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Good to be back home.

July 23, 2013

Apologies for my recent lack of posts but i have been away travelling in Europe trying my best to earn some money to keep the wolf from the door. The day i left home started with a flight from Heathrow to Germany then a connection to Bilbao but 50 minutes in to the flight we have engine problems and head to Paris for an emergency landing, then 8 hours delay whilst hotels and flights organised, so finally weary and tired another flight this time to Portugal is arranged to meet my working crew who had now travelled coast bound, show that night and we head for the famous Montraux jazz festival for 3 days lazing on the beach, how bad is that ?


during the 11 days i have witnessed some very talented artists and songwriters at various festivals, one of my favourite live bands was the Stereophonics a band from Wales, can they play and sing you better believe it.


We trundled by road to many amazing shows and one of the highlights was our band playing in front of 60,000 people in Brittany on Saturday night.


Back home to find a huge welcome home from tilly-miss who was so happy to see me again, my wife then told me tilly had been at the vet for treatment as grass seed had gone in her ear, the cost to remove the seed was £191 plus a £30 consultation fee? talk about daylight robbery at least Dick Turpin wore a mask ? here is the picture below that caused tilly loss of balance on her right side and a lot of pain, but i am pleased to say tilly is getting better each day, a little bit of shock to her system and to my pocket after my wife told me she had used my card but i don’t mind and whatever it costs for tilly it will be paid.

20130722_22002720130722_210049 (2)

In the scorching heat we cleared over a 130 golf balls from the fresh cut fields, we still have more to clear including the woodlands but when it cools down and we get respite from the scorching sun


Whilst in the field tonight i caught a glimpse of 2 very young deer who were disturbed by the horses and watched them run across the field at alarming speed, there was no sign of mum but i am sure she was watching every move the young made, hopefully i will catch a look early morning when i head out at around 06:00 before the sun.


No golf balls today.

May 14, 2013

Out in the rain we headed in to the woodlands, then crossed soaking wet fields that soaked my legs above my wellington boots, tilly was like a drowned rat bless her and all this because tilly loves her freedom and i just love the open air and the view of the mist rising across the fields early morning is fabulous and there cannot ever be a reason why you would not want to experience this.

05:30 and it is just breaking light and how different the fields and woods feel, there is a sense of hollow and often you get the feeling you have company watching somewhere what we are doing and usually this could be the late returning fox who has been on a hike for some sumptuous food from one of the posh hotels nearby that gladly offer a room and breakfast for an average £250 and guess what, the breakfast is not that great, you would do better to go to the other posh place a mile down the road and get a fantastic deal with a bed for less than £100……but enough of that

What we can guarantee is an experience of seeing wildlife and none better than my close friendly deer who pop up anywhere.


This gorgeous one stands tall and you can see the damage to her coat obviously caught on barbed wire and the very thick thorn bushes that they try and hide in or escape from for a manner of all reason.


I enjoyed taking  these pictures earlier today, i was between fields and the two love birds were getting homesick being apart, Romeo on the right was doing his best to get across to the other field but the fence was in his way and he had not worked out that the gate was open just 10 yards away, but they re-united in a matter of minutes and were happy and content it seems Mmmmm true love !


Arriving back home and towelling  tilly down i thought a nice cup of tea and a rest, you have to be joking, here is what happened


Tilly wanting to play with a golf ball, all because she had not found one today !

And a new home for our sweet machine, full of everybody’s favourite sweeties


Make your mouth water !

The last week has been a nightmare.

April 24, 2013

Have not been able to use my desktop PC and have struggled to get mail  through my phone? blamed and shouted at BT accused there engineers of being utterly useless bas****s and gave there service in India a hard time…how wrong could i be?

It turns out my lovely wife had been playing with her kindle looking for wallpaper and paints to decorate our bedroom and by sheer accident wiped all and everything from the home hub? a simple thing that caused so much trouble and loss of work all because my wife has no idea on how to turn the kindle on let alone do anything positive with it but all sorted now until her next brainstorming  venture.

So here are some things we found recently in the woods


Obviously one lady golfer will not be smelling very sweet after an 18 hole walk or had she intentions of have a bath in the pond at the 18th ?…mmmm the mind boggles at the thought…lol.

Have you seen golf balls like these before


And this one


And what about this very handy golf ball collector given to me by a lovely lady near the golf course, what a fancy bit of kit


I should imagine it will hold 50 golf balls, no wonder tilly-miss is guarding it for me.


As you can see the Deer are making themselves at home quite nicely in the top fields now and Romeo is busy courting his new mate and they are together constantly, romeo spends most days sleeping under the tree trying to keep his strength up for the night shift it seems.

Anyway it is my birthday today and i am heading to the pub for a session that will leave me worse for wear in the morning, so until then take care for now.

If you go in the woods today !

April 2, 2013

You might be in for a surprise, totally unexpected but proud and privileged to see the deer enjoying the freedom and tranquillity that the place gives them.


These beauties are roaming and finding there way through the vast field area


One day they are there the next they are gone, obviously not to far but away far enough to feel safe, the ferns are great protection for them and sometimes myself or tilly will disturb them without even knowing they were there.

We have been very lucky and only once we encountered a jealous stag that was not happy with tilly getting to close, a gentle reminder from his antlers directly in to tilly was enough to get the message and it cost me £100 or near dam it for a trip to the vet to get my dog treated.


Fancy getting in the thorns to collect some golf balls ???


We put up with these obstacles daily to provide golfers with affordable clean golf balls that come fresh from our fields direct to your door.

This is what we collected on Easter Monday, nearly 200 with the help of my little helper Vinnie who along with his brother and sister walked a very long walk in the woodlands,searching everywhere they could, so the winner with most golf balls got the prize of a sweet tube.


It was a great outing for all the family to join in the fun of golf ball hunting, and as you guessed the children all went home tired and with a nice bag of sweets for there efforts.

Golf Course Night Patrol Part 1

May 4, 2012

As always i have to get out of the house around 1800 after watching local news, the rubbish soaps on tv are of no interest to me or tilly but the wicked witch loves sitting there flicking channels so we clear off.
Part 1 tonight is devoted to Tilly-Miss as it has been a long time since i have taken pictures so i hope you enjoy your viewing


So good and never any problems wherever we go, very good hunting dog and brilliant at finding golf balls with a liking for ProV                                     .

The Golf Ball Hunt

February 15, 2012

As you can see the leaves are hiding so many golf balls, its a job that is made harder due to the large amounts blown.

Thorn bushes also cause the odd problem to myself and tilly-miss, i go back constantly with cuts to my hands and back after finding a ball that is buried in the thorns, tilly has a checkover each time we get back, the first thing is to get her feet cleaned then a check to make sure no nasty thorns are lurking.

Today we come across this ball that was very badly damaged

I had not heard of this ball before and was surprised that Bridgestone were the makers.

Here is the proof of Good Logo Golf Balls, all you golf clubs take note on how a logo should be presented, not the rubbish a lot of you stamp on yourself or the cheapest quote from China

And the winner this week of “Logo Golf Ball” is this beauty

Were in the dog-house,wife going mad !

December 12, 2011

She is on one today and time to steer clear,the warning signs were there this morning when myself and tilly were up and out, waking her is not a good idea and of course tilly bounding on the bed didnt help.
Anyway we drove out to visit a course that was long overdue a visit and we hit the jackpot, a good haul was waiting for us

So we head back home and the nagging old witch is not home (thank-goodness) so i take the time to pour all the golf balls on my lounge floor,forgetting there is a lot of wet muddy balls,well you can imagine my horror,the carpet wet and covered in mud,me and the dog looking at each other and hey presto the wicked witch appears, jesus christ did she lay in to us,calling us all the useless bas***** under the sun, that was it me and me dog were out the door as quick as lightening….we returned home and she has calmed down, the mud dried and brushed off without any damage….ooh thank you darlin x

We found this Titleist Ball differant to any i have seen before

Pickup your golf ball and have a cuppa.

September 18, 2011

Local golfers looking to purchase our retrieved golf balls are welcome to phone or mail there order through and pop in for a cuppa.
You will be invited to watch the golf ball go through the cleaning stage from dirty to sparkling condition whilst you enjoy a nice hot drink.
We have lots of various brand names to choose from so there will not be a problem with choice.
Retrieved golf balls at very affordable prices to suit all golfers needs.

Tilly-Miss in the news.

February 14, 2011

My local golf course has the newspaper article which appeared in the Sun and Daily Mail displayed in the Pro Shop,thank you very much to the staff for allowing tilly the freedom to roam the outer course.

Today was quite good considering the recent weather,quite a few people around and some very bad golfers really struggling to hit a ball,a couple of old looking people were having a job to walk let alone play and the language from one particular person made me laugh,everything he said contained the “F Word” and i am not joking,this bloke must have been late 60s and boy could he use the F Word he couldnt get a sentance out without it,he sounded like a real old cockney geezer,naughty but very funny to hear him,god bless him.

The hoard of field balls just gets bigger and better,brand new top name balls laying freezing in the wet cold grass covered in god knows what but with a good wash they will sell.
No deer or rabitts for tilly today instead she was bringing me more colour balls from the hedgerow buried under leaves,one after another which is always good.
Met a lovely man who was in the wood with a metel detector,this bit of kit cost him £800 and has a menu on it that makes scanning a simple task,you can select what you want to look for :gold :silver:coins etc,last week he found a silver threepence coin valued £150 his friend recently found a gold cross that a museum now want to purchase for £15,000….i think i am in the wrong game !

Coloured golf balls still being found.

February 12, 2011

Surprised at how many colours are still being played,our field is groaning with a huge selection of both white and colours.
Despite the rain we were still out there getting soaked and tilly-miss was really having fun exploring lots of freshly dug holes throughout the woodlands and outer course area,we were out late afternoon to clear up the bridalway and within 15 minutes we had retrieved this amount

On close inspection they are filthy dirty but rub the mud and crap away and there are a few brand new balls,especially the Calloway.
We also had a scoop of John Daly Orange balls someone was obviously having a bad day.

They look pink in the picture but i guarantee these are Orange,just bad light with picture !
Tilly-Miss kept guard on the proceeds of the late afternoon walkabout no fox was coming to take them away.

Tomorrow we start again with a walk through the woods and then to fit another machine and refill our sweet machines.