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Found The Deer at Long Last.

January 26, 2014

After a dam good soaking this morning and tilly looking as thou she had been dropped in a swimming pool we headed home to get some warmth and for me a good cup of tea, for tilly it was snuggle up in front of the fire with a treat.

As soon as the weather showed a sign of easing we took a different approach and headed through another route to the woods one that involved climbing barbed wire fencing for me but easy for tilly to slope under to get in where we wanted to be, the route was indeed a hard walk with lashings of rain soaked fields and some muddy paths, at this point we were more or less on the surrounds of the golf course but a long way from where we would usually be and at this stage i was only concerned of finding golf balls.


I was walking in the middle of the course at this time in to a large waste area of quite long grass that bye now has become soaked and lifeless when out of the grass a few feet from tilly the two young deer emerged and took of across the course swerving at one point towards me, then with a lightening swerve changed course and headed to the woodland, it was all over within about 12 seconds and so fast and unexpected that i never had time to think of getting my camera out of my pocket, i was just so shocked to see them, but the view of them striding out of there resting place was great, they both looked an absolute picture of health and in perfect shape as they bolted to the quiet of the woods.

This is where i found them resting


We never bothered to go and find them as i did not want to cause any upset just in case so we took a walk through the grass area and found all them golf balls above which was an added bonus and having those pro v balls made the day.

We walked towards home and through a route i wouldn’t usually take and came across these poor horses who looked starving hungry and were soaked to the skin, they were eating anything they could get at including some sharp prickle bushes, will have to find out who owns them as they look in distress to me and if they are not being looked after properly i will call the RSPCA to have a look


Foxy arrived to his feast last night joined by a cat in the early hours and the food was cooked to perfection by my good self and presented on the lawn steaming hot, the cat was first to have a taste and the sight of the dog fox was enough to leave pussin cat a little bit scared and he was gone, got to do it all again later and this time it is sausages which i defrosted earlier……So thank you all for stopping bye and i will be back with another update on the deer soon hopefully.


Early morning walk in woodlands.

January 21, 2014

Got up early this morning despite the weather conditions in search of the wild deer, the fog had formed across the woodland and golf course making viewing quite hard from my eyes, obviously a much different case for tilly who as always finds a new lease of life as soon as she gets in the woods.

I was expecting the morning to be very cold and made sure i was well wrapped for my visit with a couple of good layers of clothing, but strange as it seems the morning was walk was lovely and i soon had regret for adding the extra layers of clothes.

I was as happy as could be walking and watching the red kite sitting in the tree hoping that from somewhere a mighty feast would arrive, but this time i had to watch as i had taken no food for them this time around.


If you look carefully at the third picture you will see the 2 red kite sitting perched high in the tree, they will not let you get to close, the other pictures are of the visibility that was on offer and tilly scanning the field in the hopeful event a rabbit or squirrel will provide a little entertainment before we head home.

Where else can you enjoy the peace and quiet away from it all, i can hear the traffic in the distance of people chasing fast and furious to get to work, putting up with the daily ritual and routine and then arriving late and having to do it all again when it is time to go home.


Tilly loves her freedom and i wouldn’t change it for the world…!

In the woods.

May 7, 2013

Another hot and sunny day and were back in the woods and here is a pretty bit of our bluebell woodland stretch.


Whilst out and about finding these


We were lucky to see our friendly “Mother Deer” enjoying herself alone without the other young to bother her.


I always enjoy our walks and it never surprises me where i will meet the deer, but they always allow me time to get a quick picture before they head away.

Look at this Pro V Ball it looks good to me


Until we turn it over and find it has been caught with the lawnmower


Look at the different  core colours, anyone know why this is?

And here is my beauty…


Surveying the open field hoping a rabbit just might show

Another Bunny bites the dust.

April 25, 2013

Another favour done for the poor bunny who was put out of his misery by tilly this morning, the dreadful mixi infection leaves poor rabbits blind and vulnerable, could you imagine living like that


The overflow field is looking healthy for a lot of stray golf balls, had a walk through this morning but was in no fit state to be picking up any golf balls after a very heavy birthday celebration with my son’s and friends last night, god my head is just clearing after all that time, what a session Sambuca…jack Daniels…and endless pints of that amber nectar…why do we do it ??????

Anyway waiting for my grand children to arrive and were heading to the woods to find more golf balls and to let them see the Deer so hopefully some pictures when we return.

What is in the woods today.

October 17, 2012

Peace and quiet all around me as me and my faithful companion take a stroll through the wet and muddy woodland.
It is amazing what can be seen whilst enjoying the woodland, here are a few things that caught my eye today whilst searching more golf balls.

A lovely brace of pheasants enjoying the comforts of the field.

One happy family grazing the field fully aware of myself and tilly

Here is the mum you can see the scar’s on her body after battling her way through thorn bushes, no doubt these were caused whilst trying to keep the young safe.

This little one i named Thomas has given me so many sleepless nights after he just vanished? I have searched high and low for this gorgeous little one, but to no avail, I am very worried that 2 polish hunters seen in the area have shot him.

Everyday i constantly think of Thomas, he was such a likeable beast who was very proud to have his picture taken whenever i met him.

If like me you are in the woodlands looking for golf balls and spend time in the hedgerows crawling through sticks and tree-stumps and prickles do not forget to look in the branches above you, it might be worth it in the end !

This is what we go through daily

And a little bit harsh on the feet for me and tilly

Ammunition found in woodlands today

September 14, 2012

Whilst walking through the woodland i came across Robin the jackdaw man,(this guy rear’s young baby jackdaws) and he was searching for a missing ball,when he picked up a box that lay idle in the grass,on closer inspection it revealed a box of 50 calibre bullets.

Robin was quite shocked and scared actually,being a man of older years he called me and said look what i have found

The poor chap was in a terrible state and it turns out his worry was Tilly-Miss,what if the person was going to shoot her or tilly was hit accidently, i calmed him down and assured him tilly would be fine and sent him on his way, what a nice kind man who was thinking only for my dog.

I think the poachers are in search of the deer that roam the golf course and take nightly refuge in the woodland, i have twice coome close to polish poachers and seen the high velocity rifle that has infra red night sight fitted.

I will contact the local beat officer to call and discuss the situation, we do not want any harm to come to the deer that roam the woodland on a daily basis
Here is “Lonesome” who appears every now and then looking for “Thomas” the new one in the field

The Golf Ball Dog loves Logo Golf Balls.

September 8, 2012

In the thorn bushes tilly keeps bringing me logo balls,despite the fact the field has just returned another good quantity of brands that have ended up in the field.



Not a tooth mark anywhere to be seen, that is the proper way to retrieve

Here is tilly in unusual pose,as she really dislikes her picture taken