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Woodland Update on what has been happening.

May 28, 2013

Apologies for my absence in the recent weeks, i have been busy in the woods and busy with things associated with Tilly-Miss which have side-lined my attempts to let you know what has happened and what progress we are making in attempting to find golf balls.

Well despite all that has happened i am pleased to say my golf ball friend Daz called at my house last week whilst i was away in Spain doing other stuff, Daz brought about 1200 balls and that cleared some room in my passage that my wife is always moaning about, saying that she will be on her broom stick again as i am filling it up with more vending machines and sweets.

The woodland saga and the rain are causing me more problems, whilst it pours down the grass and nettles grow faster and we are now faced with 5ft upwards of stinger nettles and prickle bushes that are rampant and spreading like a virus, it is as bad as the rag wart that has infected the fields which is like the kiss of death to horses, but like always we are out in the rain prodding and poking through it all hoping to retrieve as many as possible.

The Deer are still here in the field and getting more pretty each time i see them, the red colours on the younger ones is stunning, Romeo and his lady friend are still snuggled together in the field and will not leave each other, the mother looks as thou something might be happening and when you view her from various angles you wonder is she or is she not expecting, hopefully if she is then she might use the barn to deliver the new born as it has been decked with straw bales to make it more inviting for her and who knows.

Tilly is in good form and today we were both soaked from our walk in the woods, tomorrow i have to leave to do some work in Sweden for a few days, i am tired as i only arrived home yesterday from a trip to Spain and the drive was quite bad with weather problems through France, but it is what it is and i just have to get on with it.

The people on EBay seem to like our golf balls, i am getting such good feed back that i might even consider taking advice on how to open one of there internet shops? do you think it would be worthwhile?

No pictures today as my phone is on charge and i am to tired to go downstairs to get it but i promise to add them in a few days, going to keep this short and say thank you to everyone for being patient and look forward to being back at the weekend.


No golf balls today.

May 14, 2013

Out in the rain we headed in to the woodlands, then crossed soaking wet fields that soaked my legs above my wellington boots, tilly was like a drowned rat bless her and all this because tilly loves her freedom and i just love the open air and the view of the mist rising across the fields early morning is fabulous and there cannot ever be a reason why you would not want to experience this.

05:30 and it is just breaking light and how different the fields and woods feel, there is a sense of hollow and often you get the feeling you have company watching somewhere what we are doing and usually this could be the late returning fox who has been on a hike for some sumptuous food from one of the posh hotels nearby that gladly offer a room and breakfast for an average £250 and guess what, the breakfast is not that great, you would do better to go to the other posh place a mile down the road and get a fantastic deal with a bed for less than £100……but enough of that

What we can guarantee is an experience of seeing wildlife and none better than my close friendly deer who pop up anywhere.


This gorgeous one stands tall and you can see the damage to her coat obviously caught on barbed wire and the very thick thorn bushes that they try and hide in or escape from for a manner of all reason.


I enjoyed taking  these pictures earlier today, i was between fields and the two love birds were getting homesick being apart, Romeo on the right was doing his best to get across to the other field but the fence was in his way and he had not worked out that the gate was open just 10 yards away, but they re-united in a matter of minutes and were happy and content it seems Mmmmm true love !


Arriving back home and towelling  tilly down i thought a nice cup of tea and a rest, you have to be joking, here is what happened


Tilly wanting to play with a golf ball, all because she had not found one today !

And a new home for our sweet machine, full of everybody’s favourite sweeties


Make your mouth water !

Hard work in the woods now.

May 13, 2013

The fast growing of bluebell’s and stinging nettles has taken its toll and we are now having to use our x-ray vision to hunt out the golf balls that drop daily in all areas, believe me this is hard work.


And on top of all this we then have more disruption having to deal with the likes of this friendly deer who now pop’s up frequently as we walk round,sometimes without warning the huge beast lets me know it is there and is more than happy that i get quite close for a picture.


You really do have to see the size of this beauty to be really scared, it is huge but has a good character and is obviously happy.

That is not all that has taken to resting in the wood, the ducks who visit every year to my door for regular feeding were taking a rest in the field


I am hoping they survived the night and the naughty fox did not get to them.

Here is tilly enjoying her rest after a long day and so much walking, but she is the correct weight 8kg for her age and bang on what she should be, as told by the vet? but do we believe everything they say because most of the time it will cost us money?


And what about postage charges? my goodness i sent 9 golf balls to a client and could not believe the cost £5:64p who is kidding who?


How can anyone afford to pay that much, I will have to consider whether it is worth offering to sell small amounts or do i just concentrate on the bigger volumes to make a few pounds to keep tilly in good condition?

Look who has a new coat.

May 8, 2013

Young Romeo is certainly standing out amongst the rest of the family in the woodlands


He is shedding his coat and looks as lovely as ever

20130508_103948 (2)


Last night before dark we had our usual walk round the field to keep check on the animals before bedtime and was confronted by the mum who came trotting out of the thick thorn bushes and gave me quite a fright as well as tilly, it was getting dark and the sheer size of her poking her head out of the bushes was enough to frighten anyone, but was she bothered by me and tilly, not at all and as calm as you like ambled on her way to the open field, here are a couple of the pictures i quickly managed to snap whilst being a little frightened as i was not sure what was there at the time.


Look at the sheer size of the beauty, would you be scared seeing that walk out towards you….lol !

Anyway no harm done and we are all safe !

In the woods.

May 7, 2013

Another hot and sunny day and were back in the woods and here is a pretty bit of our bluebell woodland stretch.


Whilst out and about finding these


We were lucky to see our friendly “Mother Deer” enjoying herself alone without the other young to bother her.


I always enjoy our walks and it never surprises me where i will meet the deer, but they always allow me time to get a quick picture before they head away.

Look at this Pro V Ball it looks good to me


Until we turn it over and find it has been caught with the lawnmower


Look at the different  core colours, anyone know why this is?

And here is my beauty…


Surveying the open field hoping a rabbit just might show

Some interesting logo golf balls today.

May 5, 2013

On our travels we had another good afternoon with a return of 43 balls, not all were good enough to keep and have been discarded to the rubbish bin but with a few nice Pro V Balls it was a good walk.


And as you can see just some of our logo findings


From the estate of the famous spender Lord Brocket the man with no lining in his pockets an endless  amount of wealth.

And this from the lovely Stoke Park Hotel which was the setting for quite a few film locations, if you ever have the chance to visit grab the opportunity and enjoy the grounds and its marvellous settings.



And this from another very good  hotel where money pours like water

Fantastic week of Golf Ball Retrieval !

May 5, 2013

Goodness me Tilly has been very busy whilst on our travels this week, we have retrieved so many golf balls, it is now time to start offering these for sale.

Titleist Pro V Balls have been retrieved in good numbers, Calloway have also been very good and we have  high numbers on Nike along with a huge increase in Dunlop Sport being found at not one but 4 golf courses.


And not forgetting our sweet vending machines that are doing far better than i could imagine, we are adding a new range of sweets to keep pace with demand with new lines becoming available from Haribo and Rowntree that include Smarties that are selling as fast as we add them


Where do i get the time to keep on top of everything, i just do not know ?

Clearing the field in this heat.

May 1, 2013

Such a beautiful day and have we been busy, we headed to the woodland this morning and had a haul of 27 Titleist Pro V Balls just as a starter, then back to the field and retrieved 100 brand name balls and as you can probably guess another 10 Pro V amongst them.

I took our ball retriever with me as this makes very light work of picking up a ball without the strain of having to keep bending or having to keep telling tilly to drop, very surprised to find it actually holds 100 golf balls and bearing in mind we done three trips, so a very good day so far as we have only walked one half of the course so far.


20130501_144135 (2)

The weather has been a little to hot for Tilly bless her, yesterday was her annual trip to the vet for her booster and Stronghold Flea Treatment at a cost of £93 :36 (at least Dick Turpin wore a mask) it is no wonder animals are being neglected and badly treated when you see the charges these vets think they are entitled to, remember a lot of the big companies in animal health are only to happy to give there products free of charge to vet’s surgeries as a sort of enticement for future sales. My friend took his dog for a small scale on his leg, vet shaved it and applied a tiny bit of cream, thank you £55 and yesterday my son had to have his Staff put down at 8 years of age due to some awful womb infection they had been treating?…cost £500 how can this be justified in these days of austerity, the mind boggles with sadness,how do these vet’s sleep at night when they tell you how they care so much? high time they were reported to the local Ombudsman and that is exactly what i intend doing.




Above our first haul of Pro V Balls this morning.


Anyone out there know Elaine? “Put me down i belong to Elaine” written on this ball, come on Elaine come and get your precious ball back, promise to wash and clean it for you !