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Traumatic day for one of the deer.

January 22, 2013

As usual a walk in the woods hoping to see the wildlife was what i was hoping for, on arrival it was made clear that the deer were out again in the surrounding area, so myself and tilly kept to our usual route and enjoyed the stroll as i do anytime morning or night, as we walked through the field i spotted the 4 deer with mum leading the pack and it was seconds before they were galloping towards the next field which seemed strange as they always allow a few minutes before they choose which direction they will go.

We followed as we usually do and soon two were seperated from mum and they took of at quite a pace and came very close to tilly, who in turn proceeded to start chasing after them, it was then that one of them was headed towards a bolted gate and tilly was gaining on her through some deep snow despite my shout to her to stop the deer decided to try and get through the bar’s of the gate without success and getting her rear end stuck, i had reached them both and tilly was then trying to get to the young deer who started kicking out for her own safety.

Keeping tilly away was my main concern and for the first time in 8 years i had to give her a wallop as i was most concerned on getting help for the poor deer, so a 999 call and the fire brigade were summoned very quickly to where i had to then walk 4 officers through the field so they could cut the gate open, as we walked through it soon become evident it had freed itself and was running across the field feeling sore and lucky to be alive.


It was a relief to see her alive and well but the damage and pain that was inflicted trying to escape has been horrible, i tracked her later today and could see the injuries very clear the poor animal had rubbed away all her coat to the bare skin on both sides of her body, i cannot imagine the pain she has gone through today so much so i will not post the pictures as they are very distressing, we all know how falling of a bike and we graze our arm or leg how much pain we are in how must the young one be feeling.

I hope that tonight she will be reunited with mum and the other three as this afternoon she was so traumatised and did not have a clue where she was walking, i watched her walk in to 3 fences and just kept wondering whilst i could hear her mum calling from across the other side of the open field but sadly the young one couldn’t  reach them, so i really hope that they will look for her and calm her down.

It had been a lovely walk and i had been gifted with some nice pictures of the family running in the snow bound fields.


Tomorrow i am going to try and see what has happened, maybe mother will now lead them away from the woods, i hope they stay and injured makes a full recovery, if there is any sign of a problem then i will call in a vet to help or maybe contact the RSPCA if they could be bothered.


We cannot find a golf ball, so we track the deer.

January 21, 2013

Cannot sit round doing nothing in the house or listen to the old witch (wife) moaning about this and that, the trouble with the witch is you ask something and her answer is to never stop talking she just goes on and on without coming up for air ! so it is better for me and tilly to get away as fast as we can and head to the woods to our very own world of peace and quiet (man’s – world) where we can be free from the nagging and moaning women going through there mid life crisis that always happens to be the blokes fault in everything they say or do?…my old witch wakes every morning and the first words last 10 minutes without drawing breath and be sure it is moan…moan … moan and you know then the day will be the same, so give me my faithful friend tilly and let me out of here !

The snow has been a slight problem for golf courses and has provided lots of people to enjoy walking the course and enjoying the winter settings that surround them, many walkers have never had the opportunity to walk a golf course in summer let alone winter but we have met quite a few people in the last few days enjoying the snow.

For me the chance of ever finding a golf ball in the snow is very remote so i have taken to tracking the wildlife through there footprints and it is quite amazing where they are able to gain access, here are some pictures of the foot prints we have tracked so far in the snow.


As for Tilly-Miss playing in the cold stuff is just what she loves to do, here are some pictures which i hope you enjoy.

20130120_162442 (600x800)20130120_16250420130120_16263520130120_16272920130120_162650




Do hope you have enjoyed the pictures

Stay warm…stay safe…and be careful…

Before Dark !

January 19, 2013


Caught in the field before heading home sadly it was getting dark

But i hope you like the pictures, here are some more


Once the snow clears we will be back hunting the golf balls from the other side of the golf course which is covered in leaves and we have not hoovered in there for a long time.

This Golf Course is Closed

January 19, 2013

Another day of closure and no money coming through the till, nearly a week now since anyone has been seen on the course, not even those who play with bright coloured golf balls have bothered to venture out.


Walking around the course I noticed a few footprints that have appeared from a large deer?


And here is Tilly enjoying searching through the fearn


And back home in the warm waiting and hoping that Scraggy will come  along.


No sign of a fox or deer in the night.

January 18, 2013

I left the house at around 23:00 and gathered my night light and headed to the woodland, talk about a creepy place to be and a feeling of someone or something watching you very close bye.

I made my way through the very dark entrance to the footpath that leads to the woods with the night light scanning the footpath and hedges man i was feeling very cold and quite honestly scared after all you just do not know what is in there, so with walking pace increasing i headed to the open field where i felt a lot calmer and sat and waited for the slightest sound of an animal moving about, but sadly nothing wanted to be seen it seems and after 2 hours of freezing i gave in to the cold and headed home.

The only good thing that come from the night was that in the time i was away the fox had called on my lawn and had hopefully enjoyed a good feast of meat that i had left for him, as for me i now have a stinking cold and flu to contend with but it has not stopped me and tilly heading to the woods just now to have a look through the snow for any footprints or signs of activity, but sadly not this time…stay safe and warm and do not drive out unless it is essential !

Look at these lovely golf balls !

January 18, 2013


After picking these up in the field I had to bring them indoors and start the cleaning process, my wife was not very happy but does she expect me to stand out in the cold? The crap removed and they all came out in good shape with lots of quality names to choose from.

Looking for the deer today and no sign throughout the woods despite a 2 hour walk, but i look back and often think of a couple of years when i met this young one


And what a beautiful gorgeous looking deer who sadly left a few months ago and is living a few mile from here and i have seen him recently looking very fit and well but only for a few minutes, maybe one day he will return to the field.

Do you recognise this resort in Greece if so please let me know where this is as i would like to book a holiday in the summer


Heading out tonight in the hope of getting to see the dog fox and the three legged fox that has been sited in the field, it could be a long night out on my own as tilly-miss has snuggled in to my bed and needs to stay warm and safe, I could not possibly allow her to be with me as i know she would be chasing anything that the light shines on

Pictures of Deer in the snow

January 16, 2013

Here are some pictures of the Deer in the fields trying to shelter from the cold wind and snow.

127 (800x600)136127142

I have quite a few pictures to add as i pass the days away from hunting golf balls with tilly, today the golf course was a deserted looking rather sad muddy field with nobody in sight.

One of the only days we have retrieved not a single golf ball, i like to put it down to the golfers not playing but could it be that the golf ball doggie has been so good in her hunting chores that we have actually retrieved everything there is, wishful thinking i would say.

I have been told about a couple of foxes that are treading the fields and would you believe one of them has 3 legs? makes me wonder if foxy was captured and taken to a vet or would he have bitten the leg himself? anyone know of this happening with animals? The other fox doing the field is a huge and we are talking big Dog Fox this appeared on my lawn a couple of nights ago and i was scared just looking at the beast, you could have put a saddle on and entered it for a race and that is no lie, but he come looking for food and i obliged with a healthy meal of fresh cooked chicken,and he loved it. My friend in the woods also seen this  beautiful groomed beast of lovely coat and colour, he has been very well fed and looks a picture of health, so for that reason i am going in search of them both tomorrow night armed with a night light and my camera……so stay tuned and lets see what happens !

Tilly & The Cat

January 16, 2013



Would never have thought tilly would take to the kitten, but do they have fun together keeping each other company? The cat is quite a mad playful thing that is always hitching a ride on the back of tilly,never a dull moment of madness it seems in the house.

Tilly keeps the cat firmly in place and the pair often start playful fighting at a moments notice, maybe the cat will try and pinch dinner from tilly or the cat starts scratching at objects in the lounge then the row starts,but soon forgotten.

In case you are wondering what this has to do with golf or golf balls? not a lot as i am just trying another platform that binds with wordpress, so just seeing how it all works !

Stayed tuned for some lovely pictures of the Deer that i want to share with you all, but i am having trouble getting photos to import to wordpress……..all down to my new computer that is meant to be easier with this windows 8 !!

A good day for watching the Deer.

January 15, 2013




I am going to add some more pictures which I took today once I get the hang of this new computer, until then please be patient


It has been a great golf ball weekend.

January 13, 2013

Busy as a bee in the cold outdoor weather doing what we enjoy most of all and I must say we have had a few surprises that I have to share with you, the first was the arrival home of the Deer to there favourite spot in the fields surrounding the vast woodlands. Today I was up early and expected to wake to the great outside weather being a blanket of snow, how wrong could I have been it was a beautiful morning and I needed to walk and clear my head after a few to many pints of that peculiar coloured water that has you wanting more and sadly we had lots more celebrating my son’s birthday and we had a ball until the early hour’s. Entering the woodland via the field I had to stop and look again, was I seeing things…No I then rubbed my eyes to make sure I was seeing properly (can you guess) it was the welcome return of the Deer.. mother and 3 young that are getting bigger every time  I see them, I was delighted and tried to get close for pictures, sadly this phone on my new phone Galaxy2 is a disgrace and has nowhere near the quality I had on the horrible HTC but I am putting these here for you to look at.Fresh from the field today. Here is the Deer enjoying there grazing…100_0674 IMAG1907 IMAG3724  IMAG3488


We also had a collection of golf balls from the workers who are clearing some land in and around the barn, solar panels are going in and the clearing has just began for the install, what a mess there is with rubbish that lays buried there, also a lot of urban wildlife such as the foxes have been shaken by the noise and have to find new homes along with hedgehogs and rabbits that have been comfortable for a long while, there is also a nesting of rats that have lived under a lot of old tyres that have been there for years, the rats were huge and I witnessed a couple as big as a cat so tilly had to be kept away from the area as there was poison applied to rid them quickly.

Look at this picture of the deer and tilly20130113_160757 this young deer is a nosey charmer who was intent on meeting us today, so funny seeing him pace up and down the field to meet us, will he or wont he get nearer and he did, he leaves the others behind and is always getting in to trouble by being away from them what a character he is.

Golf balls todayIMAG2891 turned out to be very good all from the barn…