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Finding a golf ball in the “Bluebells” is not easy.

April 28, 2012

The rain was relentless and there we are stuck in the middle of the woods searching golf balls,can you imagine really doing this? but it is what i enjoy doing and tilly-miss loves every minute of scanning the woodland and fields.

Some are easy to find and some are not so easy, but enjoyable fun can be had whilst we do our best to keep fit with the long walks we cover….this one was not so easy to find

The woodland area is alive in colour with bluebell’s

Tilly has been having great chase games with Roe and Munkjack Deer and local pheasant and rabitts all part of her hunting skills which she is learning much better than before.


Not a bad mornings work lots of golf balls !

April 25, 2012

Despite the weather being so horrid we made the effort and walked a deserted course a few miles from my usual haunt and was surprised to hoover up a good few golf balls

We have seperated them now and was surprised to see so many prov balls

There are some good and some a bit tatty which seems to be the norm with ProV they seem to scuff very easily,but a prov is the money maker and at around £4 per ball lots of people want them.
Tilly has had 2 rabitts today and a really good soaking,so i had to get a picture of her and she doesnt look very happy

As we arrived home 2 ducks come along for there daily feast,so lots of bread was provided

And tilly was watching from my hallway

Golf Needs to be made cheaper

April 23, 2012

Back to the woods we go searching out whatever has been left and within seconds of hitting the walk tilly had pounced on a rabitt, very quickly she bolted away and buried poor buggsy in the pouring rain so i dont think it would take the red kite to long to find another dinner.

Golf balls were being found at a good pace, but sadly not all were the ones we need the most and recent weeks have shown me that golfers are changing there habits on the ball they play, the amount of Quadra & Pinnacle along with Dunlop Sport is mounting more each day,gone are the days of just finding quality Calloway or Titleist or ProV’s it just isnt happening.

2 Local courses within minutes of each other are not doing good, numbers have dropped quite dramatically with empty clubhouses, empty courses and empty car-parks meaning empty tills where it hurts the most,what it needs is the price of a round to be brought down,how can parents expect to pay the sums asked for children,how can the OAP afford the crazy price for his round of pleasure and enjoyment, bring it back to basics and let them play at a reduced price throw in a plate of egg sarnies make them feel welcome and the word will travel faster than your long ball,it is criminal to walk these clubs and see hardly anyone there, it is also making my job harder in finding quality golf balls,we might just have to start eating the rabitts tilly catches if things do not improve…….

On a brighter note 2 guests arrived for tea this afternoon and i kindly provided a good snack for them and last night Scraggy the fox had a whole chicken cooked for him.



April 23, 2012


Great Colour Golf Ball from Ultra

April 14, 2012

I was nearly blinded by the shine on this ball that sat in stinging nettles all on its lonesome ! what a lovely bright colour.

It was hard to get a good shot of the ball with my camera, the light kept reflecting back on the picture

Ultra will be on to a winner with great colours and i want to see and find more of these in the future

This beauty is going in my collection of special golf balls…

Nice to enjoy a few beers from this brewer

Golf Balls All Gone ! Time to get more.

April 13, 2012

The golf balls were brought from a nice chap who travelled to my house from Brighton last night, we are now on the hunt for more and already started this morning to build the bags that now lay idle.

I estimate there was about 12-1300 mixed name balls that needed cleaning but Darren was confident that they will be washed when sold again.

Sad to see them all go but now that might stop the whinging woman of the house moaning, so now she can decorate the garden with flowers and god knows what and there wont be a ball in sight?…..just yet !

Back in the woods

April 11, 2012

And straight across from me was the Deer having a wonder through the adjoining field

It was a happy sight for me considering i stumbled across 2 men laying in a barn with rifles that had telescopic sights and they both admitted shooting rabitts and squirells for fun, I told them in no uncertain terms if any harm comes to the deer they will have more than myself to deal with,as our local neighbours also take great interest and like watching the deer.

I was told today that the stragler who has been joining the 3 deer was again back in the field with them, i am wondering if he is preparing himself to mate with the mother? any ideas on this
i really should look for info on breeding for Roe Deer

Hopefully we have a buyer calling tomorrow to take 1200 Golf Balls so that will make my wife happy in the knowledge that they will be gone and out of the way so she can start organising her flower growing tend to her precious plants

You will never have to buy another Golf Ball

April 10, 2012

Fresh from the field today.Just sorting out Titleist ProV orders and getting them in the wash to make them clean and fresh for our buyers,we took these fresh from the field today and they are filthy dirty and in desperate need for care and attention and affection…aagh for the love of a golf ball !

We just added around 30 Titleist ProV Balls to the wash pot with our formula these will be a far cry from the messy balls that were laying in all sorts,but i guarantee they will look like new when washed, it is very surprising how clean they become when added to a simple formula that women use daily round the world, nothing more simple with cold water added and not a bleaching agent in sight…..can you guess what i use?

Before dark we retrieved these.

April 10, 2012

A quick walk before darkness along the towpath last night brought us more than expected, a good selection which consisted of more Calloway and just 4 ProV Balls.

Tilly had enjoyed chasing rabitts and a young Munkjack deer which amounted to nothing but the fun of it all certainly was enough for her to be worn out at the end of it all

Golf Ball Clearance

April 9, 2012

Lots of golf balls to choose from with so many brand new top quality name’s, Anyone interested in these make an offer and collect them.
I am heading away very soon to work on some interesting projects so need these clearing as my wife wants to make some changes and clear our clutter so she keep telling me.

Deer in the woods