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Bitter cold day for finding a hoard of Calloway Balls.

January 29, 2011

Search and find method where you really have to have eyes in all directions but that is what makes golf ball retrieval more interesting,tilly pulling coloured balls from the undergrowth and one of our permission allowed fields a huge supply of white balls just laying round freezing cold and most covered in slime and horses dung,but a ball is a ball which in turn is money whether it is a pound or its pence it all adds up at the year end.
2 Golfers playing yesterday and 1 lost a white ball which tilly found under leaves,the other lost an orange ball which was also under the leaves but tilly soon found that after we had searched in the wrong area to where he thought the ball landed,i said to him what ball is that orange and he replied John Daly oh your the man who has lost quite a few of them as we have about 10 yeah that is me but i am getting better,he thanked me for the ball tilly found and we headed home later that afternoon we were walking through and guess what was laying in wait,another john daly orange ball,so much for the lessons pal.
We certainly had good returns as far as Calloway balls go today,most of them brand new which makes me even happpier,most were from the long drives and sweeping bend on the course that players over hit it either lands on the bridal path or it goes straight to our field.
We had visitors in the field this morning 2 very beautiful deer that roam the woodland daily,tilly thought she would have a go at catching them,no chance the 2 beauties were so fast on the gallop a horse wouldnt catch them,it is lovely to see them both side by side most days walking or having a sleep on the bridal path,they both have the most gorgeous faces and colouring.
Just had a call regarding one of the machines being jammed up,my brother was on hand to take it of the wall and look at it,on inspection it seems a pot has wedged in the mechanism so they emptied the takings which was a nice £116 and has now took the machine home to fix the problem,hopefully it will be back in the club and on the wall tomorrow,typical as there is a childrens party in the club tonight.


What make of ball would you choose.

January 28, 2011

We walk miles and miles daily to find the golf ball you the golfer loose,we collect from hedgerows and fields and woodlands to bring you the best recycled golf ball money will buy. Wash them clean them check each one for damage,it all takes valuable time and patience.

Here in the picture is just a few of what myself and tilly-miss retrieve on a daily basis,can you imagine sorting them in to brand names or even the prospect of having to wash and check each ball for visible signs of damage.
The recycled golf ball is as good as a new ball and we always sell our recycled golf balls cheaper than 95% than a golf shop will ever allow?
Why…because we do not have the overheads a golf shop has,we do not have to pay for a shop lease or employ staff it is just me and tilly the golf ball dog who have found a niche in the market and have worked hard in offering the golfing public excellant recycled golf balls at a price they can afford.
As times get hard and the economy is stretched golfers start to feel the pinch,how can a golfer afford to be paying the vast prices asked for a golf ball,have a look on Ebay and see the ridiculous prices for golf balls dont get me wrong some traders offer fantastic deals whilst others just loose themselves in over the top pricing.
We see an awful lot of lesser known brands finding there way on to courses Dunlop…Slazenger…Top=Flite…Commando…Black Diamond etc now being played,Do you remember the Commando in its heyday god help us if that was todays number 1 ball,but seriously you know when the economy is good as you will always pick up Calloway Titleist
Nike and Srixon which you can sell very easy apart from Nike that is because lots of my customers wont touch a Nike ball due to the ethics of the company and how they trade,but that is there belief and they have there right on choice.

Do we collect from the lakes : this is another question often asked and the honest answer i will give is No we do not touch them and i certainly wouldnt want my dog tilly going anywhere near water because her safety is paramount to me,the lake ball is no intrest to me at all we prefer the search and find method which has served us well and will continue to do so for a longtime to come.

Golf Balls from a vending machine.

January 28, 2011

You can buy more or less anything from a vending machine these days,so i thought why not add a golf ball.

I started with the old fashioned bubble gum machine and progressed to the more modern look

Which also vends a range of sweets to help concentration during the vital all important putt.

As you can see from the picture “A Golf Ball in a sealed can” is delivered fresh direct from the machine, a range of top brand names and colours available plus some really tasty sweets

Fancy having a machine in your office or workplace or on a golf course
get in touch

The difference in golf ball prices.

January 27, 2011

In our vending machine this beauty will cost you £1 yes just a £1 coin in the slot and you will get this beauty deliverd in a sealed can.

Go to a golf shop and pay £3 for the exact same ball !

We wash and clean all our golf balls to very high standard,here is a filthy Calloway

And here it is after the wash

These are available direct from our vending machines,maybe you should get one sited at your office or workplace.

What will a single £1 buy today !

January 26, 2011

Only £1 from the vending machine,where else would you get a fantastic quality golf ball for that money.
Golf shops and stores charging £11:50 for just 3 ProV’s

We sell them cheap and sell lots to keep the golfer today very happy

Proof that the machines really do work,we banked this little lot today.

What Tilly-Miss donated to Wales.

January 25, 2011

We are more than happy to help any club or organisation we can with a selection of golf balls.
We helped a club in and around Newport to hopefully raise some funding through there charity golf ball race in 2010 as you can see from the picture we filled the plastic bin with assorted woodland balls

And here is further proof of them all being released downhill in to the valley

I am glad tilly-miss wasnt called on to pick that lot up !

Around the golf course.

January 23, 2011

Took some pictures this morning of tilly-miss collecting more golf balls

Empty machine from the horse stable

Busy filling machines with golf balls & sweets.

January 22, 2011

It has to be the perfect combination all from the 2 in 1 machine, thats right a golf ball and a great range of sweets that will not only provide the golfer with a quality golf ball for £1 but a sweet rush to help his concentration in a vital game.

Its a busy day of filling machines and getting tilly-miss to a local course for more ball finding….how much can 1 man do in a day???????? don’t ask please…i have to walk tilly in the morning,the early afternoon,and the late evening on a course before darkness,in between all that it is the washing process of golf balls,wrapping and posting orders,answering email and updating our pages,answering phone calls….the job of 3 people…but worth every bit of my time.

I arrived at the horse riding stable this morning to find the machine empty,the children were delighted when i walked in with the refills there faces were a picture and the comments did not take long “yummy my favourite sweets” “ooh look at them sweets” “can i have one” just some of the comments,i bet that will be close to empty after tomorrow the kids love them.
We have 3 more local machines to fill this afternoon some of the pubs are going to be busy tonight with various things going on so we need to make sure there is enough to go round.

Hopefully then i will get a chance to get tilly-miss to the woodlands before dark.

Finally a big thank you to Lucy Laing at News Media for sending a DVD of tilly’s photo shoot we are very grateful for all the effort and publicity it has brought tilly-miss.

It has been busy.

January 20, 2011

Another day of the phone ringing,then i done a live interview with Talk Sport Radio which was very good. amazingly our web pages got well over 160+ hits during the interview,so if you are looking to do some advertising that has to be your radio where to spend your budget.
We walked long and hard today and tilly-miss is whacked out on my settee sleeping her head of and dreaming in her sleep no doubt about the big bunny rabitt that got away,she is yelping in her sleep every few minutes.
Thank You to Lucy who put the article together for the paper and to Garry who travelled a distance to take shots of tilly-miss on a horrid wet day last week also to everyone at 5 Live and Talk Sport it has been a very good few days and orders have started to filter through which is also nice.

Lots of Nike and again Calloway balls retrieved today adding to the huge selection we have in stock at this rate come the start of the golfing campaign we will have more than enough to last through the season…..and guess what????? my wife has found another 3 bags tucked away in the hall and would you believe it ? the moaning has started already and its not even golf season? what is a man supposed to do….goodnight all x

Newspapers : Magazines : Radio : for Tilly-Miss

January 19, 2011

Quite shocked and surprised at the response tilly-miss has had since her article appeared in the national press today,my phone has been going non stop.
But despite all the attention tilly was out early this morning roaming the frost covered woodland doing the things that keep her alert and happy.

In under 1 hour we had retrieved 18 very good balls including quite a few brand new one hit Calloway balls in superb condition.

Tilly-Miss was in great form and bringing the balls from the prickly hedgerows one at a time and enjoying herself

It has been a very busy day and we are just going to do a radio interview with 5 Live to hopefully round of a very pleasant day.

Thanks everyone.