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Tilly-Miss is on camera today.

October 30, 2009

PA260551They seek her here,they seek her there, people taking pictures everywhere,(could make this in to a song) Tilly -Miss was enjoying herself on a quiet stroll on a course today when i noticed a group of ladies watching tilly and all her movements, once they had tee’d off and i must say they all would have made the male golfers in england very jealous, bearing in mind these ladies were not spring chickens, i would say early 60s and if you ladies are reading this i apologise if i am wrong, you know i mean no offence x anyway a lady walked over and started asking about tilly-miss, at this stage tilly made a grand entrance with a lovely Wilson Staff ball which carried seasons greetings with the message Merry Christmas, blimey someone somewhere is thinking of santa claus already? the mind boggles.

Anyway the lady by this time was joined by 3 more ladies making a fuss of tilly, and could not believe tilly-miss is capable of finding golf balls, i said pop round to the house and see how many we have, probably 6000+ they were fascinated, then asked if i mind if they take pictures, i was very happy that tilly had made them ladies happy, so i decided to do a few shots of tilly myself which i hope you like.



The best dog in the world.


Hope to be back soon, Tilly-Miss x



South Africa Calling.

October 29, 2009

Contact from South Africa regards tilly-miss golf ball vending machine, wow we are getting around the world from our armchair,and it is all free travel, so tilly-miss joins a long list who want to sell our machine, along with numerous requests from Canada, and America, be assured we will be organising agents to deal with golfing outlets, so keep tuned, we can only take small steps at a time, lets do things properly, we are waiting trademark results for tilly-miss then we can move forward, our new machines are fantastic, cannot show them at the moment, but be assured every golf club will want them, they will be available with stands, wall mounted, or free standing on the bar, ooh i cannot wait.

Tilly has been spoilt today massage for an hour, then out on course and chased rabitts instead of finding golf balls, what a great life she has, my friend said that dog is so fast she should have a saddle, but let her have her fun and she does know how to enjoy herself, anyway i spent sometime searching for the dreaded white ball, well nearly an hour and managed 19 balls, round of applause please, i was quite pleased with myself, but my back is aching.

Forgot to say we are carrying an advert on our web pages for a fantastic new product which i think will change the way you drink your cola or pepsi in the future:

Time for me to relax and enjoy my dinner, speak again soon.Tilly-Miss xce60dc22-9de7-47d1-8acc-e8b31bb6640f

Under the leaves are hidden gems.

October 28, 2009

Do you know what, the leaves need to be thanked for falling everywhere, it causes havoc with eyes of golfers, but not for my tilly-miss, we are doing far better than expected, tilly loves the leaves and is in there like a mad one, bringing back Taylor-Made, Calloway, Titleist balls like they are out of fashion, my message to golfers= hope it keeps raining leaves=thank you all.

Tilly had a visit to the vet, to pickup her supply of flea repelant, we use “Stronghold” and must say it is the best you can buy, once applied no problems, tilly is brushed and checked daily to remove any thorns that have gone under her coat, some of them do get in her skin, but not for long as i remove them as soon as i can.

Another lovely walk today brought a nice  tally of 37 good golf balls, tilly enjoyed an extra long walk in the sun as it was a lovely day, she is now enjoying a peaceful nightPC150038

What a glorious day out in the woods.

October 27, 2009

Back we head to our favourite stomping ground, tilly had company today with a new friend Roxy, a 1 yr old white staffi and she is gorgeous, they both played together running all over the woods, tilly was trying her hardest to make out she was the boss, but Roxy was not at all bothered.

The morning was a little bit bleak, but still calm enough to enjoy a brisk walk, the beautiful colours displayed by the leaves falling in there droves was a beautiful sight for the human eye PA260549

The lovely colours, the beautiful colors from the huge trees, all makes the walk so worthwhile in my opinion, peace and quiet you could be anywhere !PA260554

It was a very quiet day not a lot of golfers considering, but our “search and you will find” method always brings results, and tilly still managed to bring 14 balls from under the leaves bless herPA260545

despite spending so much time sitting and waiting for the bunny rabitt to pop out !

Tilly has walked so much today she is totally tired P9130523

So from a very tired tilly-miss it is goodnight all x

Tilly Miss we are getting there.

October 26, 2009

First things first : Tilly seems a lot better than a couple of days ago i am pleased to say. We were out and about in the glorious weather enjoying a lovely walk, tilly was straight in the leaves and brought me 4 balls within a few minutes, and we ended with 36 ball count, not bad considering the leaves etc.

Vending Machine News.

Things looking very positive on the purchase of modern technology, talks and hopefully a planned meeting arranged this week, our new machine is likely to be a new “Tower” in striking chrome it offers everything i am looking for in a modern machine, it will also allow me to start offering a service to interested clients anywhere in the world who wish to purchase.

Today i have met with golf related society publicans, lots of interest shown and some very good contacts, highly likely that 5 more outlets will take the machine, so cannot wait.

Lots of golf balls now being checked before the big wash begins, i have a lot of balls being put to one side for the school charity in Wales, i have promised to donate 1500 for the sponsored downhill race, we will get there as i have around 300 at present and the event is planned for next May…..plenty of time.

Speak again soon, tilly is having a rest, just spent 40 minutes going through her coat removing tiny thorns, she loves the attention, so enjoy your evening and speak soon x tilly

What a lovely morning.

October 26, 2009

Up and out early this morning, such a beautiful day with clear skies, the golf course looked a picture with the mist rising, tilly-miss loves them days where she can get about.

So tilly is recovered, in great shape and will be back later  ok

Tilly -Miss down in the dumps.

October 24, 2009

Tilly being very crafty crept on to my bed during the night, obviously took the chance to creep on to my wifes side of the bed so not to wake me, but what turned out did wake me, i was woken by tilly yelping in her sleep, obviously dreaming of the fun time she had spent in woodlands that day.

What made matters worse she started making some awful coughing noises whilst in a deep sleep, i have never experienced this before and become very concerned. When i woke this morning and made a cup of tea tilly came down very tiredsome, her nose dry and she seemed very lathargic? anyone any ideas on this?.

During the day tilly has been very slow in the woods has not chased anything just plods along, still brought me 7 golf balls before loosing interest and wanted to go home, she has been sat on my sofa this evening and doesnt seem interested in anything, a visit to the vet if no improvemet, must ask there opinion about her sleep and dream pattern, i am very concerned about this.

A horrible nasty day here in england despite the bad weather and more leaves falling we collected 29 balls in just under an hour, the leaves are causing mayhem for me and tilly and of course golfers, but we will continue to carry on regardless.

Have a great weekend, will let you know how tilly is getting on monday when we will be back with more news.

Tilly-Miss another great day out.

October 22, 2009

So pleased we made the trip today to Oxford, we visited 2 courses and returned a massive haul 291 assorted golf balls, many 1 hit balls bearing top name logos, it was a dull dreary morning and i thought it might be worth the time and trouble, but well worth the travel, tilly was in great form, very good dog who now knows what her job is, on top of finding the ball tilly had time to enjoy her visit and left her trade mark without any doubt, you guessed it a nice fat rabitt, so big she had a job to carry it.

Back at tilly-miss HQ we had some real positive feedback on our vending service, i am trying as hard as i can to source state of the art new vending machines, i think i have made a very good contact in the uk, will keep you all informed on progress. We were also contacted by a sports media organisation requesting tilly-miss to be registered with 3200 journalists who will track progress and updates on tilly, which i am also very grateful and proud of.

Ireland is our next major journey in the new year, we shall be heading to the emerald isle hopefully again laden with golf balls and vending machines, we are on a mission to visit many golf courses.

Tomorrow we will have an easy day, its wash day for golf balls, a brisk local course for tilly and rest for me, i will probably need it as i am heading for a few beers tonight.

Enjoy what the night brings x tilly

More from Tilly-Miss.

October 21, 2009

It is all happening at tilly headquarters, news on vending machine supplier looking good, so we will keep you updated on our progress, hopefully some state of the art machines like you have never seen before will adorn our tilly-miss logo, exciting times for me, it has been hardwork but the light in the tunnel glows brighter each day.

Winter leaves falling make spotting a ball that much harder, now it is down to tilly to do her best for me, bless her she has just pulled 14 balls from the leaves today with a song and dance with each one she finds.

Tomorrow we venture to the Oxford countryside, will have a look round and see what is what, until then take care and keep smiling x tilly.

Tilly-Miss in fine form.

October 20, 2009

Where does tilly-miss get all her energy, she constantly runs amok in the woodlands chasing rabitts, squirrels, deer, anything that gets in her way depending on her mood. It is very funny tilly is at the moment stalking a rabitt, and everyday the same thing, the bunny can hear tilly walking through the leaves that are falling now winter is settling in, i must take my camera and get some pictures for you all to see, tilly standing over the rabitt hole head turning side to side as she can hear the bunny, but bunny is to quick and does not want to be a dinner just yet for anyone.

We were in a very thorned area today right in among some very heavy thorn bushes, the prickles on them branches would cut you in half, just like razor wire believe me,so i decided to crawl through which was not comfortable or a good idea, but once in thorn valley we had a great time, tilly-miss just kept going in deeper picking up a ball and dropping it of to me, 31 golf balls in under an hour, all very good brand balls i might add, when i organise a wash of the balls they will be great, so a very happy day.P9230534

Tilly-miss is back home watered and fed and having a snooze bless her, back again soon, take care.