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It is all happening at Tilly HQ

December 29, 2010

It has been a very busy day with lots of walking which has kept us both a bit healthier hopefully.
Quote arrived today for 50 Ice balls which i do not think i have in stock as these are not something we find to many of,but today we happened to strike lucky and found these few.

A couple of nice colours amongst them which were filthy dirty when tilly-miss pulled them from a hedgerow,but our magic was soon in action bringing a sparkle back to them all.
Just before dark i managed to get tilly-miss in action in the snow

That is a great picture of my best friend,tilly will go and pull a ball from anywhere.

Golfers Mints landed in my hand as a present over xmas and they are an ideal sweet to have in your pocket,never leave home without them

Order yours from

Look what arrived over the xmas

And to answer the question : will you run out of balls for the vending machines?….i dont think so

Just a few that are ready to go in machines…..but one last thing for you all,would you give your last one of these away? i bet you wouldnt

Its surprising what we put in a can for you!


Before darkness we collected 46 Calloway/Nike/Titleist Balls.

December 29, 2010

Everyday we go out for the last walk for tilly-miss to a local course,so in the motor we head to Maidenhead as i had previously met a gentleman of very high standing in the community who actually lives near enough on the course,his huge garden backs on to the course and he granted me permission to park my car at his house and walk through his garden, i will show you a good couple of areas where the haul will be very worthwhile,and how he proved to be correct.
There was a mass of lovely white balls just laying in the wet grass,these were quality golf balls ProV’s and Calloway and many Pinnacle Gold amongst the lot we scooped as fast as we could, it was just a shame the dense fog and darkness had stopped us so soon,my new friend told me its money money money out here and only the best balls,i had to question him on that remark having found Ultra and Nike which i am told are just practice balls for bored players, if i had not chatted for so long we could have had 100 balls but there is always tomorrow?

Our search starts again.

December 29, 2010

Really expected to have closed shop for a while but the orders for golf balls keep coming through from all areas of the country.
Ebay trading is going great and also from our own site generating interest with old and new visitor numbers, very excited that we have had 31000 visits through this year so lets get busy and prepared for another year of fun.
Today we were checking the conditions on golf courses and in the process retrieved a handy 27 balls on a quick walkabout,lots of colours laying in hedges and tilly was quick to let me know when she had found one,she still gets very excited and performs her antics of throwing the ball and jumping everywhere,but never a tooth mark or damage no matter how far she will carry it.
So much stock and i have to go through it all for some Titleist NXT Tour balls and for Ice balls for a client who made contact through email,this will be done tomorrow morning.
Now the dreadful snow has left us we can access other sites and start collecting more for the start of the year,god almighty the wife is going to go mad as they are all over the place in bags and boxes,so i will have to think of somewhere new to stockpile them.
Just added this beauty found by tilly to Ebay
Out of interest just want to see if it has any value to any golfer its offered at just 0.99p starting bid so it will be interesting to see if there is any action on the item.

Orders waiting for posting.

December 28, 2010

Golf ball orders for Lincoln : Stafford : Warrington : Liverpool : Stoke : Nottingham : Scotland : waiting for the Post Office to open for business due to bank holiday :Thank You all for your patience.

Wishing you all a very happy xmas and new year.

December 24, 2010

Have been busy shopping today for some presents for my lovely wife,just a few things that have been mentioned to friends whilst i am in the room,ladies have a great way of letting you know the important things they want and yes i brought her all the mentioned presents and more.
The trouble is what do you go and buy a woman you have spent more than half your life with? over the years i have brought loads of jewellery and clothes and perfume….but today there are lots of other things that will make her jump out of her bed and for once be happy..(i am hoping can this ever happen) after all a woman is woman through and through and not a lot stops them from moaning daily,come on guys tell me it differant if you can !
Anyway last night i had a few beers and the night before that so i am sitting in and doing the prep for our xmas day with family,my turkey is in the oven on slow cook and later i will prepare the veg ready for tomorrow, i just finished wrapping all her presents and i brought her a great big card and that is done,we are going to midnight mass this evening in our local church where we will enjoy the service and the company of local villagers.
Tomorrow my grandchildren are visiting at 10 in the morning as they are away with family and i have to cook a dinner for family visiting so busy times.
Thank You all for supporting tilly through the year, it has been fascinating at the number of hits to the site daily,we appreciate you all and big thanks go to Mitch at the Thatchers Arms in Mount Bures in Essex home to x factor winner Matt Cardle who actually plays at the pub….Big thanks to Alex at Camera Culture in Manchester…Danny at the Vine Pub Maidenhead…Karla & John who run pubs in Eton…Mark in Burnham…Sue in Cotswold’s…Rod at british legion…and all my golfing buddies who have supported tilly-miss i could go on thanking lots more people,you know who you all are and what you mean to us.
From Facebook to Twitter to my family and friends have a lovely xmas and new year.

Cover yourself when posting items.

December 24, 2010

Make sure you cover yourself properly with royal mail when sending items. I was always happy to post and think that will get there ! how wrong that turned out,so i started using the sign for on delivery service which you would think covers the lot and no worries ! how wrong you can be !!!! royal mail keeps no records of your item on this service and its down to you to prove otherwise (more hassle and excuse than its worth)
So there is another service i have been told that for an extra few quid you can use : The delivery man/women has to sign for that item and it is there responsibility to get it delivered…it is down to them.
Why am i annoyed the reason being a customer on Ebay said the golf balls never arrived : i sent her receipt of posting and gave her a full refund of money whilst she waited for the order : pay me when they arrive? can i be fairer than that : the person then decides to put the worst feedback on ebay which has annoyed me and spoilt my reputation, what annoys me more than anything i only had a mail from her 2 days ago saying the parcel has not arrived, what a spiteful person.
I have done everything i can and i am still waiting for royal mail to settle my costs.
Be careful and use the other service, it might cost more but it will stop the thieving posties having more presents than santa.

2 More Pub outlets for Tilly-Miss.

December 22, 2010

During the refilling process of our machine at The Vine Pub in Maidenhead today i was approached by the landlord of 2 other local pubs to place our machines 1 in Maidenhead and 1 in Twyford near Reading,we will install the maidenhead machine tomorrow as requested and the Twyford one goes in the new year.
The Vine Pub has been brilliant during the last few months,selling lots out of the machine and a big thank you to all at this great pub for all there help during the last few months.

Vending machines.

December 21, 2010

All doing very well and some outlets lot better than others,never thought the sweets would attract so much interest.
The introduction of our new range is amazing the Bon-Bons in 5 flavours are great,Rolo chocolates would you give your last one away?
the great mini packs are great value 4 tubes £1
We are always looking for new items to vend,send your ideas and lets see if we can get your favourite in the can.

Wish it was summer and i could go back

December 18, 2010

To lovely Greece and the many islands

Relaxing and enjoying true greek hospitality,lovely restaurants and bars watching the world go bye.

Or maybe just relax at this stunning coffee bar and imagine where you could be in the world.

will the snow stop my visit to the pub.

December 17, 2010

Looking forward to my pub visit and wonder if the taxi will be running through the night or will there be so much snow i will end up being stranded in the pub for goodness knows how many days,what shall i do ? pack a suitcase of clothes just in case the worst happens? ring a friend to clear the road through or shall i just stay home?