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Get ready for the great golf ball raffle.

November 30, 2011

The huge bag is nearly filled, the walking has been done,tilly has had so much fun running through the woodlands and fields, as for me my head is buzzing and at night i am dreaming golf balls of all colours and name brands….god i need help !
So despite my aching blistered feet and cuts to my arms and legs along with my poor doggie covered in thorns and recent scars from barbed wire,we are going to raffle this huge bag of golf balls and there will be 1 lucky person out there who will not have to buy another golf ball for a very longtime (unless your really bad at the game)
So golfers everywhere £1 per ticket and you could be having a great xmas present,imagine every make of ball for you to try throughout the year, the winner will be guaranteed this huge bag delivered to there door before xmas.
Fantastic quality balls including every top name you would ever want to try and Titleist ProV also play a part along with Calloway & Nike and the ever so popular Penfold Heart which took us nearly a whole year to find, all this can be yours for £1 no more no less !


Woodland pictures

November 29, 2011

Mist was hanging around early morning and i thought some nice tree pictures would make a change.
Tilly was busy having a run with her deer in and out of the fields,which was great as she is getting great excercise.

Is it free golf balls from Srixon

November 20, 2011

Srixon must be giving away there golf balls, if not then start throwing your savings in to there shares, why? because we are finding so many it is not right.
4 golf courses all returning Srixon,we found them in hedges, under leaves, on towpaths and in thorn bushes which is where tilly-miss comes in very handy
As you can see from the huge bag we are filling, i would bet the percentage is all Srixon, when this bag is filled and i do not think it will be to long,we will organise an online raffle for the entire bag which i think will hold 700+ balls, tickets will cost £1 and entry will be through Paypal and as an added bonus to the winner delivery will be free through a courier direct to your door……can you imagine not having to buy another ball.

Sadly my choice of ball the Titleist was not so easy to find today or yesterday, we hit double figures but not enough to shout about, in these hard times £3 or £4 a ball is a little worrying to be paying if your golf game is not really that good

It has taken 11 months to find this ball

November 17, 2011

We struck lucky today and found the ball we were desperate to get 11 months ago, yes the Penfold Heart Golf Ball finally landed on a Berkshire course, sadly in a mud area and was fished out with my own bare hands, was i excited when i cleaned the dirt and sludge and realised what i had found, you bet.
Just under a year ago when the penfold was being revamped i made contact with the company asking if they would send me a pack as a sample,which were going to be sent out to visitors to our sites that we have online which include this one your reading and our golf ball site
A simple and easy competition was going to be arranged around the Penfold Brand which would promote awareness through our 16000 visitors, but Penfold responded saying “No Chance” nothing is free, so that was that and my loyalty and respect for such an aged company was basically over, such a shame as i liked reading about old companies and the nostalgia over the years.
I never thought it would take such a long time to actually find the penfold, and how do i feel now i found it?…..sad really

We today also found the “Golden Bear” in all his glorious gold and ask the question, how many are produced in gold….answers please.
Another good day in the field has brought lots of good name balls including a good sweep of ProV Balls and Calloway

Eric the beer drinking dog

November 16, 2011

Whilst on our travels refilling the vending machines we met Eric a very young jack russell, one of the first jack’s i have known to like its beer, he was enjoying drinking from a bottle as it was pushed around the floor, what a gorgeous dog with great character.
Vending machines really coming in to there own, we are selling so many sweet tubs
and the comments from drinkers is great.
Landlords are provided a percentage above the norm as we believe in fair trade amongst all and it helps to be as generous as we can through these dire times.
Tilly-Miss is not very happy today,she has the grumps for some reason,its a shame she cannot talk?
Coloured balls are becoming more visible on golf courses and with the amount of leaves falling it is hardwork, but we will get there in the end.

What a week

November 13, 2011

I had to get across to Ireland as my mum has been very ill in hospital and aged 80 is the wrong end of lifes pattern.
I was very shocked to see how my poor mum had looked with there being nothing to remind me of the lady i recognised on my previous visit.
Huddled in her bed and a big smile as i walked in greeted me and my wife,within minutes of giving mum a kiss she was fast a sleep, the weight has fallen away from her and i could hardly recognise my dear mum, it was very upsetting.
The pictures above show my mum in younger years, a fit and very healthy lady, i wish she had decided to stay here in england with me instead of returning home to Ireland, at least i could have looked after her better than what she is getting in that dreadful hospital.
I am trying to get mum moved away to a nursing home,but that takes time to organise,hopefully my sister will get that sorted very soon.
Tilly stayed with inlaws in the cotswolds whilst i was in Ireland and she was quite happy as she does get a lot of attention,so when i arrived yesterday evening she went mad and was so happy to see me back with her which was nice after all that i had put up with previously.
We made the golf course early this morning after a good nights sleep and within a minute or two one lucky squirell had escaped near death, tilly had got a bite on the beast but not enough to stop it in its tracks and it managed to escape to the tree, one lucky little squirell without a doubt.
A quick walk round and soon the ball tally was in double figures and guess what only 1 yes 1 Top-**** ball amongst a huge amount of lovely Srixon, yep all very good Srixon which have been sold already along with Taylor-Made which we have in stock.

What is in the golf bag today.

November 5, 2011

Sure enough it was a beautiful morning and although i was suffering a little after one to many the night before tilly-miss was eager as always to get to the golf course
for her early morning rout.
It was evident that the course was going to be busy,as we could see the people in groups as we entered through the bridalpath, it was not long before the balls lay waiting for us.
We were having a ball walking and finding various brand names that lay scattered in thorn bushes and laying idle on the leaves,some were very cold and others were quite warm,a sign that they had been there for a short while and nobody had given them a second thought it seems.
The morning walk returned 31 quality balls that were dominated with the quality of Srixon followed a close second with Nike which seems to be making an appearance
once again after falling short for quite a few weeks, the chance of seeing a Nike ball
was all we could imagine and i often thought had this particular course banned the Nike ball, but happy days it is back where it should be in my bag.
Before dark tonight we headed back for the end of day clean up and as the picture shows we were not let down, what a surprise to find as many as we did in less than a 30 minute walk on the path.
Click on the photo and see how popular the Srixon ball is, then look at Nike and Titleist which is not a real favourite at this course, people are playing more with Pinnacle,Top~S*** and Maxfli but the most impressive of comeback balls used at this course is the Dunlop Sport without a shadow of doubt, but can we sell them ?

Tilly Miss was injured this morning cutting inside her back leg, a nasty gash that needed a visit and £147 to put right, but she is still not very happy as the fireworks and running round are getting to her,but she is doing good.
Our machines are being wanted in many outlets in the world, i have lots of enquiries from golf magazines and golf courses wanting to setup the vending machines, my supplier is dealing with orders and arranging shipments so tilly will be
seen as a global exporter very soon (laughing)

Stocking Fillers from the Golf Ball Dog

November 2, 2011

The perfect present for the golfer in the family, you can choose from any make of ball and we will provide various pictures of the golf ball dog at work in the woodlands retrieving every make and colour ball she can find.

Norway pictures

November 1, 2011

Back home and thought you might like a few snaps of walking through Oslo

Golf Ball Drop.

November 1, 2011

Looking for charity to help organise a golf ball drop in the next year.To make it a special event i would like to get a ball manufacturer to donate a large cash sum to a very worthy cause in my local area.
I would also like to get people out in the open countryside walking and keeping fit and have a vision of 1 or more golf balls that are dropped having a value for the person who finds the particular ball,and yes through sponsership making it a worthwhile cause by offering £1000 / £5000 or maybe find the golden ball and £50,000 will be your reward.
This is all in the air at the moment and needs to be planned with interested organisations such as charities and golf courses etc, but something i would like to get involved in next year.
Any ideas or suggestions how to move this on in the future, get in touch and make a difference.