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Heading to Nice in South of France, getaway from the royal fiasco.

April 26, 2011

Just wish the weather in Nice was better than it is,hopefully there will be bucket loads pouring in central london and a lightening bolt at the abbey.
When the country is being told to tighten there grip and our government chooses to hike prices with taxation its a bloody cheek,what a waste of money to the taxpayer.
I will be away from here until monday when all the nonsense of celeb spotting and drunkeness will hopefully be over.
Despite the weather in Nice i will be having a great time enjoying the company of many people far better than that abbey crowd..


600 Golf Balls sold.

April 21, 2011

Treet for tilly-miss over the holiday and beer money for me to enjoy a few pints.
Had a buyer call this morning and he just left very happy, i am now going to get Stronghold for tilly and a nice bit of fresh mince.

I brought a golf ball retriever from Ebay a week ago,decided to try it a couple of days ago whilst in the stinging nettles as it is a great tool for saving arms and hands getting stung….guess what within minutes of using it the dam thing broke one of the lugs that operate the gripper

I have contacted the company and told them the sad story of what has happened, i am now waiting for there answer and outcome, so i will keep you updated on progress.
I use the ball scoop for the nettles and hard to get places when tilly-miss takes of in a chase for bugs bunny and the squirrel i can get in to the hedges etc.

Going to fit a machine in Maidenhead now then tomorrow i head to Newbury and Cirencester for machine fittings so busy busy me.
Have a great easter everyone and enjoy the family days,the weather and the pub.

Dont waste your money at theme parks over the holiday.

April 19, 2011

Get the family out and about on a golf course,a great way to have a few hours family fun together and without the crowds and miles and miles of being stuck in the car on busy road networks.
There are good deals at local courses over the holiday and it will be cheaper than Legoland : Alton Towers : Thorpe Park : Chessington : who will rip your wallet and purse to pieces be guaranteed of that, i am told they charge £18 extra to admission just to park your car at 2 of the above mentioned places….dont get caught out stay local and dont be ripped of by these places.

Do something different and get to your local golf club and enjoy what they offer you might be surprised at the deal and the fun you will have
i also know some will throw in free food for the young ones.

Something for the weekend sir.

April 19, 2011

Added these to another vending machine,lots of flavours and even glow in the dark !

Golfers get these in your bag

April 18, 2011

More sweet arrivals to quench your thirst whilst walking the course and pondering will you ever hole in one.

Delicious jelly beans….toblerone & rolo mini bars…chocolate eggs..delicious bon bons all from the machine.

This week will see machines moved from certain outlets to busier places we have taken long enough to trial each venue in the pub trade
and some outlets simply are not doing as well as others,we have very good performing pub and club trade that will require refilling at very fast rates.
I took on the option of the machines to vend golf balls and i have the choice of what i put in the machines mix and match with sweets has been fantastic without any shadow of doubt and it is a shame golf courses have not bothered taking up the option of the machine.
The golf ball will stay in the machine as always planned but sweet vending is now playing a large part of what i am doing and the mix and match option will continue.
I am going back over to meet friends in Luxembourg who are fascinated by the sweet range,so we intend organising a big push of sweet vending in bars and office workplaces as my friends own bars and cigarette outlets they are well known in the large banking offices so hopefully build on the venture in the summer.
I am very grateful to the pubs who helped out with the machines and wish them well in the future.
Golf Balls will now be sold in large numbers rather than odd and sods,i have a number of people who wish to purchase in high volumes which suits me fine as long as tilly-miss is rewarded with enough to buy her Stronghold for protection and her bags of treats that is all we really care about.

Dont ever show your balls to a golfer.

April 15, 2011

Beautiful weather ideal for a long leisurly stroll at your own pace whilst hoping to improve your game, but sadly not the case in berkshire where we visited 3 courses to find dwindling numbers taking up the chance for a game.

I have my own reservations on this issue and it all has to do with the money which these people have or do not have,and believe you me there are loads of them driving round in swanky motors playing the part,dont get me wrong many of the berkshire folk do have considerable wealth and i live very close to so many who have worked very hard to get where they are and can afford to run there lovely Bentley and Rolls-Royce and i am very pleased for them and sometimes wish i was as fortunate,but i am fortunate in so many other ways that money doesnt buy.
The courses are suffering and people are watching the pennies not turn in to pounds so Golf visits must stop as the wife puts her foot down.
I am noticing less golf balls coming through our 2 fields and through our woodland walkways and what is coming through is not that great,this time last year we would easily pull in 600+ in the week now we are lucky to see a smidge on that.
So we carry on regardless and whatever happens i will carry on walking and retrieving all the golf balls we can so one day i can trade my reliant robin in for something a little bit better.
Something else i notice Dunlop and Top-Shite along with loads of other name brands being played, take my word for it when the dough gets tight they start buying all the cheaper balls,but keep the same cravat and expensive ponsy jumper on.
Golfers dont ever show your balls,its the quickest way to make or loose a friend.

Deer in the woodlands.

April 10, 2011

Taking a walk through the woods tonight on our quest for more golf balls,we found more than we bargained for, 2 lovely deer roaming the area.
Lat night we were on the far side of the woods and we met another 3
which were grazing,sadly i left my camera at home and regret not having it with me as the deer were within yards of me and would have made fantastic pictures,so this evening i decided to take my camera and see what i might capture, sure enough we came across these 2 resting but they were soon on the move with tilly-miss in pursuit without any chance of catching them.

So many golf balls retrieved in the last few days that Ebay will be busy
as we are listing loads of them,we are going to do the supermarket trick “Buy a ball get another one free” on selected brands which will give golfers a very good deal.
We will advertise them in lots of 5 balls get 5 free and put them through auction from 99p get bidding people this is a bargain and who knows you might win the bid at 99p
We have so many despite clearing 3000 in the last week that we need to get them moving since thursday we have brought in over 240 all selling names that are or should be sold as brand new.
Next week i am selling of our ProV Balls through Ebay some are good some are badly scuffed and some are in mint condition,so keep a watch for them or if you want to mail me please do i am happy to put an order together.

We washed away the Titleist Ball.

April 9, 2011

Early hours of the morning whilst the world is sleeping i am washing a pile of golf balls in my new gleaming hopper,the problem become evident very quickly that my mixture of this and that had infact become a bit to potent for the titleist ball.

I had made the mix which in turn removed the logo letters of Titleist and even worse removed the number 3 from the ball, i thought this cannot be right and then tested another Titleist ball to find the same thing happened again, have a look at the pictures.

I had to change the formula very quickly and save any further damage to the balls,happily i managed to get the mixture correct on the second attempt (maybe to many beers had caused a distraction)

That is better,some nice very clean recycled golf balls washed and ready to be sold.

Keep walking walking walking.

April 7, 2011

Just no rest with tilly-miss at the moment as she has found herself a couple of promising new locations for rabitts,we were out this morning for over 2 hours then were back again early afternoon and then as i settle to watch a bit of rubbish tv she plonks herself right in front of me starring me out,i know full well what she is after so away we go back out on the course where she heads straight to some lovely freshly dug holes which she sticks her nose down and waits and waits which now at this time the darkness is falling very quickly,1 brave bunny pops out from another very small hole and tilly as quick as lightning has the poor thing firmly locked in her jaws,within seconds it is all over and with the rabitt firmly held she trotts off and buries it,quite amazing to watch her in action.
Besides all the walking it has been busy for me to find time to sort a lot of golf balls for people, i have just now put the last of the orders in to the wash giving them time overnight to have a good soaking to get all the muck of them as lots of them are covered in god knows what.
Whilst sorting through the hoardes of balls i come across these proV Balls when counted they amounted to 157 and after this evenings walk round the figure increased to 162 there are lots in a bad way with paint chips but an awful lot that are in mint condition.

Tomorrow will see the same as today out walking walking walking,is it any wonder i am tired…goodnight all.

Golf ball orders starting to arrive.

April 6, 2011

Has been a very good couple of weeks regarding golf ball interest,lots of enquiries that i am sure will generate good sales and keep tilly-miss active i just hope the sun doesnt shine to much as this has an effect on tilly,she gets rather lazy when the heat is on.

Have been getting interest from Scotland golf course regarding the Vending machine this particular course wants to buy a machine so they can place there retrieved golf balls to earn a few pounds, our pub machines are doing very well and better than expected,the sweet range has added the extra touch to them all and we shall soon add some lovely new brands to compliment the range,after all who can resist a Rolo or Toblerone?
Lots of NXT Balls needed for an order,ProV Balls in any condition for a big ball buyer,Calloway and Mixed lots for another,we have them all here its just getting round to sorting them all out as this takes a lot of time and effort.
Tilly has been of huge interest to a global vending company,our site stats have seen them climbing all over any pages that feature the golf ball doggie? next they will be wanting to buy my dog which will never happen,but it is nice to know we are keeping someone amused.
Sleep well and goodnight everybody.