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So you think finding a golf ball is easy.

May 30, 2010

We went out again armed with my camera to my local course just to let you folks see how hard it is to find a ball,the weeds and stinging nettles have grown beyond i have ever seen them grow

We have to work very hard
to find anything but as you can see from the pictures we have retrieved in excess of 300 in the last few days

even some interesting logo balls are making an appearance including this from Singapore along with England football logo ball to Tottenham football club and even a forklift truck advertised so many adverts it amazes me.
Tilly is in great form i have just removed a lot of thorns deep in her coat and she is in great shape


New stand available for vending machine.

May 30, 2010

Now you can move the vending machine wherever you want ideal for garage forecourts and pubs.

Golf Balls to clear.

May 30, 2010

We are golf ball crazy and the amounts we have to clear is getting bigger daily,we seriously have to clear the huge amount.
In just 4 days we have retrieved in excess of 300+ quality named golf balls,we have every leading brand name you can imagine.

We can offer very good deals as cheap as you want our stock is like a mountain….and the missus is starting to whinge about the amounts that are bagged all over the place… me from the wicked witch before it is to late.

Golf balls just keep coming daily.

May 26, 2010

Another great day in the adjoining woodlands of a couple of courses,we took a leisurly stroll through both courses and i can tell you my back was hurting after carrying so many lovely golf balls,mainly all the balls returned were white with the exception of probably a dozen or less colours,but they were all in great shape with some very good name brands including Taylor-Made and the usual Calloway and Nike but without doubt today belonged to the Titleist Range of ball, we had good ProV and PTS brands along with NXT and NXT Tour and So~Lo.
We have had 2 good days where the amount of balls returned have exceeded even my expectations it seems loosing a ball matters not to the daily golfer no matter what price.
We have also had some good interest in advertising through our vending machines,yes you can advertise your brand through our vending machines,let me know if this interests you? we have also had interest from another media outlet which seems interesting,so all in all we are delighted with progress.
Colour balls are again on the agenda,we are being asked for colours to be added to our vending machines,one of our sites in the south have just been filled with more colour balls 31 were added today and they still want more,we are lucky because the venue is very busy with a golf society and a place where families are welcomed and children loving the pictures of tilly-miss.
Well that is me for the moment a cup of tea and a nice shower then bed so we can plan our next venture.
Our golf ball stock is getting to alarming rates we have thousands in stock,we are happy to take orders and we guarantee excellant washed and cleaned golf balls at low prices.

Bags full of golf balls.

May 25, 2010

Out in the field we have retrieved around 200 balls,tilly was not interested in a golf ball today she has had a great time chasing the rabitts round the field she is totally worn out with the heat and is now sleeping comfortable in her bed.

A great start to our new field which i am sure is going to return a lot over the coming months,there is so many laying in the long grass we will be very busy,there are lots of very good as new balls amongst the haul collected today Nike,Calloway,Titleist,Taylor-Made and some good colours and ice balls making appearance.

Tools ‹ Tilly the Golf Ball Retriever Dog — WordPress

May 25, 2010

Tools ‹ Tilly the Golf Ball Retriever Dog — WordPress.

Were out to clear a huge field.

May 25, 2010

I have been away for the last couple of weeks in moscow and have arrived back and ready to clear a field that is prime position for what should amount to hundreds of golf balls.
Tilly-Miss is raring to go and with the sun shining it should be great fun
for tilly to get some deserved excercise for a few hours.

Machine to Austria.

May 10, 2010

Has been quite a hectic week, i have been away in Europe and lots of things have been happening in that time.
Enquiries for golf balls,everyone wants ProV balls….typical that i cleared all of them previously, i have to ship a machine to a company in Austria who want to test the sealed can mechanism, if all goes well with there testing a further 50 machines will be heading to Austria.
Tilly-Miss is now official we have just recieved our official documentation, our Registered No 2533024 in Classes 9 :28 : 35 : have been approved for vending machines and a host of golf related products including retail golf bags,golf balls, clothing.
We can start to merchandise tilly-miss in a range of various ideas to do with golf which should be interesting in the future,hopefully we might find a suitable partner to bring our ideas to fruition.
Wish to thank Silverman Sherliker LLP in London for all there help in arranging our trade-mark,it was a pleasure to do business with you.

The diggers have been in the woodlands.

May 1, 2010

Walked through the woodland and it is pure carnage,trees being felled and bracken strewn as far as the eye can see.
This was a public walkway which has served many walkers and groups for many years,families often gathered for picnics with the kids and the open space was great for them to play.
I am very annoyed that wildlife has been disturbed yet again,there is so much wildlife living in the woodlands,now they are being pushed away even further,it is disgraceful this has happened and something needs to be done,the area is almost a no go zone bridal paths are blocked with huge trees laid across,where will the deer and fox along with badger and rabitt go in the future,what about the walking groups who have followed there routes from ordanance survey maps go surely planning applications never allowed this to happen.