Golf balls and deer in the woods.

Busy times in the woodlands with us hunting golf balls in all corners of the woods.

We have been helped by my little man who has to be the best golf ball hunter in the uk at the present time, my goodness that boy can spot a ball at distance, young George has built a collection of colour balls that would reduce any golf outlet to tears and he wants to have more than grandad, but his mum is not so keen on having so many in the house lol !


We have had brilliant days with the deer and far to many pictures to add but here are a couple to keep you all amused….enjoy them !

20130412_150200 (2)20130415_093212

Above is young Romeo and how he is growing, one randy little rascal who just seems so tired of late and i cannot think why? always spot him first as he is always laying down resting or sleeping after a hectic night of romance.


A check on them before dark tonight and within minutes of walking in the garden mum was having a quick nap on her own while the other three were grazing before darkness, the other snap shows the four of them this morning enjoying the sunshine.


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