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What has been going on in the woods today.

February 27, 2013

We have had a lovely day out in the woods and fields whilst the sunshine was out, i was not expecting to be so busy but sitting around doing nothing is not my style and do you really think tilly would let me have any rest at home?

The morning started well with a fast paced walk around the grounds of the woodland where we met new faces who all asked the question “what have you done with the deer” they all seem to miss them and after putting them right the locals were happy.

We then took to the road again after a cup of tea and headed to our field with the golf ball retriever and within 30 minutes we amassed just short of 200 balls.


We pulled these direct from under the thorn bushes with the extendable retriever, what a bit of kit when you look at them thorns and how they cut in to your skin


So our problem solved and there are so many it will take me days to get them all


Tilly then met her friend Poppy and we joined Tony on a walk in the woods to try and catch sight of the deer and guess what, we did count 7 in the woods who were quite happy to see us, sadly we never got close enough to get a good picture but zoom these images in and you might see them.


And here is poppy tilly’s best friend


Poppy getting a little treat from tony for being good, a perfect end to a long day, now i am going for my treat a dozen or so pints to round of a lovely day….headache tomorrow…..can feel it already…


With a little help.

February 26, 2013

The golf balls come out of them hedges faster than tilly could get in there, we had quite a few colour and white’s along with some very nice logo’s that found there way in those hedges, here is the item that has made life easy for me and gives tilly more time to concentrate on  bugs bunny.


After carrying this harpoon across the field my arms were aching as this is a heavy old lump that should be used for pole-vaulting the bloody fences straight to the golf course, but here are some of the golf balls fresh from the field which do contain a bit of horse…past


These certainly need something to make them shine


And we certainly have the magic ingredient  for when it is needed

Cleared another 37 Golf Balls from walkway.

February 26, 2013

Out and about this morning with Tilly in the cold fresh air, more like a smog hanging over the fields as far as you could see, so we took the bridle path through to the edge of the golf course and helped ourselves to 37 very good white balls that were left cold and wet from the weekend.

Nice to know that we have nobody pinching anything whilst we are not there, so the next stop is the woodland to retrieve what has been fired in since Friday, hopefully quite a few !

Then we will go to the field with the new ball scooper to set about tackling the huge amount under them horrible thorn bushes, my scooper has a reach of 18ft so look out we will probably fill a net to about half all going well.


New range of sweets will be in the machines very soon as we are just running out and it is time to get some new ideas, looking at the option of adding tea and coffee to our pots for a construction site that has agreed to a machine trial, it has a huge workforce on a very large project and i recognised that the coffee and tea that is supplied once per day is used very quickly,so why not add my own pots at £1 there will be enough added to last them the day……????????????????

So cold in the woods.

February 22, 2013

I am quite used to cold weather and very bitter winds and had lots of experience of colder days in Russia & Scandinavia but this today just feels very cold and makes me wonder what is coming our way, typical as i head to Hamburg Germany tomorrow for a few days.

The work around the outer golf course perimeter is looking like a bomb site but it has also turned up lots of golf ball pearly white balls with some interesting logos on a few….here are a few pictures


All of this lot will be burnt in due course and i hope they pick a good day when the wind will blow away from my house.

News on the deer is as follows….they are doing well and what a surprise to hear that 7 of them are on the other side of the woodland living quite happily together, i got the report from Tony this morning who was watching them last night.

The golf ball count is over 1800 and a few extra is the total to date it is amazing what gets lost and even more so when you add up the cost, but keep them coming and we will keep collecting.

Arrived today the golf ball 18ft retriever for the thorn and hedgerows and nettle beds, fed up with getting cut and stung so i brought the next best thing, trouble is it is so heavy i will need a new pair of arms to lift the dam thing, was it worth £14:99……will let you know when it goes to work, i was hoping it was a lighter frame than this, but if it can collect the 500-600 balls in them thorns it is money well spent.

Next thing to do on my list when i get back from Germany is to order more boxes of sweets for the vending machines as they are selling faster than i thought, hopefully going to add new lines including Smarties and new products from Haribo which always do well, Smarties in 3 boxes per can from a vending machine add that to rolo, mars, twix, toblerone and how can you go wrong……

Looking to spend time in France for a holiday have a look at this place 20130222_135158

200+ Golf Balls from the field today.

February 19, 2013

Woke up to a beautiful sunny morning and my first thought was to go and clear our large field.

It has been a few weeks since my last visit and we headed out knowing we either have a good haul to look forward to or someone has been in and pinched them all, lucky for me they have not and the process of picking started.


It has been back breaking work as well as the damage to my hands as them thorn bushes cut you like a knife, it is ok for tilly as she gets underneath them all when she is not distracted by a deer laying in the bush.


These 2 bags are what we filled today and we still have another walk to do this afternoon before dark.


The nets are full and we will not be able to get many more in at this rate, today we have lots of brand new balls but these are filthy and a lot of soaking and cleaning will be needed, it is amazing how much mud has stuck to these and it makes you wonder what speed they hit the ground as they are well and truly lodged in solid ground and need to be up rooted to get them out.

We are happy to take orders on these golf balls, feel free to order what you want.

The Golf Balls are mounting up.

February 14, 2013

Another day of walking and walking trekking the same stretch of woodlands and we always walk away amazed at what we find when you consider that we leave the woodland before dark so we know nobody else is likely to play, so how is it when we return early morning there is always more golf balls to be found? that is strange in itself wouldn’t you say.


How many golf balls would you estimate in these 2 sacks, send me your thoughts and try guess the amount, if you guess the correct answer i will send you a little something.

Tilly had a great time today as we were further in the woodland fearn    and you never know what might just creep out of there so tilly is always close to my side just in case something will make her day !


We done very well in the space of an hour we managed about low end 40 just from the fearn and surprising it was to get so many brand new ones.

20130214_150310 (2)

Tilly was sniffing her way through all this and looking down badger sets that had been deserted thank goodness, tiddling against some stinky fox holes and gave chase to a brace of pheasant without any success, as long as she is out in the open is all that matters.


Now she is resting and is flat out on my sofa fast a sleep. maybe i can get a rest myself for a few hours before i have to feed the fox……

We have cleared the barn for the Deer.

February 12, 2013

All we need now is a couple of bales of straw which are located in another barn at the other end of the woods and hey presto the barn will be ready for all the family to move in.

Tilly-Miss was sent in to check the barn over for any nasty cretin’s that had decided to move in ie, any rats nesting, but after being given the all clear i went in with a rake borrowed from the golf course bunker and gave the flooring a good turning over which now provides a comfortable surrounding which when scattered with some straw bales will be like a new home from the cold winds that blow across the fields and does not provide adequate protection for the deer both in the cold or rain.


Nearly two hours in the barn turning the rock hard floor to something nice and soft whilst tilly was having a sniff here and a sniff there of who had been in and around her territory previously, no doubt without much of a guess it would be scraggy the fox who often lays in prey for the docile pidgeon in the morning and late afternoon when they are at there sleepy time, that is when scraggy strikes and we have so much evidence around the fields of what the crafty fox gets up to, we also have his friend 3 legs to blame for the bird killings 3 legs gets around the fields as fast as any other and recently he was almost brave enough to entice tilly to chase him….cheeky brazen fox…

Here are some pictures of tilly taken whilst we headed back from the barn








And what do i have here? it is chicken (again) for Foxy tonight


Fresh from the freezer slow cooked in the oven mixed with rice, just so foxy can have something to feed the young on these cold nights, they are coming on the lawn earlier than before most nights now he is on the lawn from 21:00 before it used to be early hours in the morning, but he has a few mouths to feed and needs to get in early it seems.


Finally thank you to all the people through various sites who have followed the adventure of the dog and deer recently, we are truly grateful and thank- full  of your time.

The Deer huddled together keeping warm.

February 11, 2013

Managed a few pictures before dark of the beauties who look quite comfortable back in the fields despite the very cold wind blowing right through the field.


I am so pleased that they have returned after nearly 3 weeks away and look forward to them being with me during the warmer weather when i can chart there progress and watch for any new arrivals.


The family are complete and it is amazing how they all stick together like glue, we do have one tyrant in the family who is also quite nosey and likes to get a bit closer than the rest.


There is a old stable in the far corner of the field that i am going to tidy up for them, a few bales of straw to make it a little more comfortable for them and in future i will start leaving vegetable peelings scattered on a trail that will lead them to the barn and give them protection from the cold and lots of what they like as they have been seen recently in nearby allotments helping themselves to whatever they fancy.

Do you have any pictures of Deer or Foxes you would like to share? please forward them to me or maybe you might have your own special place to go walking i would like to hear your tales !

So pleased to see the Deer back in the field.

February 10, 2013

Certainly did not expect the welcome we had this morning as we walked in the field, there they were all 4 together with mum and each one looking in very good health, obviously still quite nervous after the recent event of the young one getting trapped in the gate, so with that in mind decided to give them space and watched them from distance.

The youngster who was traumatised and had suffered horrible injuries after getting caught looks to be in good condition with his coat growing and healing the injuries so much so i had a job to single out which one it was.


As for clearing the field today this has had to be postponed as the horrible rain has lashed down here all night and day.

Fancy a nice bit of horse if it is good enough for dell boy it just might do you some good…


Surprising number of golf balls today.

February 9, 2013

I had expected to clear the field today with my little helper george, but instead he wanted to go to the woods so we had a nice walk in the muddy woods and found loads laying all over.20130209_113551 (2) the area which made george a happy little chap.

Tomorrow i am going to tackle the field and hopefully net in excess of 150 for my hardwork.


Nice colours that little george is fascinated with, he has spent the morning trying his best to get the aqua ball from me for his own collection, his mum tells me he has a tin under his bed with all the colour balls, he is a funny little lad

Just getting the foxes dinner ready for tonight, so have to go…bye..bye…he is having roast chicken