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Clearing more golf balls.

March 19, 2015

Hello to everyone, my apologies for a long absence from updating my page, things have been hectic in my life of late with illness of my wife and my time spent away working.

Hopefully i can start getting back to normal as can be and get ready to gear myself up for the late brighter nights and a hopeful increase in more people taking to the golf course.

Tilly has been in very good shape and as always my priority whether i am at home or away and i have so much fun, it would be unbearable to think of her not being here


I love get a picture of her whenever i can but tilly being tilly is indeed very camera shy


Even when she is stuck up a tree after chasing a squirrel.gmsnet2

We are still collecting golf balls and yesterday i packed 1000 golf balls to a new customer in Kent who found my details through this blog.


Its also a coincidence  that i was contacted by phone from a very nice lady asking if we are interested in clearing 230 acre golf course of all the golf balls, so it can be turned back to farming, this i thought was a job far to big for me and tilly so i passed this on to the professional service of my trusted friend Daz from the north of England who has the manpower and tools to do a good job, he will have to camp out for a while as the golf course is in Kent.

We will be back with some more very soon, i just need to download some pictures that i took today, still i have problems getting used to this new phone, driving me mad !


If you go in the woods today !

April 2, 2013

You might be in for a surprise, totally unexpected but proud and privileged to see the deer enjoying the freedom and tranquillity that the place gives them.


These beauties are roaming and finding there way through the vast field area


One day they are there the next they are gone, obviously not to far but away far enough to feel safe, the ferns are great protection for them and sometimes myself or tilly will disturb them without even knowing they were there.

We have been very lucky and only once we encountered a jealous stag that was not happy with tilly getting to close, a gentle reminder from his antlers directly in to tilly was enough to get the message and it cost me £100 or near dam it for a trip to the vet to get my dog treated.


Fancy getting in the thorns to collect some golf balls ???


We put up with these obstacles daily to provide golfers with affordable clean golf balls that come fresh from our fields direct to your door.

This is what we collected on Easter Monday, nearly 200 with the help of my little helper Vinnie who along with his brother and sister walked a very long walk in the woodlands,searching everywhere they could, so the winner with most golf balls got the prize of a sweet tube.


It was a great outing for all the family to join in the fun of golf ball hunting, and as you guessed the children all went home tired and with a nice bag of sweets for there efforts.

This looks a nice Golf Ball….until !

September 18, 2012

You look further and see something has gone badly wrong, probably got caught in the blades of a mower

It soon become a huge disappointment when i picked this ball up

It looks like it has been cut with a knife, quite strange really both sides knackered and one less for my stock

What a coup in the grass, the first time ever 3 ProV Balls laid side by side in long grass

Ammunition found in woodlands today

September 14, 2012

Whilst walking through the woodland i came across Robin the jackdaw man,(this guy rear’s young baby jackdaws) and he was searching for a missing ball,when he picked up a box that lay idle in the grass,on closer inspection it revealed a box of 50 calibre bullets.

Robin was quite shocked and scared actually,being a man of older years he called me and said look what i have found

The poor chap was in a terrible state and it turns out his worry was Tilly-Miss,what if the person was going to shoot her or tilly was hit accidently, i calmed him down and assured him tilly would be fine and sent him on his way, what a nice kind man who was thinking only for my dog.

I think the poachers are in search of the deer that roam the golf course and take nightly refuge in the woodland, i have twice coome close to polish poachers and seen the high velocity rifle that has infra red night sight fitted.

I will contact the local beat officer to call and discuss the situation, we do not want any harm to come to the deer that roam the woodland on a daily basis
Here is “Lonesome” who appears every now and then looking for “Thomas” the new one in the field

Golf Course Night Patrol Part 1

May 4, 2012

As always i have to get out of the house around 1800 after watching local news, the rubbish soaps on tv are of no interest to me or tilly but the wicked witch loves sitting there flicking channels so we clear off.
Part 1 tonight is devoted to Tilly-Miss as it has been a long time since i have taken pictures so i hope you enjoy your viewing


So good and never any problems wherever we go, very good hunting dog and brilliant at finding golf balls with a liking for ProV                                     .

Bitter cold day for finding a hoard of Calloway Balls.

January 29, 2011

Search and find method where you really have to have eyes in all directions but that is what makes golf ball retrieval more interesting,tilly pulling coloured balls from the undergrowth and one of our permission allowed fields a huge supply of white balls just laying round freezing cold and most covered in slime and horses dung,but a ball is a ball which in turn is money whether it is a pound or its pence it all adds up at the year end.
2 Golfers playing yesterday and 1 lost a white ball which tilly found under leaves,the other lost an orange ball which was also under the leaves but tilly soon found that after we had searched in the wrong area to where he thought the ball landed,i said to him what ball is that orange and he replied John Daly oh your the man who has lost quite a few of them as we have about 10 yeah that is me but i am getting better,he thanked me for the ball tilly found and we headed home later that afternoon we were walking through and guess what was laying in wait,another john daly orange ball,so much for the lessons pal.
We certainly had good returns as far as Calloway balls go today,most of them brand new which makes me even happpier,most were from the long drives and sweeping bend on the course that players over hit it either lands on the bridal path or it goes straight to our field.
We had visitors in the field this morning 2 very beautiful deer that roam the woodland daily,tilly thought she would have a go at catching them,no chance the 2 beauties were so fast on the gallop a horse wouldnt catch them,it is lovely to see them both side by side most days walking or having a sleep on the bridal path,they both have the most gorgeous faces and colouring.
Just had a call regarding one of the machines being jammed up,my brother was on hand to take it of the wall and look at it,on inspection it seems a pot has wedged in the mechanism so they emptied the takings which was a nice £116 and has now took the machine home to fix the problem,hopefully it will be back in the club and on the wall tomorrow,typical as there is a childrens party in the club tonight.

Golf Balls from a vending machine.

January 28, 2011

You can buy more or less anything from a vending machine these days,so i thought why not add a golf ball.

I started with the old fashioned bubble gum machine and progressed to the more modern look

Which also vends a range of sweets to help concentration during the vital all important putt.

As you can see from the picture “A Golf Ball in a sealed can” is delivered fresh direct from the machine, a range of top brand names and colours available plus some really tasty sweets

Fancy having a machine in your office or workplace or on a golf course
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