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Lady Golfers are everywhere on local course.

April 27, 2010

How lovely to walk in to my local course and see so many people playing,ladies dressed in some striking pretty colour clothing having a good time with friends, hopefully tonight should be good when i shall return to collect what they have lost or will they ?

Recent ladies days have returned very little in golf ball retrieval? now the big question? are the ladies playing better than the men? if it was down to me i would say without doubt the answer is yes,maybe the girls care about there prized coloured golf ball more than the men, i can walk round after ladies day and struggle to pick-up 8 or more golf balls,yet when it is the men versus the men oh what a differant story,we can easily treble the amount and more….so on that note well done ladies.
I know when the girls have been playing because most of the golf balls we retrieve are pretty coloured ones,the most found ball from ladies groups seem to be for breast cancer and they do come in some lovely colours,there is also golfer-girl ball which has started to become more evident from various courses,i do like finding the colours
and we have quite a few now in our vending machines and selling very well


Another beautiful day but where shall we go.

April 27, 2010

Glorious sunshine so we need to hit the road,must drive out and have a look round,a brand new course opens in Rickmansworth so i might just have a drive and a peek at what they offer.
Ball situation getting critical we are overloaded with so many it would bring a tear to the eye of a golfer,we were checking them before washing yesterday and 98% are near enough brand new,all the top names you would expect.
Have to go the day is to wonderful to sit doing nothing.

Tilly Miss Golf

April 26, 2010


What this dog wont do for a golf ball


Life revolves around being free in woodlands and close to golf courses.P1191030

Tilly-Miss is one of only a few dogs that has a registered trade-mark.


We offer golfers a vast range of woodland retrieved golf balls.


This is a small selection of our stock.


We are the first in the UK to launch a golf ball in a can,each with various pictures of tilly-miss.


The first trade-mark brand golf ball vending machine,available to all outlets.

Beer Tokens now going in to our vending machines.

April 25, 2010

We are pleased to let golfers have a pint on us in the future.We shall be issuing beer tokens on a trial basis for our local machines,our way of saying thank you to the many golfers who have been buying lots of them in recent weeks.
Maybe if the idea works locally i will then roll it out at our other venues.
Any pub looking to offer the same get in touch….remember our machines will not cost you anything…we can courier to any pub…we can install our wall mounted machine or you can have free standing you only need to ask.

Chinese food menu now in our golf ball sealed can.

April 24, 2010

Added another one, this time it is a chinese food menu handy for when your just finishing your round of golf….picture sadly not loading there is a problem with wordpress !

How many more balls can we keep finding

April 23, 2010

The sun is shining and courses are busy from daylight to dusk, my legs are aching with so much walking we are out 3 times a day and i think even tilly is tired.
We have nearly filled a shopping bag…that is 249 golf balls of every make and colour in the last couple of days…my home is being over run with that little round ball that is rescued daily and taken home for TLC….someone must need them?
Our vending side is going very well balls are selling and thank you to all the trade outlets for letting tilly stay,we will not forget your kind hospitality.

Free golf balls tomorrow

April 23, 2010

Every pub should have one.

April 22, 2010

Golfers are buying lots from our vending machines….top quality washed woodland golf ball at only £1 no chips or marks just a quality ball at a lower price straight out of a can.

Golfers asking me for balls.

April 22, 2010

Blimey is tilly-miss causing concern? have been to a couple of courses
this morning and was called to a group of 4 near a tee as i approached
the words were shouted “How much are your titleist and nike balls”
we hear you offer very good prices,it seems that word is getting round

On our next visit a man dashed across the fairway,you the golf ball man,i recognised your dog and thought i would ask….so another card handed out,just as well i have lots of clean stock ready to go.

Indian Restaurant Menu added.

April 20, 2010

The golf ball in the can now carries a local “Indian Restaurant Menu” we will feature this advertising in our local machines and look to further add more local business in the future.

So when you are nearing the end of your game of golf pop out the menu and order your delicious curry for collection on the way home.

Simple as that….Done…Golf Ball and a delicious Indian Menu in a sealed can.