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Try finding a golf ball in this lot

June 18, 2012

Never easy looking for the pearly white ball but we keep trying


Baby deer has arrived.

June 18, 2012

Had a nice surprise on entering the woodland this morning, the mother was stood under a tree proudly showing me the new arrival,it was certainly a nice surprise for me, the mum was constantly washing the newborn foal and was not in the least bothered by my appearance,infact i would go as far as to say she was showing off her addition

These are not the best pictures as they were taken on my phone, i am going back with my camera to get some more later on

I also come across these young moo cows who took an interest in tilly-miss

All in all a very eventful monday morning, how was your monday morning commute to work?

How many more Golf Balls will we find !

June 17, 2012

What a fantastic day for walking the woodlands, we have just returned home after a day of picking up so many balls, tilly hs been very good and has well and truly earnt a big treat for all her hardwork in and out of the thorn bushes.
I do not think we have ever managed to retrieve so many golf balls in a single day, a rough guess and estimate would be round about 230 at least, we have had a good mixture of top name’s and an awful lot of Dunlop Sport being found, Nike have been few and far from the most retrieved ball returning just 3 balls but overall Calloway and Srixon have shared the top spot.

Our haul started within minutes of entering the woodland, we had 10 within five minutes on a usually quiet spot,so that was a very good sign that the day could be interesting

Nettles and brambles my arms and legs were feeling the pain and how my dog tilly-miss must be feeling is anyones guess,she was in the nettles and thorn bushes without any fear bringing them out and dropping them on the path for me to collect.

One very good day and for myself i am totally cream crackered from so much walking, we have been out for 8 hours all i want is a cup of tea but tilly is looking as fresh as a daisy and wants to be heading out again,but i will be heading out alone to the nearest pub for some well deserved cold medication in the shape of Guinness Cold……here she is resting and waiting

Fresh from the woodlands today….Golf Balls

June 16, 2012

I have been away with work for the last week and returned to the woodland with tilly-miss as the early morning arrived, it is nice to get out and stretch the body in the fresh air, bending and stretching picking up golf balls galore due to the fact of tilly being way up ahead of me searching for rabitts and anything that moves as she has also missed the woodland, but how nice to return and find so many golf balls in the nettles, over 74 golf balls picked up in just over 1 hour i am sure if i was to look closer the figure could have been higher, so we will head back again this afternoon and again tonight before darkness.

Good soaking and good stock of golf balls

June 7, 2012

Despite the downpour tilly has to be out,no if or but about it, she will sit side by side at my feet,stare me in the eye until i give in,then we head to the woods,so today was no exception we were soaked to the skin,my wellie boots caught on some broken tree and put a hole through them and i am walking round feet squelching and freezing,but we do not give up looking through the nettles and hedgerows to find a golf ball, we were lucky to find the colour ball as it was getting dark and the ball was laying in leaves,we also found this golf ball close to it.

Mother Deer was again in the field tonight protecting her new arrival foal, i am yet to get a real close glimpse and hope it wont be long before we see the young in the field, the mum was at ease tonight and was not as bothered as she was previously,but i did not stay to long as i wouldnt want to stress her,so lots of golf balls myself and tilly home in the warm with my sock drying out and the wicked lady making a cup of tea,what have i done to deserve that i am thinking….good night all…

Long grass will not stop our golf ball hunt

June 6, 2012

Let it rain or thunder and lightening, we just do not care about long grass and blown down trees that block our walking route round a golf course or the long grass that is thriving and growing higher each day,stinging nettles are a main worry and believe you me i have the scars to prove it,god knows how tilly-miss must be feeling as she constantly bounds through it all at a sniff of a bunny.
Having been away over the celebration weekend it was good to get back in the woods for the day and surprisingly a full carrier bag of golf balls was the prize for all my effort it seems.
I found this nice looking Wilson-Staff ball in long grass

I love the colour yellow and i call my home the yellow house as nearly all my rooms upstairs are yellow and my kitchen is yellow and my out-house is also yellow,which to me reflects clean and crisp feeling of cleanliness,my wife has just stopped complaining about my addiction to the colour…..

Other news today : Mother and foal spotted under the tree,sadly not a great time to get a picture
as the grass is so high but will post as soon as i get a chance.
Mother Deer looks very well and the two young ones from last year are laying in a field not far away,really looking forward to seeing the new arrival on the move in the weeks ahead, i noticed an increase in red kite circling the area today which gives cause for concern,but hopefully all should be good…

Golf Balls for 10p per ball

June 4, 2012

Washed and cleaned direct to your door, all name balls in perfect condition, who else will make your golf more affordable and enjoyable during the hard times facing everybody.
We want to make you all smile and show your friends your happiness on the golf course,but remember we can only sell the ball you loose….