Before Night-fall in the woods.

Not long been back from the woods where we have walked round to check on the deer before darkness,this is something we do everyday and it gives me the chance to also check on the other older deer grazing on the other side of the golf course, and i am pleased to say each and everyone we have seen this evening is in great shape and hopefully in the morning we will be greeted with the same.

I left romeo and juliet in the top field tonight where they were happy stripping leaves from some bushes and feeding on grass, mum was nearby on the other side of the fence resting and watching another visitor to the field who like them was probably quite hungry, yes scraggy the fox was out looking for his dinner and eye contact and a chase in the field was attempted once tilly caught sight,  but nothing more than a couple of minutes and scraggy was on his way alone and wondering where he will get food, but i know full well where that will come from as when i arrived home there he was in the field opposite my house sitting with another larger fox both looking very sad, so that is it a bowl of mince has been put in the oven and will be served on the lawn before bed.

It has been a lovely day in the woods and fields despite the cold bitter wind, we also managed around a 20-30 golf ball pick-up as we have walked field to field and have seen so many animals and various birds it makes the walking worthwhile.

Thank you to everyone who has taken time to send email regarding the pictures of the deer, it makes me happy to know that what i do is being enjoyed around the world from quite a few people, i do this as a little bit of fun and to keep my brain ticking over and keeping me out of the pub, i really appreciate your interest.

Here are some pictures from early evening

20130403_151116 (2)

Mum watching me and tilly and the fox while Romeo and Juliet are in the right side field

20130403_151047 (2)20130403_154728 (2)20130403_154934 (2)

We stood quite close while the young and mum grazed, the coat on the mum is changing and looks amazing when the sun was shining on her, it was almost as thou she was completely white.


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