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Just a few pictures to end 2011

December 31, 2011

Our hunting ground is the woodlands and forest surrounding a golf course in Berkshire

What a fantastic place to have to ourselves, we can walk the entire forest adjacent to the golf course,at our own pace,nobody to keep us moving,we can sit and relax and watch the world pass bye

The place is a magnet for golf balls, they are landing and whizzing past me and tilly at very close range at times

But underneath the fearns there is a lot of dough to be made, so why not have some fun and get paid for it, my wife often looks from the window and you can see straightaway she is thinking ooh not more bloody balls, but myself and tilly keep active which is important.

We will continue in 2012 and hopefully provide more golf balls to golfers than ever before,anyway some more logo balls we found today

And some of my orders that were washed by hand and wrapped all by me during the last day of 2011 I also managed 2 walks round a golf course, cooked my wife dinner,washed up and made her a cup of tea,so not to bad.

What will i do tonight….I am going to wash more golf balls and wrap them ready to post next year, I am not going to party and I will not pay to enter a pub especially when i drink there all year round, call me what you want but i am happy to be indoors with tilly and the moaning witch
So before the whole newtwork crashes, have a great new year, for myself i will be glad to see the back of it and truly wish 2012 will bring more happy endings than the sorrow we hear daily in this world x


All for a Golf Ball

December 30, 2011

What a thing to look forward to on a daily basis,walking,walking and more walking,to some people the thought would never enter there head,most of todays younger generation would yawn and stick there heads back under the covers,and quite a few older generation folk just wouldnt be bothered.
As far as getting up and going for a walk early morning brings no problem for me, i have spent my entire life working all sorts of lovely and weird hours,but i admit early morning i love,it is for me the best part of the day,myself and tilly hit the woodlands at times before daylight it is an eary feeling going in to the heart of woods at that time,but tilly is as bright as a button and lets me know if anyone is there.
Nature is at its best early morning with the birds waking and singing,Deer walking looking for food or a mate,the red kite hover above looking to see if anything of a carcass has been left from the fox previously and the fog and mist rising is a splendid sight to be seen.
Tilly has been having a ball and so alert anything can happen in seconds,her ball retrieval skills are to be desired,my goodness that dog should have been with customs & excise with a twitch of her nose she can pull a ball from leaves with no problem and today tilly worked hard in thorn bushes bringing out quality.

As the pictures show tilly is not afraid of nettles or thorns,just let me get that ball

Some golf balls are easier to find especially those that litter our fields daily

Tilly very alert sitting and watching,this is hunting time

and playtime

But after a good days walking and were heading home with lots of lovely golf balls that need to be checked and washed by hand and then packaged and posted tilly thinks she has found the perfect dinner,sadly only a wired gate deprives her of a feast

Shame its not xmas now ?

Happy new year to everyone and thank you all for taking time to read tilly the golf ball dog,we hope you all have a fantastic year in 2012

Love Tilly-Miss xx

Golfing bits and pieces.

December 28, 2011

Hoping you all enjoyed your xmas with family and friends,sadly for me it was a sad time as my mum had passed away just 1 month previous,but a good time was spent with family and grandchildren that eased the thought slightly….anyway…

Surprise surprise the golf balls are selling and the orders are coming through,even at this time of year,but so grateful we certainly are to have so many people who trust what we do and take the time to offer support to tilly-miss.
Offer of the day,where you wont get a better ball at such low prices,see today’s offer

Or you might like to make an offer on these beauties

“Best Dad in the World” and they could have picked a better ball surely,was your dad really worth that much

A Titleist ProV Ball would have been a better presentation,you cheapskate tight wad, how dare you insult your father with a cheap Pinnacle

Big Bag of balls is full and ready for auction, want to make an offer, make my day,you might just be surprised when i say no !

Yellow Balls….going very cheap

And finally Tilly-Miss has been working herself very hard, going where no other dare to go in thorns and holly bushes bringing that lovely white just for you,we had some great walks the last few days and would still be out there now if she had her way, but she is on the settee curled up with nagging wife both snoozing and it wont be long before Tea up hollows through the house and i will be expected to make her ladyship a cuppa, any arsenick available anyone.

Italy road trip

December 26, 2011

Bologna by road days before xmas to collect stage equipement for the Italian superstar Zucchero was quite a journey filled with anticipation.
The concert was staged in a marvellous theatre

With fantastic seating and decor, it was like having a seat in the exclusive royal box

The hand painted craftwork on the walls and ceilings was magnificant

The weather was getting colder as the approach to Italy become closer, the route through to the Mont Blanc Tunnel caused a little stir as a 2hr wait unfolded,but the go ahead was given and through to Bologna it was a clear sunny drive

The stage was set and hoardes of jubilant italians bestowed the grand theatre to listen to the italian,who rocked the night away to the delight of so many people

We forgot all about these golf balls

December 14, 2011

So many laying around that i forgot i had this lot, estimate over 600+ just sat doing nothing, on closer inspection it turns out there is some fantastic top quality brands including ProV & Calloway, Nike, Srixon

If anyone would like quality golf balls,get in touch,as you can see there is no shortage

Were in the dog-house,wife going mad !

December 12, 2011

She is on one today and time to steer clear,the warning signs were there this morning when myself and tilly were up and out, waking her is not a good idea and of course tilly bounding on the bed didnt help.
Anyway we drove out to visit a course that was long overdue a visit and we hit the jackpot, a good haul was waiting for us

So we head back home and the nagging old witch is not home (thank-goodness) so i take the time to pour all the golf balls on my lounge floor,forgetting there is a lot of wet muddy balls,well you can imagine my horror,the carpet wet and covered in mud,me and the dog looking at each other and hey presto the wicked witch appears, jesus christ did she lay in to us,calling us all the useless bas***** under the sun, that was it me and me dog were out the door as quick as lightening….we returned home and she has calmed down, the mud dried and brushed off without any damage….ooh thank you darlin x

We found this Titleist Ball differant to any i have seen before

Look at this Calloway Ball, never seen one with 2 colours?

December 11, 2011

Found this today and had to look twice

And the other side, the colour is differant which makes me wonder is it a fake ballĀ ?

Do you know this man

He obviously likes himself that much he had his face put on a ball……oh i love myself so much, i love myself so much, I am so vain oh so vain, i love myself so much….

What are your thoughts on these hand warmers that seem to be littered round golf courses

We are having a great time selling lots of golf balls, thank you to everyone for there support and we look forward to bringing lots of various brands in 2012
We have so many to choose from and to put a list together will take me forever.

The fat rat that lived in the big barn in berkshire met his maker, tilly pounced like lightening to end his days

Red Kite around the golf course.

December 10, 2011

Whilst taking our daily hike through the woodlands,2 lovely red kite made a series of swoops around tilly-miss.
It was lovely to get quite close to them and i am sure they were putting on a display for us, i was amazed at the wing span and the lovely colouring of each bird,sadly not getting close enough, but i hope you like the landscape of the pictures.

On a lovely mild day with the sun shining the kite sat perched above me

Lovely golden plummage and sitting like a king in his castle the kite had a birds eye view of the entire field

Seconds later and the great bird took flight circling round us a couple of times before heading in to the distance

A fascinating display from them both made my morning walk all the more worthwhile, how lucky am i to have so much wildlife around me.
The day just got better with so many one hit wonder balls being retrieved from the woodlands

Keeping Tilly Busy.

December 9, 2011

Tilly has been very busy this week back and forth to a few courses,earning her keep bless her.
We are amazed at just how many of our ball in a can orders have been placed, I am nearly out of containers due to the avalanche of interest that has turned up unexpected.
The ball in a can has suddenly become a great xmas present it seems, we always knew it would but never expected the response in such numbers, thank you everyone

Logo balls and printing was a topic covered this week, remember there is a good logo and there are some really dodgy ones, but have a look at some good stuff

And of course another fine example of really good quality printing

Talking of good quality, this is a favourite ball of mine and the feel and the design make it a champion ball,the logo is spot on…..anybody like some of these beauties

Retrieve….Recycle….Re-use….always at low prices.

Very good sales on golf balls

December 9, 2011

Dont know what the hell is going on but i have been swamped with golf ball orders the last couple of days.
Could it be my ratings on Ebay are prompting people to buy or could word be finally spreading that we provide excellant quality golf balls,whatever the reasons thank you to everyone, it really is appreciated.

We have provided quality at low prices, provide honest comments on the items we sell, we interact with customers through mail informing them of progress,on postal charges and weight,we provide tracking ID with there own tracker reference, a system that works to advantage for both seller and buyer,providing honesty and giving buyers the protection they need.

Retrieve…Recycle…Re-use…always at low prices….why should you pay more !