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Coloured Golf Balls and Pro V selling well.

August 24, 2013

No let up in the search for golf balls, really doesn’t matter if it pours with rain or we have an avalanche of snow, were out there in all weathers.

The last few days have been interesting as we walk round and today of all days would have been the best ever for getting pictures of the deer, but as my camera was on low charge i decided to leave it at home and give it a good charge as it was pouring down and i was thinking the deer will not be running round, but how wrong can i be as i walked through the copse the two young bolted out and headed across the field, i then took off the back way and waited and waited in the rain and guess what they appeared and after a long nervous wait by the young ones they started walking the fence line very carefully eating and nibbling what they could totally unaware that i was there stood under the tree, it was magical the two were almost side by side to me and i was just so pleased to stand there looking them both over they both looked like bambi from the film, gorgeous features with the cutest faces and the eyes said it all, i was so happy and yet so sad that my camera was not handy, but i will be back there again later.

Our colours are selling well and we have been adding to the collection after we found these in the ferns


We have also been collecting good white balls that just keep dropping 20130823_202015

The above balls were collected in the woods within 30 minutes bringing our total to roughly around 200+ for a couple of days, not bad considering it is holiday time and lots of people are away.




Found this ball that arrived all the way from the Gulf and has a rather nice picture of a camel.

Now we head to our big field again to clear this, hopefully the rain has stopped and we can clear quite a few more.

Anyone wishing to purchase any amount of quality golf balls are welcome to contact me


Busy time in the field.

August 21, 2013

Arriving home was a nice thought hoping I would have some rest but things never seem to work like that do they, people knocking on the door for golf balls,  request from friends for golf balls and response from online advertising to deal with let alone tillymiss !


The woods and courses are returning some good golf balls and I have been pleased with the returns on Pro V  we are building a good amount at the moment.
Today will involve taking a drive to various outlets to check on our sweet vending machines, need to keep the flow going as we head towards another bank holiday,  then the big field needs walking to hoover up whatever lays there, so another busy day ahead.
The young deer are out in the field looking healthy and very active, caught the young one this morning pinching all the ripe logan-berries,  cheeky rascal…!

Back to the woods.

August 16, 2013

It was so lovely to be back home with my wife and my best friend tilly, the welcome was amazing from tilly and the pooch has not left my side since walking through the door.

After a good nights sleep and endless cups of tea,we headed out in the sun to the woods with one purpose and that was to check on the young deer, hoping they were still in and around the woodland, it was only a few minutes before i caught my first glimpse of the young that were at full speed at the top of the field, the pace and speed is very frightening and they are still unsure of my presence but given time and patience they will get used to me.

Quite happy in the knowledge that the young deer were ok we soon started to collect the golf balls and it was not long before my arms were aching through the sheer weight of our findings.


On the right of the pictures are some lovely Titleist Pro V Balls that will no doubt end up in our vending machines, they have to be great value at £1 compared to golf outlets charging anything up to £4 per ball, once i get them in the wash those Pro V Balls will look as good as new.

The top field was not as good as i thought things would be, we were lucky to have counted double figures which is strange? also the main field again hardly returned anything exceptional, so i put this down to either golfers running low on money? on holiday? or we have someone helping themselves to our stock? usually after a 2 week absence the field would return anything from 500 balls, so something has to be done and maybe it is time to turn on the electric fences ?


Here are some logo balls we found yesterday, there were quite a few and i have more to add.

I done my good deed yesterday when i found an injured pheasant with a bad leg, the poor bird was first seen by tilly and the pheasant was wedged in thorns against a wired fence, so in i go and pick him up then let him down on grass and he managed 4 or 5 steps then collapsed so in the pouring rain i walk him to an animal sanctuary for them to check him out, hopefully everything is good and he makes a full recovery, when we walked back home and walked through the door we were soaked to the skin and my coat was still soaked this morning, i woke with a stinking cold and more aches and pains that i can think about….ooh happy days…..

Russian road trip.

August 15, 2013

What a long 14 days i have had on the road to Russia, as you may be aware i quite often give my time to a company in the UK who specialise in music shows and corporate hospitality to destinations throughout Europe, quite a lot of the work is festival and stadium shows and often involves very long days and nights to move between venues, but nothing had prepared me for this journey, I had never travelled so far and quite frankly would not have done the job had i known where we were heading, all i was told destination Moscow.

I have been fortunate to have travelled 9 times previous to Moscow and Petersburg and other locations but this trip i was on was taking me to Anapa on the Black Sea resort with an estimated 8000kms on the most dangerous and hostile road network known? please do not complain about the roads we have in the UK as they are a million times better than what they have in Russia, would you believe the potholes and tram lines in the tarmac that throw you in to oncoming traffic, where the concrete road ends and your now on sand with on coming traffic in lanes so narrow your mirrors are almost touching? at times you are a nervous wreck and you hope and pray for daylight and not for darkness on your travels


I have always been a person who likes adventure and travel and have been lucky to have done so much,but this journey was a nail biter and something i will remember forever, it took 6 days from leaving the UK to reach Anapa we double drove the trucks for 20 hours per day just to make the loading slot we had been provided,but arriving in the dark of night and with the sea air blowing we knew it was somewhere special, you just get a feeling that something good is happening and after arriving at the festival site and our registrations complete we took food and beer which was provided by the festival and went to our beds, after only a few hours sleep we were up and walking about in the very short distance was the sea and we made a beeline to have a look and what a beautiful sight was waiting.


As far as you could see it was magical and you could have been anywhere in the world with sand and clear blue waters,this is why we are here.


Above will show the exact location of where we were and the route we have driven and the thought of having to do that drive again back to St Petersburg via Moscow was now beginning to drain all our enthusiasm but an added bonus of a hotel for a couple of nights changed the mood a little


We had 2 nights with all meals paid and the hospitality of the very nice people who looked after us all, the swimming pool was a great escape from the heat that was now reaching 38 and we made the most of that pool with a few beers for good measure.

It also enabled me to walk around the strip of bars and shops in that area and i was surprised to see what i couldn’t believe was happening the locals were in force with a variety of wildlife animals that were no more than trophy pets to make a living, take a look at these pictures that i managed to snap without paying for the privilege


There were an abundance of animals on leads, and children as young as 3 or 4 years having there pictures taken with alligators and snakes in all honesty i found this very disturbing especially after counting the endless amounts of wild dogs that had been killed on the roads to Anapa during our travels, these things stay in your mind and was i pleased to be leaving that behind me.

During the walk round the strip i could not resist having some food that was being grilled at many of the food outlets, cooked in front of you and i could never imagine the people back home offering such large portions for just over £2 the food was delicious and well worth the money, this also included a fresh salad


Skewered pork and salmon and yes each skewer was great value !

Thanks for reading my post on my road trip, I am back home safe and sound in good health with some memories that were good and some bad, would i do it again?????? probably yes if i had more time and not on a schedule so tight.