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Can we trust our postman and royal mail ?

January 26, 2012

During the last few months orders have been despatched to the nearest post office and all due monies charged paid on the day there at the counter,job done so we think, so go home mail the buyers to let them know there goods are on route and everything should be fine.
But weeks down the line we get mail asking where are the orders the customer has paid for, the items are not being delivered, thankfully i keep all the post office receipts for every item and make sure each one is marked with there city for easy reference.
I offer everyone a service that provides a choice of how they wish there order posted, if they wish they can pay extra and have the signed for recorded service or just the basic postal option, signed for is not the problem as a signature is required,it is the basic service causing problems.
How do we stand with Ebay and other sites if an item doesnt arrive and we have proof of posting with original receipt and the buyer wants his order,anyone shed light on this issue for me,how would this affect my feedback ratings,any response to this would be helpful.
We shall in future be sending all our orders on the recorded signed for service at the extra cost which will have to be passed on, I always provide an honest service and would not like to be associated as someone who just takes the money and does a runner, i am not like that.
Something else worries me regards postmen and there honesty as i have friends working directly throughout the country for royal mail, each one has told me you will be lucky if the order arrives at all as thefts are increasing and if the postie is curious he will have it away,this even applies to other services offered,which made me think and made me angry,in reality if your postie decided to steal your item your business could be ruined just simply by someone posting negative remarks, its something we all need to look at.
Has anyone had trouble with there post recently,please let me know


Poor logo’s and rubbish golf balls.

January 26, 2012

Yesterday i mentioned the crap that we are finding daily,well i just picked these up on my travels, why do we bother wasting time taking this rubbish home

We have 100s of these golf balls available if anyone would like to pick them up, they are as much use as a Top~Flite golf ball, No Resale Value at all.

Logo Ball was another topic recently and when a golf club cannot commission a decent company to apply a decent logo ball what does it say about that club? It isnt rocket science to promote something properly,but looks like this golf club were happy to go with the cheaper price,and as you know its not very good advertising on there part after all said and done they are quick enough to charge you top money to join what is in there opinion a top club…Shame on Bramley Proshop you cheapskate bunch.

Deserted Golf Course

January 25, 2012

Once again another course empty of golfers, are people to busy working or just flat broke and feeling the pinch?

Where have all the hooray henry’s gone, the bright coloured Ping jumpers and tartan trousers
that adorned this course day in day out.
Is it likely they all have other things to do other than a game of golf? as things get tough in the real world.
We have seen a massive decline in golf balls since before xmas from a dozen golf courses, once upon a time we could pull in the region of 300 to 400 balls every couple of days, now we are lucky to get this return in a week.
Also a considerable amount of lesser favourable golf balls are appearing, lots more non branded balls are laying buried in leaves and really not worth the efforts of myself or tilly to pickup.
The quality that is being played with is also something to look at, we are finding so many that are being played with cuts and outright damage,surely this will have an effect on overall play
but needs are needs and when money is tight the hooray henry will go to any length to use whatever he can.
That is why i cannot make out the need to play with such a below par golf ball when you do some research online and see some of the fantastic offers on secondhand golf balls, is there any need to bring the old tat in to play.
I can offer you excellant Retrieved….Recycled….Golf Balls at even lower prices than what is offered online,we have no middleman or huge overheads to fund,we just provide a good old fashioned service of washing and checking every ball by hand at low prices always.

Our day in the woodlands

January 24, 2012

We survived the early morning splurge of constant rain and boy oh boy was i glad to get back home,i was soaked to the skin and frozen despite a 1 mile trek through the mud and puddles that eventually bring me to green grass.
Whilst on my travels tilly sensed something was close to the barn and set about investigating
which to my surprise a wonderful conditioned fox with the most beautiful coloured coat i had seen for a long time, it was obvious foxy was not going hungry by any means, tilly and fox had a good chase through the woods for a few minutes and that was the last of foxy.
It was not long before the 3 deer appeared and catching tilly’s eye another run round the wood started with 1 deer and tilly while the other 2 headed in opposite direction, there was a good bit of mileage for them both as they covered the entire field,with no chance of tilly getting anywhere near and was at no point a threat to any of them.

We arrived home dried out and headed back for more fun with the deer and during the 40 minute walk picked up these fresh from the field golf balls

We walked round the east wing of the course totally and i mean totally deserted, not a soul or motor in sight, the course was our playground had we wished,but instead we kept to our well trodden route and captured these two wet and cold fellas standing side by side

Surprising what we meet daily, bet your day was not as interesting? but back to hardwork and tilly tussles daily in the thorns and prickle bushes to bring you all a lovely washed and retrieved golf ball at the lowest prices ever.

Home and dry,watered and fed Tilly is now relaxing on my settee for the moment, but be assured it wont be long before she will be stretched on top of the settee looking out the window all night waiting for the cat or the fox to make an appearance

Was your day as enjoyable as the day we had?, were you tempted to say buggar work and the late train and you cannot cope with endless traffic jams?….then come and join us in the countryside and learn to relax a little bit more.

Are they supported well enough to advertise on a golf ball?

January 24, 2012

Very surprised to find this ball, never imagined they had that much support to warrant golf ball advertising.

Free golf balls this week.

January 22, 2012

We like to make people feel good about something in there lives and to give something free is actually a nice thing to do.
So we are offering free golf balls to the first 10 people to mail me directly with the subject line
Tilly’s free treats…

What is happening with Titleist ProV Balls.

January 22, 2012

Once again we are finding brand new ProV Balls that are cracked on the outer skin, this is happening more frequently than i have ever seen before.
We pick these up everyday and we can almost guarantee there is a flaw somewhere on a ball,have Titleist cut back on the quality they once ruled golf with? are they cutting corners on suppliers like so many other companies by squeezing margins, just doesnt seem to be right.
Not a good advert for the company or sponsors, talking of which look what tilly found stuck in the ferns this afternoon

GE the huge company and global brand advertising on a ProV Ball with the Olympic logo, maybe this will be the outcome of a dire waste of tax-payers money,just like the ball itself, if we left Titleist to run the games we would probably be invaded with thousands of sweat shop workers turning up in london selling dodgy goods.

Are these the same balls.

January 20, 2012

On our last walk before dark we retrieved these colours along with a huge amount of white balls from our small field.

Just as you could imagine all filthy dirty,been laying in mud and god knows what,but with a little bit of magic

Our formula starts to take effect and the results will soon show

As if by magic, are they the same ball? yes indeed they are beautifully clean and as good as new.

Now for the job of cleaning this little lot

It could be a very long night

Golfers choose your ball

January 20, 2012

Another good morning whilst out and about, fancy any of these

It didnt take long before tilly was picking up these yellow’s

And a good selection of Bridgestone & Taylor Made keep turning up

And as always we can depend on Pinnacle

All the above need washing, they have laid in piss and god knows what else, you let us worry about the germs, you just keep thinking of affordable golf balls from woodlands and not lakes.

Any golfer need ProV Balls

January 18, 2012

We cleared the field and looking through the bags we have some very good quality ProV Balls, they have to be cleaned without doubt, they have laid in horse shit and probably been peed on by the horses and foxes and probably the badger has had a pee on them at sometime, but there home with us and safe from the great outdoor, we will let them gain there own room tempreture for the night before the wash, we do not want to shock the ball core to soon, we will then have them sparkling new and as good as any golf shop will sell you, but our ball will be far cheaper and that is a guarantee.

That is just a few that we have, we also have some nice colour balls

And nice Noodle / Maxfli

They all need a good old fashioned clean, by hand.

The field has plenty to offer at the moment

Stock of Srixon…Nike…Titleist…Calloway…Bridgestone..Taylor-Made…available now.