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Golfers knocking on the door for cheap Golf Balls

March 31, 2012

What a weekend it is turning out to be, earlier in the week i was complaining of local courses being deserted but excuse me i got it wrong due to the fact people are out working or doing other stuff.
The last 2 days has seen an incredible amount of people on course, golfers are also joining a queue at the tee waiting for the green to clear, it is wonderful to see so many people out enjoying the laughter and banter that carries through the woodland,and conversations you just wouldnt want repeating honestly.
But with lots of people out and about means lots of loose lost golf balls and we have had a ball
in retrieving so many so thank you all for keeping tilly very happy in and out of the hedgerows.

We are treating all the golfers who come knocking the door to buy a ball to our ball in a can that features pictures of tilly-miss

Thank You everyone for supporting Tilly-Miss we are as always very grateful for your welcome visit


Golf Ball….Deer….Wooden Gates….what a week !

March 30, 2012

Nothing i like more than searching undergrowth for golf balls hiding under leave piles and believe me they are hiding everywhere,so no great surprise when i unearthed and saved the Merceded Benz ball, the poor ball could have been there for months had i not been so vigilant

The next ball was retrieved by my doggie tilly-miss out on the course,the ball was buried deep in the undergrowth and pinned against a post supporting a recently planted tree,after a few moments sticking her nose here and there and going back and sticking her nose in again the digging process started and the next thing tilly is throwing this prov ball in the air and what a bonus the ball turned out to be with a great logo attached

Deer today enjoying there freedom and tonight i spent 45 minutes before dark sitting and watching them rest in the field, they are allowing me to get much closer than expected

Wooden Gates for Sale

1000+ Golf Balls for sale £100 and they can all be sold, very good quality balls from top name brands

Where have all the golfers gone

March 28, 2012

Brilliant sunny weather always an excuse to hide away from work and do a few things in the house or garden or even head to the golf course, sadly a course close to me is running on empty.

The last couple of weeks have been brutal in visitor numbers and no matter how the sun has shined people are just not appearing in the numbers which we are used to seeing.

The last few weeks have seen golf ball numbers drop dramatically,we are being hit hard by the lack of golfers which means no golf balls hitting the hedges or undergrowth, the main field has seen a dramatic reduction in golf balls and to add to the misery unfolding we are finding Dunlop and Top-Flite along with Slazenger being the ball of choice for many.

The poor dog is getting tired of being tired and needs golf balls to keep her active, The balls we retrieve are not the sort we need or care to pick up,what is the point of picking up something that returns nothing and something you cannot even give away.

Have you played the “Fuzz Ball” yet

March 26, 2012

Just one of the many golf balls found today, have you played this before?

What do you make of this

And this

Want to give it a try round the course,mail me your details and i will pick one lucky name and post it to you

Good luck.

Do you need a few golf balls

March 25, 2012

We have quite a few available after clearing the field and hedgerows during the last few days

That is just a small percentage of stock we have available, top names and all in good condition,each and every ball washed and cleaned checked for damage and posted direct to your door.

“Today’s Golfer Magazine”

March 25, 2012

What a surprise to find this ball from the leading publication for golfers, you would think they would have offered a better logo than this rubbish.

Look closely and see the drab lettering that must have been passed by someone? who in there right mind would pass a ball as bad as this.

Image is a very important factor in any advertising campaign but sadly this seems to have lost its way despite the St Andrews name tag !

The ball itself seems to have crumbled under the strain and sums up what is really bad about getting the correct image across

Looks like the magazine got this so wrong, a top selling publication should know better and should be on the ball when promoting itself.

So close to the Deer today.

March 21, 2012

Couldnt believe my luck when i spotted the deer in the wood, thought i would just sit back and wait and wait i did for about 30 minutes and along they trotted blisfully unaware i was there waiting like a hunter minus the gun.

Armed with just my simple HTC Phone i thought here we go and hoped and prayed that when i got home and download the pictures they will make me smile,and smile i did.

Wonderful to be so close to the baby of the family who i have watched since birth,and to see her now growing up is wonderful.
The mother was a little bit bothered yesterday by tilly-miss and for some reason decided to lunge at tilly, i think she thought we were to close for comfort at that point as we were almost touching distance,but today they seemed very calm and stood and posed for my pictures which has made me very happy indeed.

Its Golf Ball Time

March 19, 2012

Huge bag now full

Busy busy weekend clearing a field of lost golf balls that have sadly for a golfer gone the wrong direction and ended up laying in the field.
Very large numbers were retrieved and reinforcement bags were needed to cope with the huge amount that lay idle amongst thorn bushes

We also had these logo balls

We are open for business and offer very cheap prices on top name brands direct to your door through out tracking service where you will have to sign for the order, this protects you as a buyer and myself as the seller.
We can offer any amount washed or unwashed the choice is yours, we know a good ball and guarantee no damage or cut ball will be sent directly to anyone.

The woodland is hiding so many golf balls.

March 9, 2012

I have been away in Spain,France and Germany the last week and returned home early hours this morning.
The welcome from my dog at 01:00am must have woken the neighbours tilly was so happy to have me home (more than could be said for mr’s happy) who was rivetted to the bed and snoring like a banshee,but after a few hours sleep i was up and away to the woodlands and tilly was as keen to be with me.
We both headed to the main wood where there are lots of fearn and a good position for stray golf balls, it wasnt long before they started appearing as tiny little blips of white but as soon as i moved the fearn more were unearthed and in fantastic condition, i gather lots of them had been idle for a long time and to my surprise it was amazing at how warm they were compared to the tempreture of the ones that were laying scattered in the open woodland.

And this Yellow

Always nice to find this ball as i like the logo