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Under the leaves.

October 30, 2012

We pulled lots today whilst raking the leaf-mould and could not believe what was hiding underground, it certainly wasn’t jimmy saville just lovely pearly white and coloured mixtures.

How long have those golf balls been laying idle is anybodies guess, they could have been there for a day or a year or maybe longer but in excellant condition

Some were buried quite deep suggesting that they arrived long ago, but look what else turned up

Never get tired of watching the deer, it keeps me sane and calm most day’s


Coloured Golf Balls Being Found

October 28, 2012

I was surprised at the amount of coloured golf balls that are making appearance at last, mainly yellow but any colour is great to find.

It has been a busy few day’s and the cold weather biting and leaves falling covering everything in various colours makes the ball hunting a bit harder, tilly is attracted to squirrels and spends time dashing back and forth amongst the trees and had the shock of her life when whizzing in and out of the woods and fearns when the 4 deer who were resting bolted out, just a shame it happened so quick and my camera was not ready.

In the woods today we collected 40 balls within 1 hour, i was not expecting that many as one particular golf course has been very quiet most of the week

Getting harder to find a golf ball !

October 25, 2012

Now the leaves are falling our mission to find the pearly white and any colour balls is getting harder each day.
Could the reason be that people are not playing as often as they want, could the price be a factor that is keeping them away?
We have noticed the number of cheaper golf ball brands that are laying idle, Dunlop Sport,Top-Shite & a host of mix and match name brand’s that certainly would not have been found 2 years ago.

The woodland looks very pretty at this moment with all the colours of leaves on the ground

Where do you start looking? trying to find a colour golf ball is not easy by any means,but we never give up,I think sometimes tilly must get pretty confused

Look who i found next to the field, I left a lot of damaged golf balls by the hedgerow knowing it would not belong before the golf ball thief would be back

He was in for a shock as all the golf balls had been damaged whilst the greenkeepers had mowed the course, but this thief has no fear and couldnt wait to pounce on what he thought was a pile of very good balls…..

What is in the woods today.

October 17, 2012

Peace and quiet all around me as me and my faithful companion take a stroll through the wet and muddy woodland.
It is amazing what can be seen whilst enjoying the woodland, here are a few things that caught my eye today whilst searching more golf balls.

A lovely brace of pheasants enjoying the comforts of the field.

One happy family grazing the field fully aware of myself and tilly

Here is the mum you can see the scar’s on her body after battling her way through thorn bushes, no doubt these were caused whilst trying to keep the young safe.

This little one i named Thomas has given me so many sleepless nights after he just vanished? I have searched high and low for this gorgeous little one, but to no avail, I am very worried that 2 polish hunters seen in the area have shot him.

Everyday i constantly think of Thomas, he was such a likeable beast who was very proud to have his picture taken whenever i met him.

If like me you are in the woodlands looking for golf balls and spend time in the hedgerows crawling through sticks and tree-stumps and prickles do not forget to look in the branches above you, it might be worth it in the end !

This is what we go through daily

And a little bit harsh on the feet for me and tilly

The lawn mower has ruined these golf balls.

October 11, 2012

Walking round the course and found these balls chopped to bits

The core of a proV Ball


Wilson ball looks as thou a golfer thought it was an apple


Top~Shite Ball always always something cheap & horrible

Nice view before rain

Dirty Golf Balls Need Washing

October 11, 2012

This morning we found these quite life-less looking golf balls,so i thought let me give them a spruce up and see what we can do……here is the result of a few minutes cleaning

And this all the way from St Andrews bringing the filth with it it

Now have a look at them all gleaming and looking like a complete new ball

Here is our tally so far in the last few days : 622 in total from just 2 golf courses

My mate Daz is calling tomorrow to pick these up, a great selection of numerous brands.

What have we seen and found in the woods & golf course this week.

October 10, 2012

Apart from bucket loads of rain earlier this week things have been fantastic with a huge return of golf balls especially from the leaves close to the hedgerows, you cannot imagine what is laying underground, but we took the opportunity to have a good look on a short stretch and used a rake to move the leaf-mold away from the fence areas and hey bingo,we hit the jackpot i was most surprised at the condition of the golf balls which had probably been there for months,there was no damage and they looked in perfect condition considering the elements they have endured.
Over the course of the last 7 days we have retrieved from hedgerows and our fields in excess of
600 golf balls, sheer hardwork with an eye for detail and long walking sessions have brought such good returns for our efforts, and i am sure my mate Daz will be planning another trip south when he reads this.
Anyway lets get to some pictures for you people to enjoy, here are some of my friendly deer

Here is mother keeping a close eye on Tilly

And one happy family

We found this club

Sadly snapped in half

And golfers caught in a rainstorm

Having just found me another ball

Great morning collecting more Golf Balls.

October 6, 2012

What a morning for ball collecting, the golf balls just keep coming wherever we look, I was not expecting to find more than a few,but our tally in the woods returned 47 lovely golf balls, most of these are brand spanking new.
Look at these colours that have been cleaned and posted to a client in London for just 99p plus postage,would you be happy with them?

We also have these beauties for sale and offers are welcome

You might like to get your hands on these lovely one’s

Just a selection of what we have available, if you want quality at low prices, get in touch !

We also found these 2 golf balls with a building company logo on ? let us hope he builds houses better than he plays a game of golf….pmsl Crescent Builders based in Slough Berkshire
would you dare to call them ? (if you do please let him know he is famous)

Orders washed and cleaned Golf Balls.

October 5, 2012

Look how lovely and clean these beauties are now they have been washed, I was sorting through the bag quickly to fulfill a request from a couple of golfers.
1 order 10 mixed white and another for 10 coloured balls, they were minging when pulled from the bag, so a long soak and a lot of scrub dub dub and hey presto they are as good as brand new.

My wife started moaning because as it is pouring with rain i do not want to be standing outside at the wash centre where i do all the cleaning,so a large bowl with the magic applied and hey presto, but that moaning witch enters the kitchen when i am moving items from the bowl to the sink and it starts ranting on about hygeine in the kitchen, oh so shall i stand out in the pouring rain then?
Tilly has been laying on my bed all day with me as i had been in Newcastle last night doing work at the champions league game against Bordeaux and arrived home around 08::00 this morning after the drive home,as soon as i got home we walked in the woods and headed home as i was very tired, i thought i would have a couple of hour’s sleep then head in the woods, but the wicked witch surprised me with a wake up call around 18:00 telling me my dinner was ready, a lovely chicken casserole, then a quick walk with tilly who wasn’t to keen to walk another route because of the rain and home, but tomorrow we will be out at 2 golf courses and clearing our main field once again.

My little helper on the golf course today.

October 3, 2012

Young George was on my door this morning around 08:30 shouting out where is grandad, i appeared downstairs for my morning cuppa and the little man was smiling so happily.
Are we going to the woods grandad, get your boots on and i will get mine, so of we head to the woods the three of us which includes tilly-miss as you could not guess we would leave her behind.
My goodness my little helper is a complete chatterbox, why why why is always the last word from him,but george is great fun.
3 hr’s past and we were exhausted from all the bending down under thorn bushes, every bone hurting, how little man feels is beyond me, tilly was away with squirrel’s and only brought out 9 decent golf balls, george managed 11 that were laying throughout the path area and i brought in the rest

I thought we had no chance in getting a ball at all after the last few days of picking up so many,where do they keep coming from, even george was finding them in strange places
just like this bush,did you know inside of this bush i found 9 very good nike and srixon

And what a great ball to find

And tilly posing after chewing a brand new ProV Ball

Here is “Lonesome Drifter”

And our shot before dark of “Lonesome” who is a very angry mum at moment,she seems very restless for some reason and being more protective of the young.

And finally my little man in the sand pit bunker