About Tilly-Miss.

Thank you all for stopping to read about Tilly-Miss my 7 year old Jack Russel, tilly-miss joined our family at just 6 weeks of age.

Tilly has featured in the national press, golf magazines, and Internet sites around the world, known for her golf ball retrieval skills.

We have introduced golf ball vending machines along with our sweet and confectionary vending, mixing and matching really does work and we have machines sited in Pubs, Clubs, Offices, Garage Forecourts, Golf Courses.

We have featured on Talksport & Radio 5 Live as well as having a 4 page feature in “Today’s Golfer” magazine, daily we clear large volumes of assorted golf balls from our permission granted fields around Berkshire.

We can supply any amount of golf ball in excellant condition, we use old fashioned techniques to bring any ball to life,every ball is washed by hand the good old fashioned way……Retrieve…Recycle…Re-use….doing our bit for environmental reasons…..Why pay more?


2 Responses to “About Tilly-Miss.”

  1. Eamonn Maher Says:

    Hi, I also collect golf balls, would be great if I could train my dog to earn her keep but she is a dog of leisure and doesn’t like to get her paws wet so I’m on my own. I have a question for you if you wouldn’t mind helping me out. I plan on selling the golf balls and am trying to locate a vending machine for this purpose but not having any luck locating one suitable. Where can I get such a vending machine?? do you sell them??

    • plenty1 Says:

      Hi Eamon
      Thanks for your interest and the cheerful story of your dog, regarding your question on vending machines I do sell the golf ball machine and have stock available with stands for wall mounting.
      Please email
      degalyian@aol.com with Vending in the subject line and I will provide details of price

      Garry Carr

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