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Today in the woods.

March 19, 2015


It has to be the best kept secret, look under the leaves and you will be getting far more than you imagine, we have in the last few weeks pulled over 400 just from the leaves, and i have a very large wooded area yet to venture to, it has served me well in the past and i am hoping for a very high return.


In under 40 minutes i have 137 balls some brand new others bit of both but they will sell.


All you can see is the access we have in the distance beside our huge farm field that is harbouring over 1000 as we speak its the time it takes.

And for tilly its the distraction of squirrel deer or rabbit then the golf ball to let you know she still has an interest



Hard work in the woods now.

May 13, 2013

The fast growing of bluebell’s and stinging nettles has taken its toll and we are now having to use our x-ray vision to hunt out the golf balls that drop daily in all areas, believe me this is hard work.


And on top of all this we then have more disruption having to deal with the likes of this friendly deer who now pop’s up frequently as we walk round,sometimes without warning the huge beast lets me know it is there and is more than happy that i get quite close for a picture.


You really do have to see the size of this beauty to be really scared, it is huge but has a good character and is obviously happy.

That is not all that has taken to resting in the wood, the ducks who visit every year to my door for regular feeding were taking a rest in the field


I am hoping they survived the night and the naughty fox did not get to them.

Here is tilly enjoying her rest after a long day and so much walking, but she is the correct weight 8kg for her age and bang on what she should be, as told by the vet? but do we believe everything they say because most of the time it will cost us money?


And what about postage charges? my goodness i sent 9 golf balls to a client and could not believe the cost £5:64p who is kidding who?


How can anyone afford to pay that much, I will have to consider whether it is worth offering to sell small amounts or do i just concentrate on the bigger volumes to make a few pounds to keep tilly in good condition?

Fantastic week of Golf Ball Retrieval !

May 5, 2013

Goodness me Tilly has been very busy whilst on our travels this week, we have retrieved so many golf balls, it is now time to start offering these for sale.

Titleist Pro V Balls have been retrieved in good numbers, Calloway have also been very good and we have  high numbers on Nike along with a huge increase in Dunlop Sport being found at not one but 4 golf courses.


And not forgetting our sweet vending machines that are doing far better than i could imagine, we are adding a new range of sweets to keep pace with demand with new lines becoming available from Haribo and Rowntree that include Smarties that are selling as fast as we add them


Where do i get the time to keep on top of everything, i just do not know ?

Another Bunny bites the dust.

April 25, 2013

Another favour done for the poor bunny who was put out of his misery by tilly this morning, the dreadful mixi infection leaves poor rabbits blind and vulnerable, could you imagine living like that


The overflow field is looking healthy for a lot of stray golf balls, had a walk through this morning but was in no fit state to be picking up any golf balls after a very heavy birthday celebration with my son’s and friends last night, god my head is just clearing after all that time, what a session Sambuca…jack Daniels…and endless pints of that amber nectar…why do we do it ??????

Anyway waiting for my grand children to arrive and were heading to the woods to find more golf balls and to let them see the Deer so hopefully some pictures when we return.

Before Night-fall in the woods.

April 3, 2013

Not long been back from the woods where we have walked round to check on the deer before darkness,this is something we do everyday and it gives me the chance to also check on the other older deer grazing on the other side of the golf course, and i am pleased to say each and everyone we have seen this evening is in great shape and hopefully in the morning we will be greeted with the same.

I left romeo and juliet in the top field tonight where they were happy stripping leaves from some bushes and feeding on grass, mum was nearby on the other side of the fence resting and watching another visitor to the field who like them was probably quite hungry, yes scraggy the fox was out looking for his dinner and eye contact and a chase in the field was attempted once tilly caught sight,  but nothing more than a couple of minutes and scraggy was on his way alone and wondering where he will get food, but i know full well where that will come from as when i arrived home there he was in the field opposite my house sitting with another larger fox both looking very sad, so that is it a bowl of mince has been put in the oven and will be served on the lawn before bed.

It has been a lovely day in the woods and fields despite the cold bitter wind, we also managed around a 20-30 golf ball pick-up as we have walked field to field and have seen so many animals and various birds it makes the walking worthwhile.

Thank you to everyone who has taken time to send email regarding the pictures of the deer, it makes me happy to know that what i do is being enjoyed around the world from quite a few people, i do this as a little bit of fun and to keep my brain ticking over and keeping me out of the pub, i really appreciate your interest.

Here are some pictures from early evening

20130403_151116 (2)

Mum watching me and tilly and the fox while Romeo and Juliet are in the right side field

20130403_151047 (2)20130403_154728 (2)20130403_154934 (2)

We stood quite close while the young and mum grazed, the coat on the mum is changing and looks amazing when the sun was shining on her, it was almost as thou she was completely white.

What has been going on in the woods today.

February 27, 2013

We have had a lovely day out in the woods and fields whilst the sunshine was out, i was not expecting to be so busy but sitting around doing nothing is not my style and do you really think tilly would let me have any rest at home?

The morning started well with a fast paced walk around the grounds of the woodland where we met new faces who all asked the question “what have you done with the deer” they all seem to miss them and after putting them right the locals were happy.

We then took to the road again after a cup of tea and headed to our field with the golf ball retriever and within 30 minutes we amassed just short of 200 balls.


We pulled these direct from under the thorn bushes with the extendable retriever, what a bit of kit when you look at them thorns and how they cut in to your skin


So our problem solved and there are so many it will take me days to get them all


Tilly then met her friend Poppy and we joined Tony on a walk in the woods to try and catch sight of the deer and guess what, we did count 7 in the woods who were quite happy to see us, sadly we never got close enough to get a good picture but zoom these images in and you might see them.


And here is poppy tilly’s best friend


Poppy getting a little treat from tony for being good, a perfect end to a long day, now i am going for my treat a dozen or so pints to round of a lovely day….headache tomorrow…..can feel it already…

Pickup your golf ball and have a cuppa.

September 18, 2011

Local golfers looking to purchase our retrieved golf balls are welcome to phone or mail there order through and pop in for a cuppa.
You will be invited to watch the golf ball go through the cleaning stage from dirty to sparkling condition whilst you enjoy a nice hot drink.
We have lots of various brand names to choose from so there will not be a problem with choice.
Retrieved golf balls at very affordable prices to suit all golfers needs.

Coloured golf balls still being found.

February 12, 2011

Surprised at how many colours are still being played,our field is groaning with a huge selection of both white and colours.
Despite the rain we were still out there getting soaked and tilly-miss was really having fun exploring lots of freshly dug holes throughout the woodlands and outer course area,we were out late afternoon to clear up the bridalway and within 15 minutes we had retrieved this amount

On close inspection they are filthy dirty but rub the mud and crap away and there are a few brand new balls,especially the Calloway.
We also had a scoop of John Daly Orange balls someone was obviously having a bad day.

They look pink in the picture but i guarantee these are Orange,just bad light with picture !
Tilly-Miss kept guard on the proceeds of the late afternoon walkabout no fox was coming to take them away.

Tomorrow we start again with a walk through the woods and then to fit another machine and refill our sweet machines.

Keep the golf balls coming in.

February 8, 2011

It was great to be out in the woodlands today after being away during the weekend.
The mist was low laying and visibility was not great for the golfers enjoying there early game,but the course was busy and obviously these groups of golfers were not happy to have a layin in bed when the promise of good weather was due.
Tilly was as sharp as a knife this morning bringing me some ProV balls within minutes,then away on her own to do some hunting for rabitts,obviously this didnt take her to long as she returned with a huge bunny and licking her lips and a good wash of her face was enough to know it was a successful outing for her.
On the brighter side our field was loaded in all corners and areas of the field,fantastic Calloway…Titleist…Maxfli….Taylor-Made laying cold in the fields,so many one hit balls that are brand spanking new just deserted and forgotten?….the price of them from golf outlets? how is this justified?
Today we are washing and cleaning a huge selection of every known brand, i want to have a stockpile ready for when all the golfers start hunting cheap golf balls,hopefully we will grab some attention and start shifting what we have.

Golf Balls from a vending machine.

January 28, 2011

You can buy more or less anything from a vending machine these days,so i thought why not add a golf ball.

I started with the old fashioned bubble gum machine and progressed to the more modern look

Which also vends a range of sweets to help concentration during the vital all important putt.

As you can see from the picture “A Golf Ball in a sealed can” is delivered fresh direct from the machine, a range of top brand names and colours available plus some really tasty sweets

Fancy having a machine in your office or workplace or on a golf course
get in touch