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What will you choose from our vending machines.

July 24, 2011

Maybe a machine that will vend our sweet range of delicious refreshing sweets that include mouthwatering flavours to keep your tatebuds tingling and your mouth fresh.

“Something For The Weekend Sir” we have machines available to dispense a range of adult condoms in a range of flavours, strawberry,chocolate,vanilla and many more to choose from the machines can be wall mounted in either ladies or gents cloakrooms (good selling product)

Run a dog friendly outlet if so why not have our machine that sells doggie treats in a sealed can,we offer a great tasting range of treats from top name brands all tried and tested by tilly-miss

And the Golf Ball Vending Machine offering the best retrieved and cleaned woodland golf ball for £1


Back Home and straight out with Tilly

July 18, 2011

What a joy to get back home after the last couple of weeks travelling, sometimes i wonder and ask myself why do i keep putting myself through all the stress.
Again the road to Moscow gets no easier, i was also saddled with the burden of problems at the borders, have any of you fine people ever been through the Ublinka
Border Control in Latvia if not do not even try its the worst in Europe.
Tilly was so pleased to be reunited with me and my wife was very happy to welcome me back i am sure she is getting fedup with the travel time away.
St Petersbourg has fascinated me since my very first visit,what a clean city with beautiful shops and restaurants, its fascinating to see the city at night in action with a huge workforce in place clearing and cleaning and even jetting roads and pavements of any litter.
The buildings are lovely to view and the road bridges are raised to let the huge barges travel through with there vast cargo.

Golf Balls were waiting in the hedgerows and bushes we had a great time walking and collecting, how lovely to walk at my own pace watching tilly enjoy herself.
The day in general rewarded me with 97 balls lots of brands but the most found were Calloway which i am happy with, Srixon followed then a misch and mash of inked pen brands and some tatty top-flite to spoil what was a good day despite the rain.
Moscow was a very hot few days and i grabbed a few shots which i hope you will all enjoy……..The Dam pages are loading wrong images, will post more tomorrow

All golf balls have been sold.

July 4, 2011

It will be hard searching when i return from my travels, the golf ball buyer called and decided he would take the lot,we sat and mulled over the price over a cup of tea and agreed a price that was suitable to both of us.

There was bags all over the place and the buckets were brimming as a goodwill gesture i even gave away 60 ProV Balls.
So when i return i will be out there picking more balls and tilly-miss will be working overtime,we just returned from the late night search which already netted us 42 fair quality Srixon and Calloway and just one ProV but it is a start and hopefully we can bring in good fresh stock for future sales.

Baby deer and mum spotted tonight enjoying a stroll in the field,they stood looking at me and tilly then just strolled away without any hurry not like a few weeks ago when mum got very upset and chased us both.

Scraggy the fox has been back and his food is waiting a nice dish of meat to keep him going.

I am away for 12 days with a lot of travelling to be done, Serbia and Russia shows in  these countries before heading home for a few days, take care everyone and stay safe

Just some of the bands i have worked alongside.

July 2, 2011

Have been very fortunate to have worked with Take That during the Circus Tour 6 weeks of mayhem and madness.
Lovely people to work alongside and there hospitality was excellant a truly unforgettable experience.

The final “Aha Tour” ending on a high note was another great tour,we were very well treated and we stayed in top quality hotels,where the band stayed we stayed also,the highlight was in Moscow a fabulous hotel that should be 10 star for excellance,The Europa Hotel is a special place that has fond memories for me.

Fortunate to be at the opening show in Monaco with Sade and we then toured lots of cities in europe, very hard going with lots of long night drives the drive from Stockholm to Frankfurt was very tough going.
Placebo and The Cranberries again took me by road to Moscow for some great times,we had a ball and proud to be part of it.

White Lies a london band were good to work with and what a great night in Germany
we had after arriving from Copenhagen myself and the bus tour driver live to tell the tale but wont spill the beans as what happens on tour stays on tour.

More Tour and Tilly Pictures.

July 2, 2011

We have had some incredible things going on with a couple of Stoats last night, tilly-miss picked up a scent on something that moved pretty fast through the folage and which i could hardly see, but tilly was very anxious to get a grip on whatever it was but the poor animal was not ready to give in and die for anyone and the fun and games began.
I looked through the brambles and thorn bushes to see this large black object with a long tail and a very cute face hanging from the fence spitting and shrieking so loud you would have thought the animal army would gather round to save it,tilly was barking and trying to pounce but each time the stoat had his defence claws ready to shield from the jaws of a dog that was ready to enjoy its next victim.
After 10 minutes of chasing one side of the fence to the other i had to take her away as tilly was quite intent on chewing the poor thing and i was not going to let her do that so the evening ended with the stoat quite happy to be breathing and tilly dribbling at the mouth and panting after an ordeal that looked quite promising at the start…..(sadly my camera was left at home)

Took some pictures of tilly having a ball, not the golf ball but a ball she found and took a liking to

Will be heading to Moscow next week to work with “30 seconds to Mars” a very good band we have a show in Bilbao then to St Petersburg a long long drive.
Here are a couple of snaps from our recent show with Foo-Fighters, Slip Knot and of course System of a Down.

Through Switzerland so tranquil and lovely settings

Amazing crowds

Happy Days….

Tour Pictures on route to Moscow & Finland.

July 1, 2011

The long journey by road to Moscow,Finland,Denmark was as hectic as can be waiting at custom points,catching a boat to Finland with 2 minutes before shut off was the most hectic part of the journey,had we missed the boat a 12 hr wait was on the cards and probably a ruined cancelled show but we made the effort and thank god we got there safe after a very long nights drive.

Journey through finland was amazing,there are very few service areas and lack of petrol stations you cannot imagine been stranded in areas surrounded by forests,is it any wonder the finns are so hyped up.

We found a lovely restaurant on route with fantastic home cooked food and even its own dairy inside

We were really thirsty on our arrival and neede refreshment this seems to have done the trick

The stage was set and ready to put on a show

The people were ready to enjoy

What a great show

Then the road to Moscow where the roads are in such a mess it makes driving unbearable

especially at night when those pot holes throw you everywhere, there are parts of the road that run out of concrete directly on to mud heaps

Happy days as a tour driver, does it get much better?… the dream !