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Today in the woods.

March 19, 2015


It has to be the best kept secret, look under the leaves and you will be getting far more than you imagine, we have in the last few weeks pulled over 400 just from the leaves, and i have a very large wooded area yet to venture to, it has served me well in the past and i am hoping for a very high return.


In under 40 minutes i have 137 balls some brand new others bit of both but they will sell.


All you can see is the access we have in the distance beside our huge farm field that is harbouring over 1000 as we speak its the time it takes.

And for tilly its the distraction of squirrel deer or rabbit then the golf ball to let you know she still has an interest



Fantastic week of Golf Ball Retrieval !

May 5, 2013

Goodness me Tilly has been very busy whilst on our travels this week, we have retrieved so many golf balls, it is now time to start offering these for sale.

Titleist Pro V Balls have been retrieved in good numbers, Calloway have also been very good and we have  high numbers on Nike along with a huge increase in Dunlop Sport being found at not one but 4 golf courses.


And not forgetting our sweet vending machines that are doing far better than i could imagine, we are adding a new range of sweets to keep pace with demand with new lines becoming available from Haribo and Rowntree that include Smarties that are selling as fast as we add them


Where do i get the time to keep on top of everything, i just do not know ?

The last week has been a nightmare.

April 24, 2013

Have not been able to use my desktop PC and have struggled to get mail  through my phone? blamed and shouted at BT accused there engineers of being utterly useless bas****s and gave there service in India a hard time…how wrong could i be?

It turns out my lovely wife had been playing with her kindle looking for wallpaper and paints to decorate our bedroom and by sheer accident wiped all and everything from the home hub? a simple thing that caused so much trouble and loss of work all because my wife has no idea on how to turn the kindle on let alone do anything positive with it but all sorted now until her next brainstorming  venture.

So here are some things we found recently in the woods


Obviously one lady golfer will not be smelling very sweet after an 18 hole walk or had she intentions of have a bath in the pond at the 18th ?…mmmm the mind boggles at the thought…lol.

Have you seen golf balls like these before


And this one


And what about this very handy golf ball collector given to me by a lovely lady near the golf course, what a fancy bit of kit


I should imagine it will hold 50 golf balls, no wonder tilly-miss is guarding it for me.


As you can see the Deer are making themselves at home quite nicely in the top fields now and Romeo is busy courting his new mate and they are together constantly, romeo spends most days sleeping under the tree trying to keep his strength up for the night shift it seems.

Anyway it is my birthday today and i am heading to the pub for a session that will leave me worse for wear in the morning, so until then take care for now.

Golf Balls Galore.

March 17, 2013

My apologies for no recent posts of late as i had to spend time in Germany which also involved a trip to France, but back home now and back to the woodlands for peace of mind and the freedom myself and Tilly yearn for.


We are out on a mission as soon as i am home, tilly very excited to be going back in search of fun and myself being happy to collect every golf ball there is and believe me we have had a huge coup in the last few days, just in 20 minutes of walking this morning we had this little lot

20130317_14235320130317_14340620130317_142404 (2)

with some nice logo balls from various companies and courses including this nice ball from The Berkshire club.

We find them in filthy condition and as you see there is even growth on this ball which is better than some we collect, some have horse muck and cow dung but a ball is a ball and if we see it we will have it.

20130316_15223620130316_11265020130316_11253420130302_174919 (2)

Things are changing in the woodland with new trees and chutes growing the arrival of more deer, we now have 9 in the wood along with recent arrival of pheasant and partridge that have not been there for years, so hopefully things look good on the wildlife side.20130219_15501820130219_15553420130219_15510520130215_140106

Today we had 2 bags which i am struggling to get in the nets as they are now full and have been sold to a golf outlet, but i have to organise some heavy duty boxes or crates so the courier man can collect them.

What has been going on in the woods today.

February 27, 2013

We have had a lovely day out in the woods and fields whilst the sunshine was out, i was not expecting to be so busy but sitting around doing nothing is not my style and do you really think tilly would let me have any rest at home?

The morning started well with a fast paced walk around the grounds of the woodland where we met new faces who all asked the question “what have you done with the deer” they all seem to miss them and after putting them right the locals were happy.

We then took to the road again after a cup of tea and headed to our field with the golf ball retriever and within 30 minutes we amassed just short of 200 balls.


We pulled these direct from under the thorn bushes with the extendable retriever, what a bit of kit when you look at them thorns and how they cut in to your skin


So our problem solved and there are so many it will take me days to get them all


Tilly then met her friend Poppy and we joined Tony on a walk in the woods to try and catch sight of the deer and guess what, we did count 7 in the woods who were quite happy to see us, sadly we never got close enough to get a good picture but zoom these images in and you might see them.


And here is poppy tilly’s best friend


Poppy getting a little treat from tony for being good, a perfect end to a long day, now i am going for my treat a dozen or so pints to round of a lovely day….headache tomorrow…..can feel it already…

With a little help.

February 26, 2013

The golf balls come out of them hedges faster than tilly could get in there, we had quite a few colour and white’s along with some very nice logo’s that found there way in those hedges, here is the item that has made life easy for me and gives tilly more time to concentrate on  bugs bunny.


After carrying this harpoon across the field my arms were aching as this is a heavy old lump that should be used for pole-vaulting the bloody fences straight to the golf course, but here are some of the golf balls fresh from the field which do contain a bit of horse…past


These certainly need something to make them shine


And we certainly have the magic ingredient  for when it is needed

Tilly-Miss in the news.

February 14, 2011

My local golf course has the newspaper article which appeared in the Sun and Daily Mail displayed in the Pro Shop,thank you very much to the staff for allowing tilly the freedom to roam the outer course.

Today was quite good considering the recent weather,quite a few people around and some very bad golfers really struggling to hit a ball,a couple of old looking people were having a job to walk let alone play and the language from one particular person made me laugh,everything he said contained the “F Word” and i am not joking,this bloke must have been late 60s and boy could he use the F Word he couldnt get a sentance out without it,he sounded like a real old cockney geezer,naughty but very funny to hear him,god bless him.

The hoard of field balls just gets bigger and better,brand new top name balls laying freezing in the wet cold grass covered in god knows what but with a good wash they will sell.
No deer or rabitts for tilly today instead she was bringing me more colour balls from the hedgerow buried under leaves,one after another which is always good.
Met a lovely man who was in the wood with a metel detector,this bit of kit cost him £800 and has a menu on it that makes scanning a simple task,you can select what you want to look for :gold :silver:coins etc,last week he found a silver threepence coin valued £150 his friend recently found a gold cross that a museum now want to purchase for £15,000….i think i am in the wrong game !

Coloured golf balls still being found.

February 12, 2011

Surprised at how many colours are still being played,our field is groaning with a huge selection of both white and colours.
Despite the rain we were still out there getting soaked and tilly-miss was really having fun exploring lots of freshly dug holes throughout the woodlands and outer course area,we were out late afternoon to clear up the bridalway and within 15 minutes we had retrieved this amount

On close inspection they are filthy dirty but rub the mud and crap away and there are a few brand new balls,especially the Calloway.
We also had a scoop of John Daly Orange balls someone was obviously having a bad day.

They look pink in the picture but i guarantee these are Orange,just bad light with picture !
Tilly-Miss kept guard on the proceeds of the late afternoon walkabout no fox was coming to take them away.

Tomorrow we start again with a walk through the woods and then to fit another machine and refill our sweet machines.