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We notice that top brand name balls are being replaced with cheaper brands.

August 29, 2011

I was not surprised and have been waiting for the day to arrive, its been heading that way for a good few weeks and very evident.
from my own point of view the Titleist ProV days are gradually slowing Calloway are still easy ball to find along with a huge surge in Srixon with the same being for Nike.
But we are also being swamped with Dunlop, Pinnacle, Quadra and a host of various names which are selling at a good pace, a golf ball buyer has increased his buying from me on a large scale, once upon a time he wouldnt dream of selling anything if it was not top branded now he cannot get his hands on the lesser name quick enough which is good news to me, in the last 3 weeks john has purchased 2000+ balls and he still needs more according to a text which arrived this morning.

I wonder if the price of a round which my local course now charges £31 (I am told) for 18 holes and then buying a sleeve of good balls has caught up with them all.


Tilly has been naughty.

August 24, 2011

Whilst walking through the woodland this morning tilly decided to creep under the fence in to the field, within seconds she had disturbed a nest of young pheasant, there was a bit of commotion and feathers flying and mother and young scattering in all directions, some taking flight across the field and 2 young ones up in the trees for safety.
Tilly moved out from the field and we walked through the bridle path towards a large copse of thorn and stinger nettles, within seconds with her nose in the air the hound was in to the bushes, it was then that i heard the commotion of flapping wings, the dog had her prey it was so quick i couldnt stop or rescue the little bird despite my shouting tilly was in no way going to give up her prey, i reached them both but sadly the young one was dead, a lovely hen pheasant that was only about 5 weeks a beautiful plume of feathers on the young bird.
Tilly was in trouble and i was very angry with her and make no mistake the killer dog knew exactly how i felt.
With the dead bird firmly placed in her mouth away she trotted and the buriel ritual began with the bird being buried under leaves and moss obviously for the fox to find later on.
As you can see from the pictures the hound has been told off and is sulking.

Today we had a ball !

August 15, 2011

Another good return for Titleist and the ProV Ball as we entered another local course (told which way to get tilly-miss in) without being seen by stewards there was a lot of Srixon and Calloway laying in the wet grass, this course was more grassed than woodlands with lots of open space so a fairly quick scoot round proved its potential for a longer visit the next time.
We cleared from one of our fields 3 bags this evening of everything you could imagine including dung and muck i certainly made a bee line to the shower on arrival home god knows what those poor golf balls endure laying out in the fields, but we beat the farmer and his tractor as the field is due to be cut this week, this means the deer will have to graze somewhere new.
Yesterday was a traumatic day for one golfer who spent his time riding round a local course on a cart asking if anyone had found a wallet and a set of car keys, he pulled alongside me and tilly as the pooch emerged from a hedgerow with a ball and asked do you train your dog to find a wallet and keys? you think my dog drinks carlsberg mate? the poor man was frantic and we tried our best to help find them without success….life is cruel at times.

90 people took part in golf competition : How many lost a ball

August 15, 2011

Local berkshire course was bulging with young and middle aged golfers many who badly needed the excercise of a good long walk in glorious weather.
Within a few minutes of arriving tilly-miss was happy to present me with a proV ball
the start of quite a few of them great selling balls along with lots of other known brands.
As we walked and picked up more i realised the bag was filling and decided to have a count bearing in mind we had been out for an hour our total was 41 balls meaning that nearly half of the golfers had lost a ball.
In the evening we returned to the west side of the course and had another 37 which included 11 prov balls so a great days retrieving and a tired dog who was left quite snoozy after her busy day out.
Click on the pictures to get bettter view !!!!!

Steer clear of these travel agents.

August 11, 2011

Spread the word around all your friends and this way we might just rid the UK of another lot of low life parasites who make there money robbing good honest folk who want to holiday as and when.
Thomson, First Choice (who are already in bother) and that smarmy bunch at Sunvil
who think they can monopolise and dictate what you do and how you spend quality time with your family as long as it is at there price? an awful bunch of parasites who take the comfort out of charging you what they can getaway with.
Dont stand for being ripped off anymore,as a family holidays are spent sharing quality time these morons think outside the box and price is negative equity to these free-loaders who will offer a panoramic room 3 steps from the sea and not even a cup of coffeee? £875 per person? Is that justified ? make people aware that this sort of people are not wanted and not welcomed anymore.

Tilly out at sea.

August 9, 2011

Due to the ridiculous prices quoted from travel agents for a holiday in Greece (REMEMBER THE BROKE BAILED OUT SUNSHINE ISLAND) that is supposed to be beckoning tourists to visit? well here is one person that was never going to be caught up in the trap of paying over the odds, I wanted a hotel near a beach with breakfast for just 7 nights, that is £875 per person my reaction was get stuffed ! the last price we got was a room yes a room no coffee or SFA just a room looking out at the sea for £845 from Sunvil the so called Greek specialist (In robbery) so decided to do my own thing and we took of on our own escape and tilly-miss had a great time out at sea.
Out at sea and waves lapping the little pooch loved every minute of her adventure, keen to have a look out at what was going on held by my wife for dear life, the dog had a ball.
Days spent walking with tilly after all the lady is entitled to have her holiday and short break from home after all the golf ball hunting she does, the change of scenary done us all good, we enjoyed lovely fish meals visited some fantastic places and it kept my wife and the pooch happy it made me happy knowing i had saved a few quid and not lined the pockets of those robbing parasites we put our trust in holidays