission,money for nothing it seems.

ProV Golf Balls Washed.

November 17, 2010

We had a message this afternoon asking if we could refill one of our pub machines with ProV Balls, i am pleased to say the wash is complete,the balls are in the can and ready to go in the pub machine.
Going to check with the pub to see if i can get across tonight and refill
it could be a late night !

A squirrel for tilly and a huge bag of golf balls for me.

November 17, 2010

Tilly-Miss was across the golf course at the speed of light chasing a squirrel that was taking a slow stroll along the hedgerow,within seconds tilly had trapped her prey and battle began with scratching and biting but tilly took control and within seconds the battle was over.
Lots of golf balls left in woodlands many brand new and it wasnt long before a bag was near to being full,we are concentrating on building high volume stock during the coming months and already we are holding in excess of 5000 very good brand names.
We have good supply of ProV Balls and Calloway and Nike and Srixon along with any Titleist Brand if needed.
We are just heading out again before dark to walk local course as there was good numbers playing this morning.