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Look at our sweet vending items.

August 26, 2012

We are constantly updating our range of available sweets from our trusted suppliers, the items change on a regular basis and we try everything available.

So far we are working hard to keep pace as the adults and children are buying them at an alarming rate.

Rolo are a fantastic selling item, these will sell all day long

M&M Peanut’s another winning brand

Galaxy Minstrils are awesome

And the good old fashioned Jelly Bean with lots of flavours

These mixed flavoured Pencils are a fantastic taste, cannot get enough !

These Haribo Pinballs proving very popular

Then the classic Haribo Chew

Fancy some Cashews

We are constantly looking for outlets in Berkshire to place our vending machines,we supply free to all outlets and pay a generous commission on each item sold.


Another good haul of Golf Balls

August 23, 2012

We were at it again today in the woodland, looking under the fearn and bagging some very good golf balls, even a small grass snake failed to stop me picking up this Calvin Klein ball

As usual the mix was made up of Srixon, ProV and very good Calloway, it was also nice to find some colour balls

Overall thou the Srixon Golf Ball was the obvious choice once again in Berkshire

And this nice logo ball from Berkshire popped up in long grass

Would you find a golf ball in this lot

August 20, 2012

Just giving you an idea of what hunting the pearly white ball is about, we are certainly up against the thorns and nettles and some rough terrain to bring you the ball you loose.

Do you think it is easy, come and join the hunt with us

95% of all golf balls are found in places you would never bother to look, how they end up there is amazing, bouncing from trees and finding peculiar landings is quite amazing.

Under the fern bushes you will always come up trumps, there they are tucked away sometimes three or four under one bush

The thorn bushes are more likely to return a good crop,after all who would be mad enough to start looking and hacking that lot to bits, that is where the golf ball dog comes in very handy.

Just spent an hour and here is the bag that has been retrieved this morning

Over 30+ and tilly has done very well

Were going back again later,see what we get then !

Were finding these awful Golf Balls !

August 19, 2012

OMG just when i was thinking we had seen the last of these horrible Top-*hite rubbish we start finding them everywhere, they do seem to like laying under the leaves (such an awful ball) it really is the best place to hide

Now this is a nice logo ball

The heat has stopped us working at last, the woodland is boiling and no shade for tilly,so we will have a rest and hope for a drop of rain to take the humidity away.

Had a sneak up on Thomas the Deer this morning

Quite a huge beast and growing fast

When you buy our Golf Balls.

August 18, 2012

We will only supply you with quality fresh from the field, all our stock is checked before and after cleaning, we sell crisp clean quality of ball not washed out rubbish that has been boiled in a vat of bleach, we use our own tried and tested methods of cleaning and have it exactly perfect
to make a golf ball look worthy of buying, no cuts or cracks guaranteed

The Golf Ball price has made this golfer change ball.

August 18, 2012

For a few years now we have collected quite a few lost ProV balls from the golfer who claims to be “Disco”
every ball you find from him has his name etched in ink, now we find his beloved ProV has been swapped for a cheaper Nike ball

Why would you swap for a lesser brand, could the price be to much for the woeful golfer who really isnt as good as he thinks….mmmmm i wonder.

We search again in the woodlands for Golf Balls before dark.

August 16, 2012

Walked through the door and was greeted with “Where have you been” would you believe my wife was getting worried, you were gone for hours and it was getting dark and i was thinking if you were ok, but then remembered tilly was with you,so you would be ok, I even got a kiss and a cup of tea which is a miracle in itself.
We walked and walked just to keep working and looking for golf balls on the outer course, we did not find many but enjoyed the stroll, here are some pictures of the greatest golf ball dog ever

I must admit to being tired and my wife commented that tilly looks as fresh as a daisy raring to be away again

We walk everyday and really do cover some miles, we roam golf courses 3 times a day and tilly is never far from my side

I have never known a dog love the woodland and a golf ball so much

Tomorrow we will walk and walk again, and the dog will not get tired, as for me i am very tired and broken and need my bed….goodnight all

Have to get the Golf Balls out of the field.

August 16, 2012

The huge field is creeking with golf balls,the Tee it is located on a long drive alongside the field and the golf balls just keep raining in on a daily basis.
Now you would think it is easy work to find these beauties,but how wrong could we be, we have walked through this morning and returned no more than a half dozen due to the long grass which has more or less pulled everything down,but wait a minute have we found the solution to the problem, i think so.

Here is our very own tractor boy Nathan who can cut a field as quick as look at it, so were leaving this to him and will follow him round as he cuts and we collect.

It is a huge field that will return a large amount, the first 5 we pulled were Titleist ProV Balls so that makes me happier.
Here is tilly trying her best to get through the long grass, it was hard for me so poor dog must be tired

We offer the cheapest golf balls anywhere, we even supply vending machines that dispense a golf ball in a clear container with of course a selection of pictures of tilly-miss in action.

If you go in to the woods today.

August 7, 2012

You just might come across these deer, the young one will not leave the other one alone, he must be hoping for some luck

And some of these beauties

It does make you wonder how lucky we are to be in the countryside.

Quite a few good logo balls found today which i will add soon

Unusual Golf Ball

August 5, 2012

Tilly brought this from the hedgerow, and what an unusual ball, i wonder if it is a one off !


Very good return of Calloway Balls in the last few days

Our vending machines are all out and sited and i need to order more, the range of products sold range from top name sweet brands, we are now adding a range of nuts and cashews, the chilli nuts are getting fantastic feedback from landlords in the pub trade, these chewy sweeties are proving very popular in just a few days