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Busy in the field today

September 29, 2012

Out in the field having a clear-up before some other thieving golfers decide to jump the fences
and take all that lays idle.
We were only out for 45 minutes and had over 140 very good golf balls which today included a lot of ProV Balls, which made me very happy.
Good return of Calloway and Srixon as always expected, but high end numbers on ProV was unexpected….at last Titleist are making a prov that actually bear’s to the right on long distance shots,yipee lets have some more of that please.

In the field there was more golf balls buried in then there was laying on the surface,goodness me they are landing in the field at some speed, and we had a couple of near misses.

And this

Back breaking work having to dig some of them out, sometimes tilly will pop in and decide to help, but other times will just come along and pinch the ball

She does get quite nosey and always wants to be amongst the counting of any haul

140 golf balls it is a good job my mate Daz left me these heavy duty bags,which are fantastic for holding golf balls,you can also pull these through the grass without fear of the bag splitting.


Goodbye Golf Balls

September 25, 2012

My mate turned up today from the north of england to buy the stock of golf balls,we estimate around 1500 in total.
Tilly seemed quite sad to see them go but we will soon be out there collecting more

Here is tilly at the door taking a last look at the heavy netted sacks that hold so many brand name’s and logo balls, all destined to a washroom somewhere to be cleaned before being sold on to a large retail outlet, they say there is no money in them golf balls but my mate Daz could sell a lorry load at very short notice, while we are on the subject Daz is a lake ball diver who clears lots of lakes scattered round england if your club wishes to have its lake emptied and payment incentive get in touch and i will pass your details on.
Here is Tilly in playful mood on the course today

And this evening whilst watching 4 deer

Golf Balls from around the world

September 25, 2012

Interesting Logo Balls found today

Looks like we have had someone trying out a test ball for Titleist ! very interesting !

And this beauty all the way from New York’s Empire State Building

And one from Germany it seems

Breaking News !!!!!!
My mate Daz the Golf Ball Diver from Leeds has just turned up at my house and brought 1500 golf balls

Goodbye you beauties, it wont be long before we are out there picking them up again !

Where do they keep coming from.

September 24, 2012

It is unbelievable that so many golf balls are being found day after day, we start the search each morning for an hour then head home for a nice cup of tea and toast, then midday we head back out again to a differant course and home for any errands that need sorting, then we head back to scoop all that is left from the morning visit.
During the weekend we have actually retrieved close to 300 golf balls, where do they come from especially when you look out on the course and hardly any golfers are playing? I think someone is strolling round the course throwing the golf course stock away?…(lol)
In less than 1 hour this evening we scooped up this little lot about 25 dirty golf balls all from the woodland hedgerows

We also found this “Mojo”

And this all the way from Wisconison State Bank who obviously have to much money

Our ball cleaning just gets better all the time, look at how clean these are !

I have just washed these for 2 customer orders that need posting, i have near enough 100 in the wash right now after a surge in orders, i think people are taking a liking to my service for affordable cheap golf balls

Hertford Golfer purchases golf balls under £5

September 23, 2012

We are sending this man 12 of the best a mix of Srixon & Calloway as he requested and here they are

He got them under £5 with postage paid, leaving enough to give tilly a treat for her hardwork

Tilly has been in best form bringing lots from the hedgerow tonight, although we both got a soaking we still managed over 40 and a total for today of 63 very good golf balls, here is tonight’s bag

Now it is pub time and my turn to sit and relax with my son over a few beers,should be a good night all going well

Get the Golf Balls Cleaned.

September 23, 2012

Arrived home tired and worn out after a trip to Manchester, had just a few hour’s sleep and was woken by Tilly-Miss jumping on my bed and getting under the covers after i left her in the lounge
to keep the cat company, goodness knows what they were doing but i could hear picture frames hitting the floor, but i was worn out and tried getting to sleep but the can of red bull i had on the way home kicked in a bit to quick, so up and showered quick cup of tea and we headed to the woods.
Orders arrived last night and priority today is to get the orders washed and posted first thing tomorrow, we like to get things done as quickly as possible.
Some of the golf balls we find have been laying in all sorts of horrible wish wash and we do not know what germs lay,so it calls for a good clean to kill all that is there and to bring the lonely saved ball a new lease of life, bring it to its original look and make it look like a ball worth buying, and hopefully this is what we do !

This ball has some heavy markings that might not look to bad, but believe me i put the hands to work with a scourer and it wouldnt shift,so our very special formula was prepared and hey presto….look at it now

What is the formula you ask yourself ? well let me say my kitchen has been like a chemistry studio,mixing this and that to see what really works, but let me say this as i know what you are thinking? he is using bleach? well you are wrong very wrong, bleach will only make it look clean, what we use is something a lady uses everyday ? we add it to something else found in every home?
We have mixed bits from under the sink that were so powerful Titleist logo was removed from one very good ProV, I REMEMBERED NOT TO USE THAT AGAIN ! one proV lost means money lost.
Here are a couple of pictures from an order i am preparing

Cutting through the dirt and making these golf balls shine again

Whilst searching this morning we found these logo golf balls

And 100 years to this golf club

Well done to the golf club, i hope you have many more years of success

One Dirty Stinky Dog.

September 19, 2012

We headed to the woodlands for our usual 1 mile walk and things were going well, tilly was in and out of hedgerows bringing more golf balls, then she decides to have it on her heels after pickig up the scent of something, some time later she is bounding towards me with her tongue hanging out and her ears pricked running like a poor lost soul looking for me, probably thinking he must be here somewhere?
As tilly got nearer to me i could see the dreaded mark on her back,the mark all dog owners despair, Fox Poo ! aaagh the dreaded stinking stuff that sits on there coat like shit to a blanket.
My first reaction was oh my god wife will not be happy, and second reaction was to get her home and cleaned up, anyway we get home and no sooner are we through the door and my little grandson is at the house on a visit with his mum,now George is not a boy to keep quiet and before i can close the door,you guessed Grandad what is that smell? eer tilly -miss is stinking nanny, that was enough to start the wicked witches broomstick, get that stinking dog in the garden waffle waffle moan…..thanks for that george i owe you one !
Anyhow it was not a large amount of fox poo but the cleaning and washing took ages, the bloody stuff spreads the more you try to clean it, but job done and we have our nice clean doggie back again
Here is tilly after she was banned to the garden on the wicked witches orders

And here is George who got me in to trouble

He is my little helper in the woods and loves watching the deer, we build a house in the field made of grass,and drink and eat imaginary cups of tea and baked cakes,my little man loves the fun of the woodlands…..i just wish he wouldnt keep getting me in trouble !

Anyway getting away from our woodland adventure, i want to let you know about this very funny book that is published on Amazon and available to buy at about £7:00 let me say it will be the best few pound you have spent

As we all know we get 100’s of scam email’s sent online to us daily or weekly,i get around 30 daily which does irritate me no end,but the author of this book decided to play the russian scammer’s at there own game and fought back, it will have you laughing so much you will not put it down, i am hooked and cannot put it down,have a read and let me know what you thought.

Logo Golf Balls we found today

September 19, 2012

Always like to find a good logo ball and this morning we found a few

Winter Hill Golf Club is close to where i live and we often have a walk round the place in our search for golf balls, quite a rich area but it seems these golfers like to hold on to there money as they seem to play with a lot of cheap and nasty brand of golf ball, trying to find a ProV or a Decent Calloway is not the place to be looking.

Federal Bank of New York responsible for the downfall of the housing market in America,would you trust them or buy a golf ball with there advertising on?

Ernst & Young what can we say about this money making machine, they seem to have a monopoly on anything to do with money, just put a figure on it with loads of 00000’s and some soft idiot from government will approve it (after they have there back-hander)

Heading to the west country,then make sure you pickup a copy of there favourite paper,you might just find a bargain hidden in the pages.

This looks a nice Golf Ball….until !

September 18, 2012

You look further and see something has gone badly wrong, probably got caught in the blades of a mower

It soon become a huge disappointment when i picked this ball up

It looks like it has been cut with a knife, quite strange really both sides knackered and one less for my stock

What a coup in the grass, the first time ever 3 ProV Balls laid side by side in long grass

Golf Ball Offer from Golf Direct.

September 16, 2012

With this golf ball you can get a whopping £10 of your next purchase of golf balls when you spend £50

But then again you don’t need to spend £50 for our golf balls,we can let you have as many as you want at 30p per ball or you can have our retrieved ProV Balls for just £1 washed and cleaned direct to your door (postage added))
We have 1000s available new one’s there are old one’s,we have coloured one’s shiny one’s all from the leading makers and your be better of by £50

As you can see we have a few available