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Balls and more balls.

May 29, 2011

What a day for finding balls,we walked all corners of a course today and have to admit that even tilly-miss was tired and worn out

Take a close look and just see some of the crap people are now resorting to play with (click on picture) there is stuff there that wouldnt make a driving range for practice,but underneath there are some very good Calloway and making a rapid return Srixon.
Today was good with a nice lad calling at the door looking for Titleist for him and his 3 pals it was great that he took 100+ balls which were mainly ProV and he was very complimentry towards tilly and myself on the quality which makes this whole ball finding very worthwhile it also helps keep tilly-miss updated with her booster and flea protection from what is in the woods.

The baby deer has been seen today and what a lovely sighting i had of him, i watched him grazing for 15 minutes whilst mother was watching me from the long grass.
All in all a very good week and next week will be as good as i prepare to wind down before i head away to Moscow for about 10-12 days something i am looking forward to very much !…..back tomorrow good night all


Tilly-Miss behaving very badly tonight.

May 25, 2011

We had been in the woods and headed home, tilly had been playing and finding lots of golf balls, i took the last one away from her but she wanted that….so she decided she would get her own.

She knocked over the lot that had been sorted out

Now the whole lot have been mixed up and i am not going through them all again

What am i going to do with this nuisance who is driving me bonkers !

Everyone wants our cheap golf balls.

May 25, 2011

Just switched on my computer to find lots of mail from happy people looking to buy our happy tilly golf balls.
Wow what is happening tilly’s blog is getting more hits everyday that is something i never expected and i am very grateful to everyone to take the time in reading my ramblings and rants…i am shocked at the number of visitors to the blog and cannot believe what is going on…thank you all.
If i can make people laugh and make people happy all well and good, if i can make a bad golfer good with our happy golf ball then the good golfer better lookout.
Just remember we have a fantastic range of brand new and nearly new retrieved golf balls in stock with more arriving daily,we wash them and clean them making them a happy ball just for you.

The Deer are missing.

May 23, 2011

I am getting very concerned for the deer and the baby one which have not been seen now for 3 days.
I have walked and walked the entire woodland back and forth hoping to catch a glimpse of either.
My concern regards someone being in the woodland early evening last week shooting at random rabitts which were disgarded where they fell,the weapon is a high powered rifle 0:22 calibre bullet (i imagine this to be the case seeing the holes)
which blew the rabitts to pieces, since this evening there has been no sighting of Mr & Mrs or the foal, they are always together side by side and sooner or later they make an appearance somewhere,we have been out again this morning and combed 3 fields and woodland path without any sighting….now very concerned for there safety.

Lovely walk round a deserted golf course this afternoon.

May 22, 2011

Just because Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest and relaxation it doesnt stop me and tilly from getting out in the woodlands.
The weather in Berkshire is bright and sunny with some lovely winds blowing just the right weather for a game of golf you would think, but where are the golfers? i am not joking our local course is empty,would you believe that on a sunday of all days.
We had a lovely walk through the woods which had more people and horses than the golf course,maybe because the woodland is free and the game of golf cost money is my theory, i can honestly say what a difference in people numbers this week something is not adding up here, last year the local courses were rammed with people.
Anyway it was great walking the outskirts of the course,the winds were strong enough to keep the trees blowing and allowing easy access to the fence-line where lots of golf balls were laying,my bag was full within the hour and it was then i headed for home.
We shall return before dusk to clear our field and just hope the snake has gone for the night

Destination Moscow.

May 22, 2011

Will be heading to Moscow and back to this great hotel in the coming weeks, very close to Red Square and the famous Bolshoi Theatre and not to far to the amazing football stadium.

Fabulous hotel in a great location for all you ever need in shopping experiences and great food.

Here is our collection of golf balls this week.

May 21, 2011

Couldnt believe we have managed to find so many in just 7 days,as you can see the green bucket is full of every make of ball.

What a collection of quality golf balls that will be added to the wash system to clean all the mud and wildlife crap from them all leaving just a clean shiny ball.
We have 1000s to choose from in all colours and lots of ProV Balls are hidden in the pile. (Click on the photos to view the balls in close up, can you see them prov’s?)

Seem to be a few snakes in the grass

May 20, 2011

We took a drive to the country today and had a look round a couple of courses, it was amazing to find so many Calloway balls, it is very unusual to go to a course and walk away with so many of a certain brand, obviously the golfers who play this course know what ball suits there style and pocket and are happy with it.

We headed home early afternoon and tilly was obviously quite happy with having travelled to new surroundings and was very happy to leave her scent everywhere it seems, back to our local course which had about 20+ players mid afternoon we soon started retrieving some good Nike..Calloway & Titleist with my bag full it was home time.

I unloaded my haul and to my amazement the deep large oval bucket is full yet again, i cannot believe in a week we have managed to find such numbers of branded golf balls, it was also good to see Ice Balls making a return appearance and Golden Bear featured well along with Pinnacle race for life and other Cancer Research logo’s.

What do we now do with so many golf balls it is quite obvious Ebay has had its day as far as golf balls go, i just finished 1 & 3 day listings that have produced no interest at all except from a Lake Ball Retrieval Company wanting to buy them all, if i was dependant on the likes of Ebay tilly would have starved  to death it seems, but i am not i do this as a hobby when i am not working in my job which takes me away from home for long periods then i return home for a week or two before heading away again, i canot believe nobody wants very cheap golf balls and find it hard that people disgard them so easily, but thats life it seems.

Vending machines i have removed 3 machines due to poor location basically putting them where i could, the company i brought them from promised me this and that “were with you all the way” wont hold you to any supplier and blah blah well they keep mailing me telling me how great there site finding service is to find new locations for a simple £10 per site fee so i asked if they would find 3 sites…..there response was when you buy from us you can use our site finder service? er excuse me i brought machines and stock from you and then found another company selling cheaper giving more in return with a much varied selection so i buy fromyou and them both which makes perfect sense… my thumbs down goes to Salysol based in Newport for a couple of reasons being price and not been taken seriously,also i asked for a change in coin mechanism for a machine to vend ping pong balls at 50p it took 3 months to get a response to be told do i still want the coin change doing, not good business ethics one little bit. I am quite happy buying my stock from Tubz Brands who offer a very good range and cheaper prices and who will site any number of machines i need at the same money….just be careful who you buy from seems to be the motto these days.

What do you do when your stood in a field with very long grass and feel something quite heavy slithering over your boot? i looked down to see this rather large black snake slither over my foot and it seemed to start to crawl up my leg, i was on my toes pretty dam quick thinking the field could be full of these nasty creatures the adrenalin was pumping and yes i was frightened as tilly was up field having a nose round,god that wasnt nice as it was black and fairly big, imagine had i been picking up a ball?…..will i sleep tonight or have nightmares? will let you know tomorrow…goodnight all

This really could be me in the future playing the snake charmer….happy days.

Where have all the golfers gone.

May 18, 2011

After a visit to the vet i took tilly-miss back to the golf course for a look round and for tilly to have a good run,we encountered the baby deer being moved by its mother to a safe keeping shelter for the night,the mother was very nervous of us watching and she never held back for long before they were away across the field to bed down safely for the night.
Tilly had seen the vet after loosing a lot of blood this morning and i was in panic mode and had to get her seen asap,but it seems things were not so bad and after a few squeezes here and there the problem was solved (hopefully) 1 pack of Stronhold for keeping the mites and fleas at bay and 1 injection (Booster) to last the year come with a bill for £81
which i paid with great satisfaction,at least i know tilly is ok and covered.

So to the golf course : Its early evening with a little overcast light drizzle but a nice time for a game? you must be joking where are the golfers

Nobody but tilly and myself in this direction

And from this direction

Just me and my dog along with mother father and baby deer resting !

Deserted local golf courses.

May 18, 2011

Had a ride round last night to checkout local courses and to gauge how many car parking spaces were available at the courses.
I was amazed to find not any of the local courses were busy and infact 3 courses had no cars and nobody on there course.
My next door course was empty apart from 1 car that obviously belonged to the barman serving his special offer reduced beer at £2:20 per pint,but that obviously had no bearing on attracting players to the clubhouse as there was a complete empty course and that was early evening around 1800hrs.
The very posh side of Berkshire boasts Burnham Beeches golf club with there entry gate on a card system sadly for them there was nothing or even life on the course as we proceeded to search certain areas.
What is interesting thou is the emergence of lesser known brands of golf balls, Dunlop…Slazenger…Top-flite…Pinnacle…turning up like never before,bearing in mind these clubs have always prided themselves on Titleist ProV….? Is this telling us something?….has the bubble started to burst with finances? is the squeeze taking its grip? is the nagging wife stopping the cravet man from playing with his flash over-priced toys?….all the signs are there, i have also noticed that the local ex vets group who played 3 times per week are now only playing 1 game per week?….i will keep watching the attendance figures on courses and will keep watch on the various brands of balls being retrieved as this could be very interesting figures for the summer ahead.
Tilly-Miss has to go back to the vet this afternoon,whilst i was out this morning i noticed she was bleeding from her rear end and it was quite heavy,i took her to the vet but they were closing and reception told me the vet had left a few minutes earlier so i am back at 3:45 when they open,at present the bleeding has stopped and she seems fine,tilly is eating and chasing round and doesnt seem to be bothered but to be sure i will get her checked over.