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Top-Flite Golf Ball

September 30, 2010

Recently tried to give away 1000 of these balls and guess what, not a single taker,not a single phone call or mail enquiry,please tell me what makes this ball such a vast selling ball? every course you walk there is loads of this crap laying idle…ok the new logo design makes it look a little more presentable and gives it a little added jazz compared to the older dull and boring previous logo.
Why do so many of these Top-Flite Balls get sold, i want to know the answer to this? nothing annoys me more than finding that old minging ball and guess what tilly-miss has never ever brought one anywhere near…god what a clever dog…
Well my theory is as follows :They are so cheap people buy them : Golfers do not have a clue what ball to buy and buy cheap : or they have done there money on a pair of shoes or umbrella and cannot afford to buy a decent ball :or the spangled pants and flower shirt wont leave enough to buy a good ball? im sure the answer is in there somewhere?…..and if that is not bad enough they even etch a bloody great mark round the ball?…are they serious? could you ever imagine etch marking your name on that ball…the only thing i would do is paint out the name and hope nobody was there to watch me do it lol…..

Had to get this picture this morning.


Bridgestone Dodgy Golf Balls or Fakes?

September 30, 2010

Whilst out enjoying the sights of a golf course today we started coming across a few Bridgestone balls laying in hedgerows and in leaves,but rolling those balls in my hand you could feel very fine specs of the ball starting to wear away, this i have not noticed before and when i returned home the magnifier was out and you can see the outer layer flaking away all round the ball,this was also very clear on a few of the others found? prompting me to ask the question are these a fake batch of balls?…..anyone had similar problems?
I then proceeded to wash these balls in a formula introduced by myself
over the last few years and within minutes the cleaning agent we use disgarded any sign of scuff,there was no visible sign of damage in anyway or shape.
Do you think they are a fake ball or just end of line?

just finished another wash of golf balls.

September 29, 2010

Done and dusted and looking very good,orders arrived this evening for Titleist ProV and a mixed selection of brand name balls which will be posted in the morning….thank you golfers for your trust and business.

Good soaking on the golf course tonight.

September 29, 2010

Tilly has been side by side all day,everytime i move she is there waiting and hoping to be out in the woodlands,bearing in mind we had been out and retrieved more than a golf shop would sell in a day,she wanted more woodland action.
The rain was teaming down and tilly had been pestering me all afternoon, i then get her jumping on the sofa and nudging me, so come on lets go and see whats out there,wife said you must be mad going out in that weather your catch a cold, so buggar it lets go somewhere differant for a change, so we head to Wycombe Heights not the best course but an easy walk through.
We soon started pulling Bridgestone then Taylor-Made then Titleist and the ever faithful Top-Flite Ball….not a day goes by when you do not find one of them horrible balls : i offered a charity shop 1000 of them horrible balls and they wouldnt even take them free? what does that tell you about that ball? anyway getting back we were soon getting drenched as the sky opened tilly saw 3 deer in the distance of a dimly lit area of the course and bolted after them without any chance in catching them up and i carried on walking at leisure despite my clothing drenched and continued picking up a vast range of Calloway & Srixon ZUR’s followed by Maxfli.
Sooner than expected it was getting darker faster than i could see a ball,so we made the journey back home to dry out, here is a couple of tilly-miss after a good towelling down getting quite comfy next to the fire and snuggling up on the sofa…..Peace at last until the morning i hope?

It has been a Titleist ProV morning.

September 29, 2010

We can honestly say this mornng has been the best we have had in ball retrieval.
Out in the country we took a drive 30 miles in the hope of finding a few golf balls, when we arrived and started our walk through some pretty rough and harsh woodland and wasteland the fun started,it was ProV ball one after the other and i am seriously talking brand new beauties that would be sold without a wash.
Tilly-Miss was in her glory with golf balls just laying idle and a few appearances from the mighty enemy Bugs Bunny oh what fun she was having and as for me i couldnt believe what was there waiting for someone to pickup and take away.
All the walks we have done in the past had never brought so many of such a particular top name ball,it was a journey that we shall repeat in the near future when it will give time for our golfing friends to let the pile stack up over a few weeks….
Due to the very rough terrain Tilly-Miss looks like she has been to war she has a couple of nasty scratches and scuffs on her tummy and has a slight marking on her right leg that she keeps going back to,obviously licking it to hopefully make it better,i will keep a close eye on things and see how she reacts in the next few hours,in the meantime she is sleeping and already dreaming about the enemy Bugs Bunny as she is yelping in her sleep…..we are back to a local course late afternoon.

Everything a golf ball should be.

September 28, 2010

We love findng the range of PTS and DT So~lo from titleist, the smooth coated dimples blend with the case makng it a very easy to recycle ball,washing made easy for once.

Is this ball really a ProV in disguise? cut the carry in half then a proV ball in half what do you see? the feel and texture make me think is it a proV…..whats your thoughts on this? ok the case is thicker but im sure its from the Prov mould,how is it on the fairway and the green are you gettng distance and good roll….waiting to hear from you…..

Lots of Titleist in Stock Now

Woodland Retrieved Balls that we have recycled.

September 28, 2010

It has been a very busy morning for me so far catching up with messages as i left my phone at home before setting of on my journey to Moscow,my goodness me no communication with anyone as all my numbers are stored and i foolishly forgot to pickup whilst leaving.

But home now and sorted and have a range of balls fresh from the woodlands and hedgerows today,washed and cleaned.


Some very good condition golf balls that can be with you for the postage fees only.

Good golf ball retrieval this morning.

September 28, 2010

We were up and out this morning,a little bit weary but how pleasing to be back home and having the freedom to walk and roam woodlands as we please.
The morning air was crisp and fresh as we entered a dark and dimly lit woodlands, it gets quite creepy in certain areas,but tilly-miss is alert and ready to seek out any dangers that will get in the way.
The morning air is wonderful for your health as we walk through the fields a gentle wind sweeps across,the over night rain that settled in the grass flicking through your boot and the rain drops hanging on tree leaves you get a slight gathering on your clothes face and arms, tilly loves it bounding through hedges and grass banks looking for her next bit of fun.
Within minutes we were picking up some lovely Titleist balls and i came across this from Sunkist the drink company on a very nice titleist ball

As the morning went on we were soon gathering a lot of very good Taylor-Made balls without doubt the most popular ball of the morning followed by Titleist and Nike also a sharp increase in appearance by Dunlop which surprised me.

Here are a couple of pictures of tilly-miss relaxing at home, a lady of leisure it seems.

And a few of the balls we had this morning that have to be washed and cleaned before we do anything, look at the very good name’s that have been abandoned and left behind….thank you very much golfers we will clean these and recycle them the best way we can.

FINALLY for all you magazine readers in the world Tilly-Miss will be making an appearance in Chat Magazine very very soon make sure you get your copy.

More Golf Balls added on Ebay.

September 27, 2010

We are back and selling on Ebay after some interesting requests in my mail box.
We have had some good enquiries whilst being away and thank everyone for taking the time.
We also have some other interesting things happening which i am really wanting to spill the beans on but cannot at this moment in time.

Tilly-Miss will feature in “Full House” a National Magazine in the coming weeks so go and buy a copy from your newsagent, you will be able to keep updated on the story of the trade-mark dog who made things possible.

Lets get them golf balls picked up.

September 27, 2010

Back from Moscow and will be heading out on courses to catch up on the last couple of weeks,hopefully to fill a few bags of one hit wonders
that have been lost.
Alarm clock set for a very early walk,we will be out around 05:00 in the morning.