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Today in the woods.

March 19, 2015


It has to be the best kept secret, look under the leaves and you will be getting far more than you imagine, we have in the last few weeks pulled over 400 just from the leaves, and i have a very large wooded area yet to venture to, it has served me well in the past and i am hoping for a very high return.


In under 40 minutes i have 137 balls some brand new others bit of both but they will sell.


All you can see is the access we have in the distance beside our huge farm field that is harbouring over 1000 as we speak its the time it takes.

And for tilly its the distraction of squirrel deer or rabbit then the golf ball to let you know she still has an interest



Clearing more golf balls.

March 19, 2015

Hello to everyone, my apologies for a long absence from updating my page, things have been hectic in my life of late with illness of my wife and my time spent away working.

Hopefully i can start getting back to normal as can be and get ready to gear myself up for the late brighter nights and a hopeful increase in more people taking to the golf course.

Tilly has been in very good shape and as always my priority whether i am at home or away and i have so much fun, it would be unbearable to think of her not being here


I love get a picture of her whenever i can but tilly being tilly is indeed very camera shy


Even when she is stuck up a tree after chasing a squirrel.gmsnet2

We are still collecting golf balls and yesterday i packed 1000 golf balls to a new customer in Kent who found my details through this blog.


Its also a coincidence  that i was contacted by phone from a very nice lady asking if we are interested in clearing 230 acre golf course of all the golf balls, so it can be turned back to farming, this i thought was a job far to big for me and tilly so i passed this on to the professional service of my trusted friend Daz from the north of England who has the manpower and tools to do a good job, he will have to camp out for a while as the golf course is in Kent.

We will be back with some more very soon, i just need to download some pictures that i took today, still i have problems getting used to this new phone, driving me mad !

Fantastic week of Golf Ball Retrieval !

May 5, 2013

Goodness me Tilly has been very busy whilst on our travels this week, we have retrieved so many golf balls, it is now time to start offering these for sale.

Titleist Pro V Balls have been retrieved in good numbers, Calloway have also been very good and we have  high numbers on Nike along with a huge increase in Dunlop Sport being found at not one but 4 golf courses.


And not forgetting our sweet vending machines that are doing far better than i could imagine, we are adding a new range of sweets to keep pace with demand with new lines becoming available from Haribo and Rowntree that include Smarties that are selling as fast as we add them


Where do i get the time to keep on top of everything, i just do not know ?

If you go in the woods today !

April 2, 2013

You might be in for a surprise, totally unexpected but proud and privileged to see the deer enjoying the freedom and tranquillity that the place gives them.


These beauties are roaming and finding there way through the vast field area


One day they are there the next they are gone, obviously not to far but away far enough to feel safe, the ferns are great protection for them and sometimes myself or tilly will disturb them without even knowing they were there.

We have been very lucky and only once we encountered a jealous stag that was not happy with tilly getting to close, a gentle reminder from his antlers directly in to tilly was enough to get the message and it cost me £100 or near dam it for a trip to the vet to get my dog treated.


Fancy getting in the thorns to collect some golf balls ???


We put up with these obstacles daily to provide golfers with affordable clean golf balls that come fresh from our fields direct to your door.

This is what we collected on Easter Monday, nearly 200 with the help of my little helper Vinnie who along with his brother and sister walked a very long walk in the woodlands,searching everywhere they could, so the winner with most golf balls got the prize of a sweet tube.


It was a great outing for all the family to join in the fun of golf ball hunting, and as you guessed the children all went home tired and with a nice bag of sweets for there efforts.

Golf Balls Galore.

March 17, 2013

My apologies for no recent posts of late as i had to spend time in Germany which also involved a trip to France, but back home now and back to the woodlands for peace of mind and the freedom myself and Tilly yearn for.


We are out on a mission as soon as i am home, tilly very excited to be going back in search of fun and myself being happy to collect every golf ball there is and believe me we have had a huge coup in the last few days, just in 20 minutes of walking this morning we had this little lot

20130317_14235320130317_14340620130317_142404 (2)

with some nice logo balls from various companies and courses including this nice ball from The Berkshire club.

We find them in filthy condition and as you see there is even growth on this ball which is better than some we collect, some have horse muck and cow dung but a ball is a ball and if we see it we will have it.

20130316_15223620130316_11265020130316_11253420130302_174919 (2)

Things are changing in the woodland with new trees and chutes growing the arrival of more deer, we now have 9 in the wood along with recent arrival of pheasant and partridge that have not been there for years, so hopefully things look good on the wildlife side.20130219_15501820130219_15553420130219_15510520130215_140106

Today we had 2 bags which i am struggling to get in the nets as they are now full and have been sold to a golf outlet, but i have to organise some heavy duty boxes or crates so the courier man can collect them.

What has been going on in the woods today.

February 27, 2013

We have had a lovely day out in the woods and fields whilst the sunshine was out, i was not expecting to be so busy but sitting around doing nothing is not my style and do you really think tilly would let me have any rest at home?

The morning started well with a fast paced walk around the grounds of the woodland where we met new faces who all asked the question “what have you done with the deer” they all seem to miss them and after putting them right the locals were happy.

We then took to the road again after a cup of tea and headed to our field with the golf ball retriever and within 30 minutes we amassed just short of 200 balls.


We pulled these direct from under the thorn bushes with the extendable retriever, what a bit of kit when you look at them thorns and how they cut in to your skin


So our problem solved and there are so many it will take me days to get them all


Tilly then met her friend Poppy and we joined Tony on a walk in the woods to try and catch sight of the deer and guess what, we did count 7 in the woods who were quite happy to see us, sadly we never got close enough to get a good picture but zoom these images in and you might see them.


And here is poppy tilly’s best friend


Poppy getting a little treat from tony for being good, a perfect end to a long day, now i am going for my treat a dozen or so pints to round of a lovely day….headache tomorrow…..can feel it already…

Pickup your golf ball and have a cuppa.

September 18, 2011

Local golfers looking to purchase our retrieved golf balls are welcome to phone or mail there order through and pop in for a cuppa.
You will be invited to watch the golf ball go through the cleaning stage from dirty to sparkling condition whilst you enjoy a nice hot drink.
We have lots of various brand names to choose from so there will not be a problem with choice.
Retrieved golf balls at very affordable prices to suit all golfers needs.

Bitter cold day for finding a hoard of Calloway Balls.

January 29, 2011

Search and find method where you really have to have eyes in all directions but that is what makes golf ball retrieval more interesting,tilly pulling coloured balls from the undergrowth and one of our permission allowed fields a huge supply of white balls just laying round freezing cold and most covered in slime and horses dung,but a ball is a ball which in turn is money whether it is a pound or its pence it all adds up at the year end.
2 Golfers playing yesterday and 1 lost a white ball which tilly found under leaves,the other lost an orange ball which was also under the leaves but tilly soon found that after we had searched in the wrong area to where he thought the ball landed,i said to him what ball is that orange and he replied John Daly oh your the man who has lost quite a few of them as we have about 10 yeah that is me but i am getting better,he thanked me for the ball tilly found and we headed home later that afternoon we were walking through and guess what was laying in wait,another john daly orange ball,so much for the lessons pal.
We certainly had good returns as far as Calloway balls go today,most of them brand new which makes me even happpier,most were from the long drives and sweeping bend on the course that players over hit it either lands on the bridal path or it goes straight to our field.
We had visitors in the field this morning 2 very beautiful deer that roam the woodland daily,tilly thought she would have a go at catching them,no chance the 2 beauties were so fast on the gallop a horse wouldnt catch them,it is lovely to see them both side by side most days walking or having a sleep on the bridal path,they both have the most gorgeous faces and colouring.
Just had a call regarding one of the machines being jammed up,my brother was on hand to take it of the wall and look at it,on inspection it seems a pot has wedged in the mechanism so they emptied the takings which was a nice £116 and has now took the machine home to fix the problem,hopefully it will be back in the club and on the wall tomorrow,typical as there is a childrens party in the club tonight.

What make of ball would you choose.

January 28, 2011

We walk miles and miles daily to find the golf ball you the golfer loose,we collect from hedgerows and fields and woodlands to bring you the best recycled golf ball money will buy. Wash them clean them check each one for damage,it all takes valuable time and patience.

Here in the picture is just a few of what myself and tilly-miss retrieve on a daily basis,can you imagine sorting them in to brand names or even the prospect of having to wash and check each ball for visible signs of damage.
The recycled golf ball is as good as a new ball and we always sell our recycled golf balls cheaper than 95% than a golf shop will ever allow?
Why…because we do not have the overheads a golf shop has,we do not have to pay for a shop lease or employ staff it is just me and tilly the golf ball dog who have found a niche in the market and have worked hard in offering the golfing public excellant recycled golf balls at a price they can afford.
As times get hard and the economy is stretched golfers start to feel the pinch,how can a golfer afford to be paying the vast prices asked for a golf ball,have a look on Ebay and see the ridiculous prices for golf balls dont get me wrong some traders offer fantastic deals whilst others just loose themselves in over the top pricing.
We see an awful lot of lesser known brands finding there way on to courses Dunlop…Slazenger…Top=Flite…Commando…Black Diamond etc now being played,Do you remember the Commando in its heyday god help us if that was todays number 1 ball,but seriously you know when the economy is good as you will always pick up Calloway Titleist
Nike and Srixon which you can sell very easy apart from Nike that is because lots of my customers wont touch a Nike ball due to the ethics of the company and how they trade,but that is there belief and they have there right on choice.

Do we collect from the lakes : this is another question often asked and the honest answer i will give is No we do not touch them and i certainly wouldnt want my dog tilly going anywhere near water because her safety is paramount to me,the lake ball is no intrest to me at all we prefer the search and find method which has served us well and will continue to do so for a longtime to come.

The difference in golf ball prices.

January 27, 2011

In our vending machine this beauty will cost you £1 yes just a £1 coin in the slot and you will get this beauty deliverd in a sealed can.

Go to a golf shop and pay £3 for the exact same ball !

We wash and clean all our golf balls to very high standard,here is a filthy Calloway

And here it is after the wash

These are available direct from our vending machines,maybe you should get one sited at your office or workplace.