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84 Golf Ball Haul.

January 28, 2010

We went for a drive and struck a massive haul in under 40 minutes, just could not believe how many hidden golf balls are laying under the shrubbery around the outer golf course.Titleist ProV balls in abundance littered all over the place, followed by a good haul of Maxfli and Calloway and Srixon, it was interesting to see a lot of Taylormade adding to the tally.

Our bag was near to breaking, my coat pockets were bulging and my back was aching,84 golf balls certainly weigh something, it was a shame because i had to leave so many behind, but i will be back there with a bigger bag and deeper pockets to hoover up the rest of them.

I have just put them in the wash and looking through them all they are top quality golf balls, i do not think there will be much waste if any from this lot, i am very pleased.

I picked up my new stickers today, they are looking very good, our website details have been added to each sticker and the union jack flag flying in the corner in place of the numbers, and tilly-miss picture has been added to the logo sticker that is placed on the lid, very smart.

The house at the moment is like a production line, golf balls and stickers and the pots laying everywhere, i am getting ready to make tilly-miss known amongst the tourist shops in Windsor and Eton and want to be ready and prepared just in case.

Tilly-Miss Trademark Application update : have been told today the application has been accepted for publication in the trademark journal, this means tilly-miss will appear in the journal on the 5th February 2010 for a 2 month period, the office have told me they see no problems with the application which should then complete on 5th April which will be great news.

Tilly is resting after her adventure today, she come home and had a huge plate of fish for her supper, she was starving after chasing rabitts and squirrels all afternoon.

Tomorrow i will say my last farewell to my Auntie Jo god bless her, she sadly left our world on the 13th January aged 82 after quite a long illness, a lovely auntie who was more like a mother to me and my wife during the earlier years and up to the point of passing, they certainly do not mould them like they did anymore, a gracious lady who never moaned or complained just carried on daily, i have very fond memories of my younger days growing up, auntie was always there with a smile and a laugh that would light up around you, god bless and rest peacefully i will certainly miss you.

Right that is me for tonight, time for a cuppa and time for thought, goodnight all….tilly x


Machine on stand.

January 27, 2010

Thought i would add a picture of the machine on a brand new stand,this will benefit certain pubs who do not want to wall mount the machine, the stand is also a very useful piece of kit for garage forecourts wishing to place on the outer shop front.

All made possible by Tilly-Miss who has been very busy again today, the above picture shows Tilly having a rest while i am still pottering round organising things.

So there we have it, the options available are as follows……Have the machine free-standing on a bar top…..Have a machine wall mounted….or have the machine on a free standing outdoor base…..we think of you all the time and the best news ever, it will not cost you a penny or a pound install is free within a 50 mile radius…of Berkshire and 50 mile radius of Swindon.

My brother in law Peter is looking after the Southwest area, and will be responsible for all enquiries passed to him,Peter is more than happy to meet you and advise you to the best of his ability on placement of machines.

Is this Tiger Woods Ball.

January 27, 2010

Found this ball today and wonder if it really belongs to Tiger, can anyone identify or confirm this please.

If it is Tigers ball maybe tilly-miss could benefit from a good dinner, anyone interested please get in touch.

Were changing our logo.

January 27, 2010

I have had time over the last few weeks to look at certain areas to do with the vending machine, i feel i made the mistake of not adding tilly-miss to the logo, the second mistake was to number the balls,this has been more time consuming than you could imagine so i am making changes and here are the changes

You will see the web address has been added and a picture of tilly-miss as the headliner of the project along with our very own union jack flag in the corner, hope you all like the new look.

In the woodlands today……i was in the thick hedgerows with tilly today and in a space of less than 15 minutes pulled 28 golf balls all under the leaf growth,the place is a wash under them bushes, i would have had many more but it was getting so dark and it was very cold, so back tomorrow we go in daylight.

Finally tonight i wish my dad well in his battle with cancer, he was again operated on yesterday and has not been at all well today, seeing him so tired and weak tonight really brings it home,how lucky we are to have good health, i have a good picture of  him and mum taken just last week  

We hope and pray daily for his safe keeping and hope he is around to celebrate his 60 years of marriage which is a couple of months away….

Another machine fitted.

January 26, 2010

Another machine goes on the wall at a golfing society private club, thanks to Susan and her staff for allowing us to add the machine, Susan was over the moon and couldnt get us in there quick enough to fit it, the club has a good golfing society following and i am told a lot of balls were vended within the hour of fitting.

More fittings confirmed for this week and next, i am very pleased with the response,keep them coming…..Every pub in the UK should have one !!

Changes to the logo are happening, Tilly picture is being added to the machines in place of the golfer image, also looking to replace the can with a union jack picture instead of the number system, so hang on to your can if you brought one, it could be worth money in the future years.

More good news.

January 25, 2010

Has been another very good day involving golf balls and the golf ball vending machine, we trawled a course in the Berkshire area and had a very good return within the hour 56 balls lots of top names amongst them plus the usual rubbish covered in every colour of ink money can buy, it amazes me why people insist on drawing smut and other filth on a them people out there…you need more than a game of golf pal, you need serious help !! then you have the people who cannot remember there name,so they plaster it on the ball…get a life please, its only a game, could you imagine Tiger standing there with a great big ink pen scribbling all over a ball, i do not think so.

Machine news : meetings lined up tomorrow with 2 hotel groups, plus fitting of machines, my brother in law has been very busy, he has fitted a machine today at a private club with there own golf society, people have been in taking photos and he said the comments from people at the club were fantastic.

I am going to canvas a couple of pubs in my local area tomorrow, it would be silly not to with so many courses nearby, hopefully some new business will be found.

Must spend the evening again washing balls, i then have to can the ball, then load the machines, my work is never done it seems, but i enjoy the freedom of fresh air and fun with tilly-miss something i will never stop doing, might be back later with a photo….tilly x

More machines sited.

January 24, 2010

Have been with family in the Cotswolds and had a great time, me and brother in law decided on some cold calling to various pubs,the response was more than i could possibly imagine, everybody loved the idea and concept which was fantastic made me feel like everything has been worthwhile and how far will this go.Not one single negative comment landladies and landlords were amazed that such an invention had been made, i took tilly-miss on my travels and introduced her,she was adored in hotels and pubs,one dear landlady wanted the machine there and then,we have a golf society that love the Noodle and Srixon ball, so without fail tomorrow morning brother in law will fit a new machine.

peter will be very busy tomorrow installing machines, a meeting with 2 golf society hotels who cater for golf weekends, further appointments in and around Cirencester keeping him very busy. I have asked that pictures are sent through so i can add them on our links page, the response has been fantastic and thank you to everyone including June and Michael who are the publicans of a very lovely pub in the small village of Ashton Keynes  a truly wonderful atmosphere along with some fantastic freshly cooked food, i can truly say if you are in the area or intend visiting the Cotswolds make a bee line to this warm and comfortable inn (dogs and children made very welcome)

Look at how many golf balls we found today.

January 22, 2010

Despite the cold wind and the lashing rain we carried on regardless at one of the golf courses we have not visited for a while,for tilly-miss it was a great day to be back on territory she has visited before, very cute as she looks tilly knew exactly where she wanted to be,in amongst the very long grass. I stood and analyized where we were likely to find some good return for our efforts and made our way across a very wet and damp 18 hole course, swishy mud and pools of water everywhere didnt make the walk easy,but we will take our chances and what a fantastic haul we stumbled across.

Every make of ball and a good selection of the yellow balls were found they were all in need of TLC and i thought they have to be washed as soon as possible, it was good to see the Donnay balls had not suffered the fate of my earlier posts

Soaked and cold we made our way home, its friday and traffic on the road was getting heavy and people who have suffered there jobs wanted to get home and be free from the stress of the same boring mundane schedule put on them, get home and get ready to party will be the thing on most peoples minds, for me and tilly our work was only beginning, we have to organise a wash of the stinking filthy golf balls that were covered in everything you wouldnt want to think about,bear in mind those golf balls have laid in mud and other horrible places, animals have done everything they can on them, foxes and deer have laid on them and probably p***** and s**** over them,some of them were covered in mucas and the stench was disgusting, when i reached home my ball carry bag had to be washed due to not knowing what i had been carrying round, the first thing i do when i get indoors is scrub my hands with disinfectant and apply a neat alcohol gel to protect me, tilly always has her face washed just as a precaution, here we go with the wash….look at how much filth there is

In they go ready for some good TLC using my own formula that has taken a long while to perfect the results are quite astonishing, yeah we are very proud to say we do the job correctly we use 2 ingrediants that bond quite naturally together,and before anyone asks is it bleach the answer is No !!!!! not never or ever, should you be thinking of using a bleach substance be very careful because eventually your ball will end up like the Donnay weakened and split…..instead of looking like this

Just look at them beauties each and everyone brought back to life and in pristine condition, that is what we do,we look after the golf ball and in turn look after you the golfer by offering top quality retrieved golf balls.

So another day comes to a close, tomorrow we head to the Southwest of the country to take the golf ball vending machines to some business people interested in the product, so busy times ahead, wish me luck….have a great weekend everyone and party party non stop.

Bye for now Tilly x

Donnay golf ball.

January 22, 2010

More proof that Donnay coloured balls are having some problems, are these fake imports.

Seems strange that this is the second ball to be found, and both balls have been found on differant locations.

You can see clearly both balls (this one and yesterday’s post) show differant number balls

Would hate to think how many of these are laying around golf courses, maybe it is time to contact Donnay and ask the question of why are these balls falling apart?

What happens when you buy cheap golf balls.

January 21, 2010

There was the pretty colour ball staring at me in the hedge, tilly went in and brought out the ball from the thorns and dropped it on the floor, i was looking and could see some damage,then the ball broke in two pieces

Amazing had never seen a ball do that

Look at the cut round the outer case, the inside is like a salt mine

That ball has exploded when being hit, i can say there is no way that has been damaged through the grass cutter, i have checked the ball for impact point which is clearly visible… word of warning do not buy inferior balls in the future.

There it is the very 1st one being fitted in a lovely golfing society pub,the good news more to follow this week,sadly not a great picture it was taken on a mobile phone,next time my camera will witness the fitting.

We had a fantastic return on golf balls today,we have passed the 50 ball mark without really looking to hard, weather and sunlight was a great factor, usually the sun rises in our face and blinds us most mornings.

Had some business people call today to show the machines and golf ball in a can, they loved seeing the goods and couldnt believe anyone has done this, they were really positive and orders have been placed, a very good day indeed what brings me to say im going for a drink and to hopefully have another pub to place a machine….goodnight everyone..tillyx