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A quick walk round the woodlands.

October 31, 2010

Had a last walk round the outside of a golf course and in less than 1hr
we retrieved 36 very good golf balls,many one hit wonders with names such as Taylor-Made…Calloway…a few ProV amongst them and everyones favourite ball it seems Top~Flite.

I am heading to Moscow for 15 days so i will not be posting for a while
i have some work to do and to catch up with a couple of friends who like myself are golf ball crazy fanatics trying to break in to golf ball selling in the various countries surrounding Moscow.

Tilly is sulking as she has seen my suitcase and knows that i am heading away,sad to be leaving and i hope that she will be ok.


Being bombarded with requests for tilly.

October 29, 2010

Phone calls asking about tilly-miss and her retrieval,magazines wanting to publish stories,most trying to get you to buy in to advertising space,its a crazy world out there,sales people earning staggering amounts of money in commission and they target the likes of me.
I wont allow tilly to be advertised in any old publication,it has to be for the right reasons and as far as paying for a publication that is out of the window.
We have a good vending solution for golf courses and lots of enquiries from spain america and canada come through our mailbox weekly,we will plod along regardless and see what the future brings, i must admit golf courses are a little hasty in trying the machine,is this due to change? which they do not want to do? are they happy to let the pro shop keep churning out balls in a bucket,out of a box?
Maybe if we launch the vandal proof vending machine they might wish to try that at various parts of the course.

Today has seen Nike sweep the board on retrieval,we scooped up loads of them today,infact every ball today was a Nike some with advertising logos and some advertising a golf pro with his picture on the ball that looked very good.
Orders sent out in the post, sat nav sold and posted and just machines to fill which i was going to do tomorrow but will leave them until sunday morning as there are halloween parties at our venues meaning more sweets will be sold,oh how the kids and parents love the sweets out of the machines.
So i will take my grandchildren saturday to a halloween party and join in the fun with them as i will be away in moscow and will miss them lots.

Heading back to Moscow.

October 27, 2010

Will be away for 15 days in total meeting with some contacts for golf balls and an intrest in the vending machine,just a few formalities to sort out.
Looking forward to my visit before the real bad weather settles in,should be able to go and visit Red Square again,a truly wonderful experience,so much smaller than you see on tv and so much history.
Really hoping to visit the fantastic underground railway network,the pictures i have seen are amazing and i will make a point of getting on one of the day tours.
I am really beginning to like Moscow and its culture and vibrancy,very good hotels complimented with good restaurants,mind you some of the places are still lacking in presentation of a warm breakfast?
Golf is really starting to get a hold and some very big courses that come with fascinating amounts of money to join.
Make in roads and hopefully something good will come from it,i am a trusting person and hopefully i can rest my case in meeting the same.
Golf balls are very expensive and more than you would pay in the uk,so why not feed the system with a varied choice of affordable golf ball….its just finding that outlet?

So the next couple of days will see our vending machines topped up so there is enough stock to keep them going,hopefully when i get back
there will be good returns.
Tilly-Miss is staying at home and will be very upset when she catches a glimpse of my suitcase,she will be as unhappy as me,but i have to do what i do….hopefully another post before i leave on sunday,until then take care everyone.

How many more golf balls?

October 25, 2010

What a busy last few days it has been,walking walking and more walking,cuts and scratches all over my body,soaking feet due to leaky wellies that were brought a couple of weeks ago at a ridculous price from an outlet (can any wellie boot company send me a pair of size 9)

Aagh the days are getting longer and the walking getting harder,tilly-miss has also been getting in trouble again,she crept up on a couple of deer taking an afternoon nap, i was further away and only heard her yelp and the deer making a horrid barking noise,tilly seemed to escape unhurt this time and no visible signs of injury thank god,we will have to be quite careful as the rutting season is not far away.
In 3 days we have over 200+ very nice golf balls in the bag,lots of Srixon AD333 coming through and some excellant ProV balls being found.
How on earth can so many golf balls be lost ? bearing in mind we do not dive any lakes or ponds, i dont like swimming at all and as for tilly that is definatly a no go area,i wouldnt let her near water.
We do things the old fashioned way “Search and you will find” that is how we do things,tilly will go in hedges and undergrowth me in the hedgerows and field,we have a great eye for a ball.
During the next few weeks we will hopefully build on stock as the rainy cold weather comes in along with dark nights creeping in,we have had a brilliant summer with record numbers of golf balls.
More machines are being sited and things are looking good,hopefully our pub and club outlets will continue to sell our sweet range through the winter and allow us to earn a few quid,we are also supplying a horse riding stable locally with a range of our delicious sweets and a university in london with a machine that will vend ping pong balls,just waiting for the coin mechanism to be installed before delivery.
Tomorrow were out again,but have to post more orders before we head to another woodland course.

Were back hunting those golf balls.

October 23, 2010

And we have found a lovely bag o more than 200 since my return yesterday afternoon.
Arrived home from Copenhagen and what a welcome from tilly-miss, who was so pleased to see me,a shower and a cup of tea and we were out on a course,soon to be picking up a variety of top name balls
what pleased me was the amount of Titleist and Calloway making a welcome find along with some very strong colour balls that are appearing.
Dunlop balls are making more of appearance at one particular course,this makes me wonder if things are getting a little tight for golfers? short of money must mean a change of ball? its very strange that at this course its very unusual to find so many dunlop.
We have more orders coming through and i must process a wash to get them ready for posting,we also have a lot on Ebay at very good auction prices starting from 0.99
The weather does not seem to have bothered golfers,the local course was very busy this morning with groups competing against each other.

New website for “Tilly-Miss Vending” will get underway.

October 18, 2010

We are instructing a company to create new pages for our vending service.
The site will be for Confectionary vending,Golf Ball Vending,and Ping Pong Ball Vending.

Why ping pong ball vending you ask?
We have been approached from a university in London to supply a machine that will be used for out of hour’s lessons,the club has a huge following with the tables being constantly used through the night,we have had to make a critical change to the machine in the shape of the coin mechanism,we are adding a new 50p coinage mechanism making the ball affordable to all who play.
The University have told me that they will expect a huge number of sales out of hours,We look forward to delivering the machine within 14 days with the changes in place.

Ping pong clubs in the uk?….Google the results and see how popular the game is.

So back to the new website : We have had intrest today from a motoring stockist who have a large base of showrooms and they could be ready to trial our sweet vending.
To take Tilly to the next stage we need to have another good web site running along Tilly-Miss Golf which has been fantastic since the launch 27450 visits and some really lovely comments from very satisfied golfers, so “Tilly-Miss Vending” will be our next venture and we hope to cater for a host of clients to include workplaces..offices..showrooms..transport companies…in fact anywhere where there are plenty of people working (is there such numbers employed in the uk today?)
If it happens, it happens and i will put every effort i can to make it success.

Ebay feedback on our golf balls is excellant.

October 18, 2010

More repeat orders coming through with great comments : “Probably the best golf balls ever purchased on Ebay”….5 Star Seller is another great comment….We do try our best to please all our golfing friends.

This is how we send out Golf Balls.

October 17, 2010

Washed and securely wrapped direct to your door.

These beauties are heading North of the country,each contain 50 ProV1 and Calloway Golf Balls.

0:3:15am And you wonder what are we doing? we are up and ready to hit the high road to a golf course, we have a 2hr journey that hopefully will reward us with a very good return of 3 important golf balls that we will sell without any problem…ProV…Srixon…Calloway…
as i have repeat orders for large amounts.
We will spend 1 hr and then head back home before another trip to our local course which holds a captains day meeting,should be good return as this event always brings out the would be golfer !

Lots of great golf balls.

October 15, 2010

The man was correct when he said hit that berkshire golf course,we were out there this afternoon and as he said it was ProV balls mixed with Bridgestone and Taylor-Made and Calloway.
Have just put them in for the wash process,this will be an overnight wash and soak to remove all the mud and grime and bacteria,and they will be sparkling when finished,so anyone wishing to claim these beauties be quick as they certainly wont hang round for long.
Just been trying out some formula for removing the ink marks,guess what we are so close to cracking it, i just removed a name etched in thick marker on a ball…totally removed the name “Jaws” that was written in thick blue ink,and what was the combination of formula i used?….Something ladies apply everyday?….send in your guess and the closest to the correct answer will get 12 ProV Balls..guess the right answer and i will be your slave for a day.

Were hunting ProV Golf Balls.

October 15, 2010

I had a call this morning asking me to call in a Berkshire Golf Course that supposedly is alive with more ProV balls than you could imagine,so
were on our way to investigate….happy times.