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What a weekend for golf

February 27, 2011

We have been selling lots of golf balls during the weekend with orders ready to be posted in the morning,also had people who have purchased previously turning up at the door,it was good to see Tony and Dave appear within a couple of hours of each other asking for Calloway and Srixon & Titleist so it was busy times getting there orders prepared at short notice.
We also had a great weekend that has seen around 120 branded balls land at our HQ fresh from the hedgerows and fresh from the field,they include top brand names.
We walked this afternoon for about 1 hr and found this little lot including a nice blue ball

Another day of club smashing and angry golfers hitting the courses,here is the remains of 1 golfers anger

Remember its only a game for goodness sake !

Tilly-Miss should be getting ready for bed now she decides its playtime

I cannot see me getting much sleep tonight as tilly-miss will be chasing around the house and bouncing on my bed all night…oh happy days.


Its Friday lets moan about this and that.

February 25, 2011

Can anyone please tell me why on earth would you want to play a ball like this

Try as hard as you like to spot the ball laid in the grass and believe me you will be looking forever,as we all know its a glow in the dark ball
and no wonder it ended up in a pile of horses dung.

Out and about today and it was evident the most irratating ball ever made was being used by many golfers,there can only be one nasty cheap looking ball that does not weather well in the winter or summer and that is Top-Flite or in my opinion Top-S*** i loathe finding that crap but for some reason its very popular,would the reason be because it is cheaper and nastier than any other?
Its Friday and usually a local course thrives with every man woman and child all eager to have a game but today there is no more than 4 groups on the entire course, i was talking to a couple playing and they told me they had each paid £18 for the round they also brought some golf balls and soft drink costing another £7 goodness knows how they do this,if it was me i would sneak through the hole in the fence and wait until the coast was clear and then start playing saving me £25 in to the bargain.
High time this country got back to basics and value for many in the £ many will suffer and like a chain reaction providers of leisure services will be first on the miss list,surely its far better to charge less and have good visitor numbers than charging stupid high prices and have nobody,reducing the admission price then allows a visit to the shop and the bar or restaurant.

Were out again this afternoon and then afterwards i am out for a few beers to relax myself after another busy week,tilly-miss was very good today,she has been pulling some very good proV balls

Lots of golf balls thanks to the ladies playing.

February 24, 2011

Just like a child playing in a sweet shop you just couldnt pick them golf balls up quick enough.
It was ladies daily outing at a nearby course,and i think chatting about
this and that and where to eat had the better of them and golf was not the most important thing on there mind.

My goodness they were being hit all over the place it was like calloway,titleist,srixon falling from the skies at an alarming rate in to hedges and woodlands,but did they even bother to look for them sadly not.
There were some colours orbiting the skyline mid morning

And these will also have to be cleaned before we think of selling them.

Why can it not be ladies day everyday,they certainly make me smile when they hit the fairway,one lady even left a broken Dunlop Iron in the hedges after 8 attempts to get the ball to the green….poor lady must be suffering HRT or something but i hope she recovers and doesnt go home and treat her hubby to the same aggresion.

Join us at Facebook and win !

February 23, 2011

Come and join us at our facebook page and 1 lucky person will win 50 washed golf balls.

Golf Ball Vending Machines

Yes 1 lucky winner will receive 50 branded golf balls direct to there door.

We shall repeat the draw each month until further notice !

Tilly-Miss giving the golfer more to think about daily.

Lots of people searching Tilly-Miss

February 23, 2011

Wow couldnt believe how many people are searching tilly-miss there must be lots of golfers looking for our cheaper golf balls.
People are reading about tilly-miss all around the globe according to my stats listings….thank you to everyone.

Tilly is due to make more news with articles from french golf magazine who want to feature her tales we also have Chat magazine doing some stuff and a cheque for tilly will not be refused as it will help fund
expensive vets charges which are getting crazier everytime you visit.
We could do with a company to supply tilly with a good supply of “Stronghold” which helps stop fleas and other horrible creepy crawlies that lay in the woods,it is the most expensive item tilly has to have on a regular basis.
Tilly is checked daily on her return from woodlands for anything that should not be there and her bedding is always clean and aired.

Tilly -Miss getting busy.

February 23, 2011

Golfers seem to be at last on the search for affordable golf balls,we have seen a vast improvement of enquiries.
We can save the golfer a lot of money in providing a huge choice of woodland recycled golf balls,basically the same ball you would pay a lot of money for in the golf shop the difference is our recycled golf ball has been retrieved from some very strange places,some landing far from the actual course,lots landing in our field and many more in the hedgerows and thorn bushes.
We can wash a ball to bring the life back to it,we can get a ball to shine like a brand new one,sadly there are some golf balls that are such poor quality they will never be of use to even a golf ball range.
We are also helping the environment by simply bringing the golf ball back in to play and reducing the need for new.

We are just releasing a advert for the vending machines this is to target pubs and clubs,golf courses and workplaces in our local community,to let outlets see what tilly-miss will offer.
Sweet vending : golf ball : condom vending : just some of the items we are now vending,all items are in seperate machines and located in the outlets appropriate to the item sold.
Quite a few of our outlets are selling far more than imagined the landlords are being paid a generous commission for allowing the machine some outlets gaining £50 per month others a lesser payment.

We have a lot of colour golf balls to clear, any offers on these

Today we have cleared Taylor-Made and Bridgestone golf balls they are on route to there destination through our safe Barcode service where buyers can track the progress of there orders making life easier for me and the buyer,it proves that we have posted and we can be trusted to deliver.

Finally we have huge quantities of Srixon : Nike : Titleist : Calloway : all in mint condition along with so many other brand name’s ready to be sold at affordable prices.

Ordering more machines.

February 19, 2011

More pub enquiries regarding the vending machines are coming through
there are 3 more confirmed and 4 very possible in the pipeline,so time to get the orders sorted i think.
My son Dean fitted another in a pub for me today,he is getting very used to this as it only takes him about 10 minutes to drill the hole for the bracket and place the machine,he even does all his own clearing up with the hoover leaving the area very clean and tidy.

We then both reward ourselves with a couple of lovely cold pints

Deer and Golf Balls.

February 17, 2011

We had a lovely walk through the woodlands today,we were out for over 3 hours scouring the woodland.

You need to click on the picture to view the deer that just didnt want to move away.

He was a gorgeous looking creature with a beautiful face,i just wish i could have got closer to him.

We walked the leafy woodland and within 20 minutes we had retrieved
around 20 balls

By late afternoon we had retrieved nearly half a bag in my estimate 70+

Tilly-Miss is whacked out now sleeping and having a good rest.

Lots of golf ball offers placed on Ebay.

February 15, 2011

Get across to Ebay and bag some great bargain golf balls from Tilly-Miss.
We are listing top name brands at auction from 0.99 for 12 washed as new recycled golf balls.
Honestly we have such a huge amount they have to go one way or another,we have more arriving daily and soon we will be sinking in them and whats worse is the missus is going to start moaning any day now.
12 Recycled washed top name balls which you can buy now for less than a £1 it has to be a bargain.

Tilly-Miss in the news.

February 14, 2011

My local golf course has the newspaper article which appeared in the Sun and Daily Mail displayed in the Pro Shop,thank you very much to the staff for allowing tilly the freedom to roam the outer course.

Today was quite good considering the recent weather,quite a few people around and some very bad golfers really struggling to hit a ball,a couple of old looking people were having a job to walk let alone play and the language from one particular person made me laugh,everything he said contained the “F Word” and i am not joking,this bloke must have been late 60s and boy could he use the F Word he couldnt get a sentance out without it,he sounded like a real old cockney geezer,naughty but very funny to hear him,god bless him.

The hoard of field balls just gets bigger and better,brand new top name balls laying freezing in the wet cold grass covered in god knows what but with a good wash they will sell.
No deer or rabitts for tilly today instead she was bringing me more colour balls from the hedgerow buried under leaves,one after another which is always good.
Met a lovely man who was in the wood with a metel detector,this bit of kit cost him £800 and has a menu on it that makes scanning a simple task,you can select what you want to look for :gold :silver:coins etc,last week he found a silver threepence coin valued £150 his friend recently found a gold cross that a museum now want to purchase for £15,000….i think i am in the wrong game !