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Under the leaves brings nearly 600 golf balls.

January 24, 2015

Well just by chance i kicked up a few leaves and scattered them which in turn showed a couple of pearly white balls buried in some mud, i walked further and noticed the green keepers cutting back tree branches which made it easy for me to get near the fence line, i couldn’t believe what started to appear right in front of my eyes, golf balls of all colours many that had probably laid there for a very long time, but quite warm and not as cold as i expected they would be considering the weather.


This is just a few of what we had, it certainly kept us warm, in the first day 127 recovered, 249 on the second day and today over 2 visits just short of 296 not bad going from a 12 metred area of leaves, i have to sort them as i have people waiting for ProV and Nike along with Srixon.


Couldn’t believe my luck to see this huge fella sneaking around the fields, and what a bonus on Wednesday to look out my window and watch 3 deer eating veg on the allotments.

As i sit here typing i can hear  the young foxes calling, it wont be long before Scraggy arrives for her daily feast, she arrives every night and her arrival time now is usually around 22:00 i am seeing them more in the woodland now than ever before in morning time, they must be quite hungry to be scouting at that time, so i must go and fix scraggy some porridge….it will fill him up for the night hopefully

Back soon bye bye !


It has all been happening in the woods.

September 16, 2013

My apologies for not updating the pages for a while, I have been to my computer many times with the intention of adding new updates only to be called away for something else.

Anyway….we are talking golf balls….we are talking progress of the young deer…..and we are talking about the low life scum that think it is acceptable to break in to peoples property, and to round it of we have to also deal with someone shooting young foxes and leaving them on view very close to the golf course.

Nothing infuriates me  more than people killing wildlife just for the sake of it, the woodland close to me has been my trusted hunting ground since a child, i know the woodland inside out, i know the favourite places for the deer and the badgers and the foxes that creep quietly throughout the day and night in search of food, they are always a pleasure to watch and it can be amazing if you get close up, but we have a problem at present with someone who thinks it is fun to blow away our delightful foxes for no reason at all, this idiot also has no respect for people as he is firing in to the golf course which is yards away from where i witnessed two baby cubs blasted and left on view, the pictures are to graphic to put online and i was so angry to think why has he done this?

I have made online attempts to get the police wildlife inspector to visit me and look for himself, but sadly nothing, so i have been stopping in the woods until near dark in the hope of confronting the person responsible, my view is he will no doubt be looking to cull the young deer before long.

The family of 3 are doing fantastic but they are wearing me out as i look daily for them, i end up doing the fields and there hiding places just to know they are safe and by that time i am rather tired and in need of substance, still nervous of me is the young and they are away like lightening from one corner in the field to the other, but i realised they are not that switched on when they bounded away i then went round the opposite way and they were not expecting that, we walked straight in to each other and it was quite a shock for them.

Tonight i spent time coaxing them round the entire perimeter fence by calling them, it was the first real time they never bolted so lets hope that this could be the start of us getting to know each other better as one would say and with more calling they will understand i am here to not harm them….they are all so beautiful.

Golf Ball Crazy….it has been non stop collecting and selling, people turning up at the door, orders from film studios and more people arriving tomorrow, then i have a meeting with a few souvenir outlets in Windsor who will hopefully take an interest for our ball in a pot which features the star of the show tilly-miss in her glory in the woods we have a variety of poses that will hopefully capture the imagination of the many visitors who visit Windsor.

Thieves and Burglars i have no time for, i believe in a form of punishment such as a birching or flogging with salt rubbed in to the wound afterwards to let them know it is not the way to lead your life, it is not the way to feed your drug habit or is it the way for you to go to a pub and sell someone else’s property for the price of a drink.

This morning we walked through the grounds of the big house and i noticed a bike laying in the grass, strange i thought and carried on walking then i find a large padlock that had been cut in half strewn in the grass, then i find the shed door open which i thought was unusual as this hardly ever opens, the next thing this spotty faced man comes walking out and see’s me and he is holding items and he is on his toes sadly to quick for me, but he left his bike behind and i snapped a few pictures and they are available for the police when they arrive, hopefully someone will recognise the bike and that might just lead to the scumbag responsible.

Let me see what pictures i have to end tonight


Dam i have them on my phone….

Back to the woods.

August 16, 2013

It was so lovely to be back home with my wife and my best friend tilly, the welcome was amazing from tilly and the pooch has not left my side since walking through the door.

After a good nights sleep and endless cups of tea,we headed out in the sun to the woods with one purpose and that was to check on the young deer, hoping they were still in and around the woodland, it was only a few minutes before i caught my first glimpse of the young that were at full speed at the top of the field, the pace and speed is very frightening and they are still unsure of my presence but given time and patience they will get used to me.

Quite happy in the knowledge that the young deer were ok we soon started to collect the golf balls and it was not long before my arms were aching through the sheer weight of our findings.


On the right of the pictures are some lovely Titleist Pro V Balls that will no doubt end up in our vending machines, they have to be great value at £1 compared to golf outlets charging anything up to £4 per ball, once i get them in the wash those Pro V Balls will look as good as new.

The top field was not as good as i thought things would be, we were lucky to have counted double figures which is strange? also the main field again hardly returned anything exceptional, so i put this down to either golfers running low on money? on holiday? or we have someone helping themselves to our stock? usually after a 2 week absence the field would return anything from 500 balls, so something has to be done and maybe it is time to turn on the electric fences ?


Here are some logo balls we found yesterday, there were quite a few and i have more to add.

I done my good deed yesterday when i found an injured pheasant with a bad leg, the poor bird was first seen by tilly and the pheasant was wedged in thorns against a wired fence, so in i go and pick him up then let him down on grass and he managed 4 or 5 steps then collapsed so in the pouring rain i walk him to an animal sanctuary for them to check him out, hopefully everything is good and he makes a full recovery, when we walked back home and walked through the door we were soaked to the skin and my coat was still soaked this morning, i woke with a stinking cold and more aches and pains that i can think about….ooh happy days…..

What was in the woods today.

June 16, 2013

So nice to get back home after doing a lot of travelling in Europe for the last couple of weeks, after a goodnights sleep i was up and out with tilly-miss to the woodland in search of not only golf balls but hoping to catch a glimpse of the new arrival, sadly i found a stash of golf balls got so close to the mum in the field i could have actually stroked her, which was very odd as the last time she had just had the new arrival and she was acting very protective and had made her feelings known by chasing me and tilly up and down the field, today she was a different animal one that seemed to be very sad and dazed it was as if something had happened to the young one.

20130616_100947 (3)20130616_10245920130616_101159 (2)20130616_101750 (2)

I spent the day looking out for the arrival but to no avail i called the mum this afternoon in the field as i always do and within minutes she was up and watching me she then made her way slowly towards me still looking very upset, so before dark i am going to go back and look i am hoping it will be good news and the new arrival has been dropped somewhere safe in the growth out of harms way.

Golf balls today we have managed 82 from the nettles, not bad considering and some good ProV  and Calloway.

Clearing the field in this heat.

May 1, 2013

Such a beautiful day and have we been busy, we headed to the woodland this morning and had a haul of 27 Titleist Pro V Balls just as a starter, then back to the field and retrieved 100 brand name balls and as you can probably guess another 10 Pro V amongst them.

I took our ball retriever with me as this makes very light work of picking up a ball without the strain of having to keep bending or having to keep telling tilly to drop, very surprised to find it actually holds 100 golf balls and bearing in mind we done three trips, so a very good day so far as we have only walked one half of the course so far.


20130501_144135 (2)

The weather has been a little to hot for Tilly bless her, yesterday was her annual trip to the vet for her booster and Stronghold Flea Treatment at a cost of £93 :36 (at least Dick Turpin wore a mask) it is no wonder animals are being neglected and badly treated when you see the charges these vets think they are entitled to, remember a lot of the big companies in animal health are only to happy to give there products free of charge to vet’s surgeries as a sort of enticement for future sales. My friend took his dog for a small scale on his leg, vet shaved it and applied a tiny bit of cream, thank you £55 and yesterday my son had to have his Staff put down at 8 years of age due to some awful womb infection they had been treating?…cost £500 how can this be justified in these days of austerity, the mind boggles with sadness,how do these vet’s sleep at night when they tell you how they care so much? high time they were reported to the local Ombudsman and that is exactly what i intend doing.




Above our first haul of Pro V Balls this morning.


Anyone out there know Elaine? “Put me down i belong to Elaine” written on this ball, come on Elaine come and get your precious ball back, promise to wash and clean it for you !

No shortage of Golf Balls.

April 24, 2013

Were out picking them all up like a hoover


Not bad for a week i suppose and guess what, we have another lot just like that to keep us busy, just washing a lot of Taylor-Made & Bridgestone for repeat orders.

ProV Balls are coming in thick and fast landing everywhere in the fields and woodlands, be quick if you want to secure some very cheap balls, we have every make available at low prices.

My little helper on the golf course today.

October 3, 2012

Young George was on my door this morning around 08:30 shouting out where is grandad, i appeared downstairs for my morning cuppa and the little man was smiling so happily.
Are we going to the woods grandad, get your boots on and i will get mine, so of we head to the woods the three of us which includes tilly-miss as you could not guess we would leave her behind.
My goodness my little helper is a complete chatterbox, why why why is always the last word from him,but george is great fun.
3 hr’s past and we were exhausted from all the bending down under thorn bushes, every bone hurting, how little man feels is beyond me, tilly was away with squirrel’s and only brought out 9 decent golf balls, george managed 11 that were laying throughout the path area and i brought in the rest

I thought we had no chance in getting a ball at all after the last few days of picking up so many,where do they keep coming from, even george was finding them in strange places
just like this bush,did you know inside of this bush i found 9 very good nike and srixon

And what a great ball to find

And tilly posing after chewing a brand new ProV Ball

Here is “Lonesome Drifter”

And our shot before dark of “Lonesome” who is a very angry mum at moment,she seems very restless for some reason and being more protective of the young.

And finally my little man in the sand pit bunker

Is it free golf balls from Srixon

November 20, 2011

Srixon must be giving away there golf balls, if not then start throwing your savings in to there shares, why? because we are finding so many it is not right.
4 golf courses all returning Srixon,we found them in hedges, under leaves, on towpaths and in thorn bushes which is where tilly-miss comes in very handy
As you can see from the huge bag we are filling, i would bet the percentage is all Srixon, when this bag is filled and i do not think it will be to long,we will organise an online raffle for the entire bag which i think will hold 700+ balls, tickets will cost £1 and entry will be through Paypal and as an added bonus to the winner delivery will be free through a courier direct to your door……can you imagine not having to buy another ball.

Sadly my choice of ball the Titleist was not so easy to find today or yesterday, we hit double figures but not enough to shout about, in these hard times £3 or £4 a ball is a little worrying to be paying if your golf game is not really that good

What will a single £1 buy today !

January 26, 2011

Only £1 from the vending machine,where else would you get a fantastic quality golf ball for that money.
Golf shops and stores charging £11:50 for just 3 ProV’s

We sell them cheap and sell lots to keep the golfer today very happy

Proof that the machines really do work,we banked this little lot today.

Machine to Austria.

May 10, 2010

Has been quite a hectic week, i have been away in Europe and lots of things have been happening in that time.
Enquiries for golf balls,everyone wants ProV balls….typical that i cleared all of them previously, i have to ship a machine to a company in Austria who want to test the sealed can mechanism, if all goes well with there testing a further 50 machines will be heading to Austria.
Tilly-Miss is now official we have just recieved our official documentation, our Registered No 2533024 in Classes 9 :28 : 35 : have been approved for vending machines and a host of golf related products including retail golf bags,golf balls, clothing.
We can start to merchandise tilly-miss in a range of various ideas to do with golf which should be interesting in the future,hopefully we might find a suitable partner to bring our ideas to fruition.
Wish to thank Silverman Sherliker LLP in London for all there help in arranging our trade-mark,it was a pleasure to do business with you.