We have another young deer.

What a shock to enter the woods and see another young one has joined forces with the other three, this one has arrived out of the blue and funny enough as strange as it seems the young one has been made very welcome from what viewing i had of them today, Romeo has been keeping close tabs on the new addition probably hoping for some fun and games and to build his harem !!!!!

Here are some of todays pictures taken in the bitter cold whilst it was just starting to snow

20130404_144332 (2)

Can you believe your eyes? i had to look a few times myself to make sure i was not dreaming, but yes there is 4 all of them behaving very well and as you can see randy Romeo having a lay down to preserve his strength for maybe some activity as night falls.


Where this one comes from is a mystery but here is the proof that he was nowhere to be seen in the morning as we strolled round.


I was walking round the other side of the wood and come face to face with the workers starting to clear the debris from the old milking sheds and barn that have stood idle for best part of 30+ years, they are making way for new energy solar panels to be built and housed on the land and hopefully all the waste wood and rubbish that has piled up will be burnt very soon, i just hope that the wind direction changes or there could be trouble from a close neighbour who was in his day a very famous voice on radio and television and believe you me if that smoke heads his way there could be trouble as this person has every councillor licking his boots along with endless people sucking up to open this and open that, and of course he will if it means a free dinner or payment for maybe a new toupee !

Call me lucky or maybe not but i recently found this dog in the woods, it has German markings on the pad of his feet and a number etched under its belly, it was filthy when i found him in woodlands and took him home and cleaned him up and as you can see it is in immaculate condition



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