Fresh from the field today.

Another day and the walking begins, we head back to the fields that we tread daily and would you believe that we find more golf balls despite believing that we had cleared everything from our previous visit.


We are bringing some very good golf ball name’s to the net that is starting once again to feel quite heavy, i wouldn’t want to be carrying this bag around all day.

Lovely colour balls are showing with yellow and orange the favourite choice from the golfers who obviously care very little at what happens to the ball, but we do and that is why we are out there 365 days bringing top quality fresh from the field to our wash station and then to inspection and finally wrapped and posted direct to your door at the lowest prices, where else will you buy 12 Calloway or Nike or Srixon balls for £1…plus postage….and you better believe me when i say these are as good as new.

Look at the deer who we bumped in to this morning


And of course there is Romeo relaxing once again after a busy night


As we walked through the woodland we found this car abandoned in the fern and bracken


And another bunny for tilly, sadly a young one with mixi


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