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Our midday walk at the golf course

February 28, 2012

This morning we had 20+ good golf balls then headed home for breakfast, then headed back to retrieve these which included a few ProV Balls.


Logo Golf Balls found today.

February 28, 2012

Whilst walking this morning in the fresh morning breeze on a golf course i came across these
various advertising balls.

Even the local grocer needs advertising

Also this ball advertising a golf hotel that might be of interest to golfers planning a weekend break

We also watched the 3 deer in the field which is nice to see

Someone with plenty of money it seems fired a ball in to our field, what a shame he never sent a bag of money with it to look after tilly-miss? anyone banking with Coutts Bank the official bank of our Queen wouldnt miss a few quid i am sure

Just cannot find enough of these particular Top~Flite 3000 golf balls, I have someone who would buy as many as i can find,but they just dont seem to be laying in berkshire.

The Golf Ball Hunt

February 15, 2012

As you can see the leaves are hiding so many golf balls, its a job that is made harder due to the large amounts blown.

Thorn bushes also cause the odd problem to myself and tilly-miss, i go back constantly with cuts to my hands and back after finding a ball that is buried in the thorns, tilly has a checkover each time we get back, the first thing is to get her feet cleaned then a check to make sure no nasty thorns are lurking.

Today we come across this ball that was very badly damaged

I had not heard of this ball before and was surprised that Bridgestone were the makers.

Here is the proof of Good Logo Golf Balls, all you golf clubs take note on how a logo should be presented, not the rubbish a lot of you stamp on yourself or the cheapest quote from China

And the winner this week of “Logo Golf Ball” is this beauty

From Dirty to Clean

February 14, 2012

Laying in horse dung and puddles of wee

We still wade in and get them cleared,the hardwork starts as soon as we arrive to the yard, we load the balls in the hopper and add the magic formula

Within minutes we have some very nice looking clean golf balls

We are adding “Kinder Surprise Eggs” to our vending

February 14, 2012

Everyone loves the Kinder Egg and that special gift for the children

Keeping ahead and always trying to offer differant selections of interesting product lines is important, we cannot afford to sit back and hope that people will just buy your item for the sake of a machine being placed.


The little toy brings happiness to so many children the world over, many pieces are becoming collectable and valuable to the kids who have to have them

We are always open to suggestions on what to add to our machines, we can also carry advertising information that can be added seperate to any product line,so if you want to get your message across,we have the base available to add your flyers or cards.

Cleared the field of so many golf balls.

February 14, 2012

Far to many to count, but lots of brand new stuff

Back to the wash must get those clean before my lady returns or i am going to be in the doghouse for not buying a valentine card or flowers,having the house covered in golf balls will be the final straw….wish me luck

More colour balls today

Straight from the field to the wash

You could not believe what these balls were laying in,and just how dirty they were

2 Huge bags have also to be sorted, lots of good names in there and so so many are brand new

Doggie pictures in the snow of Tilly-Miss

February 13, 2012

Tilly loves the snow and the woodlands we walk daily,meeting lots of other animals seeking refuge from the winds that blow across from the golf course, hopefully the weather will soon change and we can concentrate on lots more golf balls for the coming golf season.
We are confident that we will be able to supply very large quantities to golfers due to being offered the retrieval of all golf balls from a pristine field that we expect to return anything from 500+ good quality balls weekly, looking forward to the season getting underway.


Looking for coloured golf ball today

February 12, 2012

There must be 500 golf balls laying idle, but we are searching for coloured balls, we have around 4000 white balls in stock and a woman behaving like all women do…moaning as usual about Golf Balls littering the house and yard, so decided to leave the white balls alone

Field is full of white golf balls laying everywhere.

With the local course snowbound we enjoyed a nice walk all around the area

Tilly as always enjoying her freedom and always looking for her next bit of fun

No sign of the Deer today just hope they are safe and well, heard a lot of shooting in the woodlands and pray they are safe.

Spent a bit of time searching only for coloured golf balls, do you realise how hard that can be
but we managed a few after a 30 minute walk


Deer in the woods

February 6, 2012

Lovely to watch the deer this afternoon in the snow filled woodlands, i stood watching them for about 15 minutes and they were quite happy knowing i was there.
During my time they were happy grazing and nibbling from the tree branches, they must be very hungry.

Fun in the fields

February 5, 2012

Something caught her eye

Watching a squirrel in the snow

Chasing a fox this afternoon

Mention woods and the ears are up on tilly quicker than you can get to the door, snowbound and cold isnt a problem the little jack has to be where she is happiest.