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Lovely open fields and a happy Tilly.

September 23, 2011

Tilly is in her glory now the fields are cut and she can stand and scan the area for a mix of rabitt,deer and squirrel to keep her busy.


The field is cut and so many golf balls

September 23, 2011

The farmer has been busy cutting one of the fields that run round the golf course and we were there as he arrived and picked up a good bag of brand names that had obviously laid covered in the grass for quite sometime, but we checked them over and only 1 had caught the blades and had a nasty slice through it but worried about that i was not, it was only an old Dunlop ball hardly going to set the world a light with that.
While we were walking behind the cutter a ball whizzed through the air and smashed the tractor window, i never saw the incident happen myself but the farmer stopped the machine and called me over to show me the broken and shattered glass in his cab, the ball had come through and bounced a few feet on the grass, obviously the man was not very happy and lucky it smashed through the bottom glass.
During the clear up this ball from St Andrews golf course was found, blimey it seems they like to celebrate christmas early, it must be all that whisky they have available in those parts of the country that sends there brain on a mystery tour of not knowing the days of the month.

Climbing Trees the dog has gone mad

September 21, 2011

Mad as a march hare running and chasing pheasant then a deer and then up the tree to get a squirrel.
It was a morning when tilly was not interested in a golf ball she just wanted her own bit of fun which lasted throughout the day, sometimes i just sit back and watch her enjoying herself.
Tonight we had the biggest haul of balls in one outing our bag was heaving and my back was aching as we cleared field 2 so many great balls appeared and tilly was bringing them out at ease, finally she has just gone to bed in my spare room and has a double bed all to herself but i wonder how long she will stay in there for.

Check our logo balls

September 20, 2011

Love to see these logo balls from 1000s of large companies and this one captures the imagination of the good old pub days in England when pubs were crowded and people smoked and enjoyed there favourite tipple.

Then we have the petrol company joining with the servis pak industry and Hitachi another world leader, we have many fine combinations to admire and have fun with matching them together is quite fun.

Good to see the winter golf balls coming in play.

September 19, 2011

The coloured balls are starting to appear in good quantities, the yellow ball seems to be a firm favourite with golfers followed closely by Orange and Cancer awareness pink.
The last 3 days have seen us handle 35 of these and as we walked at dusk tonight tilly picked up a scent that led to her scratching the grass and bringing out a lovely bright orange ball quite amazing that there is something that attracts a dog to find a ball in that way it was amazing to watch as i thought she might be on the track of a deer or fox, her nose to the ground and straight to a small shrub tree and tilly started clawing at the grass and tilly was delighted and made sure i knew all about it by throwing the ball and herself in the air then rolling her body all over the ball, obviously a scent to be added to her coat.
It was quite dark as we walked through the woodland and still we picked up on a few white and yellow balls, so another good day today which returned figures of 48 good balls just through 2 visits.
Tomorrow we head to an old hunting ground towards the oxford countryside, remember our last visit that brought a good haul, so hoping for another repeat.
Have sent orders to Manchester,West Lothian,Middx,Bromsgrove,Nottingham today so quite happy with response, now for a nice cuppa and then bed for a rest.

Pickup your golf ball and have a cuppa.

September 18, 2011

Local golfers looking to purchase our retrieved golf balls are welcome to phone or mail there order through and pop in for a cuppa.
You will be invited to watch the golf ball go through the cleaning stage from dirty to sparkling condition whilst you enjoy a nice hot drink.
We have lots of various brand names to choose from so there will not be a problem with choice.
Retrieved golf balls at very affordable prices to suit all golfers needs.

This weeks collection of retrieved golf balls.

September 17, 2011

It has been a busy week so far with lots of walking and retrieving lots of various golf balls.
We now have the task of sorting the rubbish and only keeping the good stuff, we then have to organise the wash in cold water add the magic formula and hey tilly we will have sparkling pearly white golf balls as good as new.

Golf Ball Bargains for golfers.

September 17, 2011

The response to our advertised affordable golf balls at sensible prices has kept me busy, have been sorting and washing brand names for golfers eager to pick up direct from the house.
We also listed various brands on Ebay and sold at silly low prices just to clear them, i would prefer golfers to have the enjoyment of them.
The last few days have seen more balls retrieved than expected suddenly there is a surge in balls being found in hedgerows and balls stuck in thorn bushes,my goodness tilly-miss certainly does come in very handy in those situations.
Again the increase in Dunlop balls really does not surprise me due to the way the economy is running and when you look around quite deserted golf courses, that certainly tells a story.

Tilly playing & taking a snooze with her golf ball

September 12, 2011

Just had to grab a couple of pictures whilst i could of the golf ball dog enjoying life

For golf ball orders

September 12, 2011

Anyone wishing to order golf balls please contact us at our golf ball doggie address

Your enquiry will be dealt with as soon as we return from our fields.