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Fresh cut fields.

June 27, 2013

After waiting what felt like forever i arrived home to find the fields had been cut, what a difference it has made, we have been busy collecting all the golf balls that have laid in the long grass and spent a lot of time digging other balls that had hit the ground so hard they had buried themselves good and proper.


Sadly we were finding very good balls that had been caught and cut by the blades of the mower, some lovely Titleist Prov balls were ruined along with various logo balls including this one.


Amazing what you find in the grass and these colours were a welcomed gift from the hedgerows.

Yesterday my grandson George was helping me collect and find what was out there and the little man went home with 17 balls that he found on the towpath and in the field, my goodness me that little lad has an eye for a ball and has a collection of colours and whites to match what i have, his mum was not to happy with another load going home thou as she says he has them hidden everywhere….hahaha  my mate Daz will have another customer in the future.

Sadly no sign anywhere of the Deer the woods is quite lonely without them and i think even tilly is missing them, but hopefully they will return soon in the future.


Keep on walking and searching.

June 22, 2013

How lovely to spend time with my faithful dog Tilly-Miss in the woodlands, we have walked and walked so many miles in the woodland and round the golf course from so many angles and guess what, we keep on finding more golf balls on each visit.


As you know i love finding logo golf balls and here are some from our recent outing, and what about this happy chappie who was buried in the fence line


As you can see we have also found various colour balls which brighten the collection and are always in demand when we sell.

I spent some time getting pictures of Tilly this week, not often will she enjoy her picture taken so i was quite privileged when the opportunity came along, i hope you like them !



Always eager to get a ball and as you can see she has earned her keep and a nice bone this week…hahaha

In between our search for golf balls i have been busy with our sweet machines and keeping them topped up, now i have to order more stock as everything has gone, the various brands are certainly going very well and need to keep on top of it all


Here is one of our wall mounted machines, nearly empty….just how we like to see them all.

Mother Deer has gone on her travels it seems, 3 days now she has not been seen and no sign of the young one either, hopefully soon the fields will be cut and it will make it easier to locate them, only a few weeks ago we had 6 roaming the fields the woodland seems very empty without them.

Another day in the woods.

June 18, 2013

Shall we clear the field or head to the woods, decisions decisions and the woods won.

In to the woods and the golf balls started to appear very quickly, as well as myself picking up what was there tilly-miss was on patrol through the hedgerows and soon started bringing out yellow and white balls along with the ritual of throwing the ball in the air and catching it.


We also had some good logo golf balls along with other logo balls for charity organisations and this one in particular caught my eye, obviously a good cause for the tradesmen who work in London on vast projects.


And what about this special staff members ball from Calloway


Its amazing how many golf balls carry a logo does it really work ? after all said and done who actually see’s that logo apart from yourself and of course me as the ball finder?…cannot get my head round that one.

And my good friend the Deer was wondering round in unusual  space today and i spent an hour with her watching what she was doing, sadly no sign at all of a young one.


And here is tilly sat under a garden seat watching every move the deer made


So now it is back to the woods to check on the mother before darkness

What was in the woods today.

June 16, 2013

So nice to get back home after doing a lot of travelling in Europe for the last couple of weeks, after a goodnights sleep i was up and out with tilly-miss to the woodland in search of not only golf balls but hoping to catch a glimpse of the new arrival, sadly i found a stash of golf balls got so close to the mum in the field i could have actually stroked her, which was very odd as the last time she had just had the new arrival and she was acting very protective and had made her feelings known by chasing me and tilly up and down the field, today she was a different animal one that seemed to be very sad and dazed it was as if something had happened to the young one.

20130616_100947 (3)20130616_10245920130616_101159 (2)20130616_101750 (2)

I spent the day looking out for the arrival but to no avail i called the mum this afternoon in the field as i always do and within minutes she was up and watching me she then made her way slowly towards me still looking very upset, so before dark i am going to go back and look i am hoping it will be good news and the new arrival has been dropped somewhere safe in the growth out of harms way.

Golf balls today we have managed 82 from the nettles, not bad considering and some good ProV  and Calloway.

Out on the road…

June 16, 2013

My apologies for being absent the last few weeks but i have been away on the road earning my money to keep the wolf from the door.The last few weeks have been busy working the festival season with various artists and that means lots of travel mainly after the show finishes, it could also mean driving anything up to 900kms through the night.

Italy and then Switzerland then through to Sweden and Denmark and then to Germany with some lovely scenery on route, which makes it worthwhile


We get spoilt sometimes with places to stay and some better than others but location is always far more important, i love having great settings and mouth watering locations, the pictures above were taken in Austria.


The pictures above show how lucky i was on this trip, this is the view from my hotel room which was in Switzerland.


Sometimes i have to pinch myself and think how lucky i am to be doing so much travel, but it is not all living the dream as people think.


New arrival in woodlands.

June 5, 2013

As expected the new arrival has arrived as i found out today, just by chance i caught a glimpse of the mother moving what looked like a little fawn less than an hour old.

Mum straight away laid the new born down and headed straight towards tilly-miss who was close to the fence line, she then gave me a sign of keep away as she bolted towards me in a very hostile way which was warning enough for us both as i do not want to unsettle them or cause any distress.

Last year was the same procedure and mum was then very protective of her new born  she is so alert all the time watching and washing the little one which i got to see within a few hours of arrival


I am heading away tomorrow for a few weeks as the golf ball side of things has been hampered by the ferocious growth of nettles and prickles in the woodland, it will also help the new one settle in with mum without being disturbed, hopefully they will both stay safe and when i get back i will be keeping a constant update on them.

We have managed only about 100 golf balls due to the nettle growth, i have never in 8 years seen the rapid rise in nettles as what the woodlands has now, so hopefully on my return they will have stopped and i will be able to get back to filling the bags.

The next few weeks are going to be chaos travelling wise, i will cross borders and countries far away from home, meet lots of new people and see some lovely landscapes and hopefully bring lots of pictures home safely to cherish the journey as we get through another season of music festivals, we started in Barcelona then headed to Sweden then home for a few days, now Germany for the next one then Finland and the rest of Europe….happy days….