Getting up close to the Deer.

In the grounds this morning the 4 deer were there feeding on the grass and daffodils until there hearts were content, i was not expecting to see them at all in all honesty as i thought they would be long gone after a few days, but i am not complaining and they must be happy to have me and tilly around as mum allowed me up and close to get a few pictures and i was happy to oblige.

I have now over 190 pictures on my phone and need to start moving a lot to the bin, i just wish i had a better camera than the rubbish on this Samsung, my old HTC Phone had a brilliant clearer picture but i will carry on and hopefully get some better close ups. here are a couple that were snapped this morning and when i look through them the more i am convinced mum is again pregnant,


Here is mum enjoying the daffodils, she is looking quite big


I think we surprised her a little bit when after grazing she turned and looked up and must have thought …aagh who are these 2 ??? watching me !


And here is Juliet doing what most women do? eat and eat while Romeo was busy sharpening his new antlers on the tree bark


During the time i have watched them they are always washing and keeping themselves clean and a constant rear leg having a dam good scratch, it really is good to have the time to watch them close up.

I am going to add more random pictures to Twitter & Facebook today, so keep your eyes peeled…bye for now


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