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The weather today has beaten us.

December 30, 2009

This morning was not to bad just a slight drizzle that we could more than cope with, but this afternoon we set out and have been caught in torrential relentless showers that soaked us through, even tilly-miss was totally peeved of and sat bang in the middle of a path refusing to walk any further, so i decided enough was enough for one day.

As you can see we have gone from snow filled landscape to this.

What could be worse? it has been awful,yet there are still golfers on course like drowned rats, talk about dedication to the game, we made tracks back home after retrieving around 16 balls not to bad considering the weather and conditions.

Nike balls were most found by a long way today, again Titleist came close with the colour ball helping to increase the number somewhat.

Have spent a few hours with vending machines, have had people call round to give them a road test, yes they have actually put there £1 coin in and have been quite surprised by the ball coming out in a cannister, all very good comments were recieved and some contacts have been made now they have seen how the machines actually work, a couple actually drove 47 mile to pop in and see how good the machine was, and have taken one for there local pub which is very good news.

Should this weather continue tomorrow i am going to put some pictures on of some of the rubbish golf balls that are being used by a few golfers at various courses, i think you will be quite amazed at the rubbish we come across, i find it unbelievable that golfers would even consider using such inept balls? surely a damaged ball would have a vast difference to your overall points tally compared to a new clean ball? i do not think it is rocket science,why pay a lot of money on a good set of clubs along with the bag and all the other clothing to end up pulling a ball that is so damaged it is surprising it will even move when hit, the mind boggles at what goes through peoples mind,i look the part and have good looking state of the art bag and clubs and i dress smartly,dont worry about what ball i play as my golf buddies hopefully wont see it? maybe its time golf clubs made everyone buy a new set of balls before they are allowed to play a  course? any thoughts on this or any other questions? mail me direct and i will try and answer any questions in our next posts.

Tilly-miss has had a nice bath and is lovely and warm by the fire like a ball of fluff, better than being out in the cold, with that i am going for a nice cuppa and an egg sandwich….take care tilly x


One to many last night.

December 29, 2009

Myself and tilly-miss ventured to my local bar last night,what a very warm welcome we recieved from the landlord, Merry Xmas to you a drink on the house, tilly-miss laid by the fire laying quite peaceful and comfortable stretched out taking the full brunt of the heat, whilst i sat at the bar enjoying my favourite tipple amongst some really good banter going on between people, the beer flowed and flowed with a welcomed gesture, i never took notice of the time which had now past midnight, so we discreetly left by the back door and headed home, tilly-miss was very comfortable with the roaring log fire and the fuss being made of her.

After not such a comfortable nights sleep we were up and out my head banging feeling like i had gone 10 rounds with Tyson, i knew fresh country air would make me feel better and it certainly worked its charm, in the pouring rain that fell golf balls were everywhere (again) we were picking them in hedgerows on bridal paths and in fields adjacent to the course (some serious lessons needed for some golfers in 2010 is it you?)

Home we trudged a good cup of tea and some headache tablets consumed we were soon back out again and to my surprise we found even more, we covered the entire area of a course, then we went round another and found a huge amount, so all in all a fantastic day yet again, i would estimate we have had in 3 days around 240 very very good balls.

Today Titleist came out on top by a very clear margin Pinnacle and Srixon followed with Wilson Staff, sadly Nike was near the bottom of the list, yellow in the colour stakes were top again with orange getting close.

Right now tilly is sleeping on my sofa, my headache has cleared and i am going for a cup of tea, enjoy your evening and stay warm and cosy. has passed 5000 visits in nearly 4 months where do all these people come from i have not a clue but thank you all we are really grateful of your visit and hope we have entertained you in 2009 look forward to a new year with lots going on……goodnight x tilly

Thank you.

December 29, 2009

I would like to thank everyone for visiting in just under 3 months we have had over 5000 visits, thank you all so much i hope you have enjoyed viewing our pages and we wish you all a very happy safe new year.

So many more golf balls found.

December 28, 2009

It is back to business again, the golf course was an array of bodies in every direction you looked, the clubhouses must be rubbing there hands again at last, the tills will be ringing with happiness. If it is anything to go by today i would imagine many clubs will be selling a lot of golf balls,walking round a couple of the courses today was feeling like a dentist pulling teeth, the balls just keep turning up in some amazing places, places they should never land up in, but thank you guys for loosing so many, cannot believe that so many have been hit and lost, but this is what this is all about finding as many as we can,serving golfers with excellant quality at the lowest prices.We will be back tomorrow in the meantime i have a aching back from carrying so many, so a good rest and a beer might just help me recover.

Golfers back in force.

December 27, 2009

How delightful to first of all see so much green grass, we were beginning to think this was a thing of the past in the south, and what a nice surprise to see so many golfers quick to return to the many courses available to them, out in vast numbes quite large groups of friends scattered in full view of the course, many wearing new golf clothing that santa had left them, once again the colours of golf balls being played has an impact for a few golfers, orange and purple, pale blue and yellow, pink and would you believe a black ball more like a snooker ball from Golf Refugee was found,the mind boggles at the choice people have and prefer.

With so many people around today we went to an upmarket course (money no object sort of place) where folk pay huge amounts just to belong and be seen in the car park, so you would imagine the course to be lined with the best balls in the industry, well that was my thinking but surprise surprise we had a mix of Dunlop Loco, Pinnacle Red, Srixon Green,along with Slazenger, so who is kidding who here? where are the ProV’s and the Calloway and the Nike? or the brand new ball from Penfold Golf  the “Heart” SHOCKING TO THINK THAT THE WEALTHY WILL PAY RIDICULOUS FEES to be seen in the car park and bar area, but must shamefully keep the ball under wraps from there partners on course, i am going to keep an eye on these people and maybe one day challenge some of them to answer a few questions,see if we can tap in to the minds of the money people?

Golf ball wash was complete, 100s of golf balls washed and cared for now sitting in the nice and warm, looking much happier than before, the dirt and mud removed shining like a new ball should.

Tilly-Miss has been chasing squirells and had a choice of so many that were swinging in the trees along with a chase for bugs bunny again which came to nothing, but her day is coming and it wont be long before tilly will have him, on that note a nice bowl of soup is waiting for me with hot fresh bread so good night to you all, remember the weather forecast !!!!!!!! keep wrapped up warm and do not go out in the car unless it is an emergency, i gather the roads will be very icy, stay safe until next time tilly x

Calloway balls.

December 26, 2009

Something going on with Calloway balls, the last couple of weeks we have been retrieving a lot of calloway balls that have broken in half, these balls have not been hit by the mower, they have busted open to reveal the core. We do come across many golf balls that have been sliced through the mower and it is evident when we retrieve these, but it is worrying to see so many.Do you think these are fake balls under the calloway brand name? it is very unusual that for some reason so many lay disgarded on various courses.

We were out in the car for a daily nose round, it is nice to let tilly-miss venture to various courses, we had another mixed bag today and were impressed with the quality of so many, i had a tot up of the brand names and to my surprise Nike came out on top, followed by some very good Titleist balls, i was surprised how many of Golden Bear balls were included in the find, it goes to show you how many golfers have various choices from course to course.

Courses are at last getting rid of the snow but to what price has this had, i have walked several courses in the last couple of days and do not like what i am seeing, the weather will cause a lot of heartache to the groundsmen, i do not think they will be able to drive any machinery on course for quite a few days, the ground is a watery mush a lot of grassed areas will be lost and some major maintenance will have to be done, a miracle of sunshine weather will be needed to get some courses out of trouble.

Wash day tomorrow, lots of golf balls to be sorted and cleaned,not really looking forward to the challenge but someone has to do it, and i admit i do a good job, so tilly will be out and about early light then when i get another chance during the day.

Tilly-Miss working on xmas day.

December 25, 2009

Hooray the snow is melting away very fast this xmas day and tilly has been quick to seize the opportunity to get working, out nice and early to bag lots of balls.

In just about an hour we were very fortunate to hoover up a great amount of quality balls.

These balls will now undergo cross examination for damage and wear, any ball showing signs of damage or inking will not be washed, only the very best golf ball will make it through to our vending machine.

Now i am heading to my friends pub to spend the day with family and friends, more than a few beers will no doubt be consumed, so a likely chance of a headache tomorrow.

Have a great xmas day everyone and enjoy. tilly x

Merry Xmas to you all.

December 24, 2009

Just to say thank you to everyone for there support over the last few months, tilly-miss is very grateful to you all, tonight will be very interesting as we have my grand children staying, so great fun guaranteed not expecting to much sleep as they are so excited about santa calling.

I took the children to see Santa a few days ago,very excited they were and i took along my camera to grab some pictures, would you believe the camera ran out of charge after taking just 1 picture, how annoying is that, santas grotto looked so nice with a burly santa sat waiting to hand the children presents, so next year a fully charged camera will be the order of the day.

Have a really lovely xmas everyone, stay safe and warm and enjoy everything that is bestowed on you, we look forward to keeping you updated in 2010 with more news on tilly-miss, until then take care and god bless you all love tilly x

Tilly-Miss wrapped up for winter.

December 23, 2009

As you can see tilly is not happy wearing her coat, it restricts her movement when she is hunting, so i take it of when we go to the woodlands allowing her the freedom to roam and do as she likes.

There she is on the scent of a rabitt who was much to fast for her, but she keeps on trying !

I wonder what tomorrow will bring now the rain has appeared, maybe just maybe some sign of improvement on the courses, we might just see some grass.

Until then i wish you all a safe and pleasant evening, stay warm and good night…tilly x

Tilly-Miss in the snow.

December 23, 2009

Hello everyone

I thought i would share some pictures with you, tilly-miss was in good form today finding me balls that were buried in the snow, i hope you like the images.

Tilly-Miss is amazing i just do not know how she keeps finding these balls in quite deep snow

The course looks like a white sheet has been spread corner to corner, must say thou it does look quite stunning with the ice hanging from the trees and branches.

I was hoping to get some pictures of the 6 Deer that roam the course, but sadly they were not showing today, lots of footprints scattered round the course, but they are obviously sleeping in the woodland, a lone rabitt was the only thing running round, but way to fast for tilly to catch.

Lets at last hope the weather improves, it has been a disgrace how local councils have reacted, innocent lives have been lost all because of the behaviour of local authorities refusing to grit our road system, what happened to the days when council cleared drains and sewer pipes, cut back over growing hedges, gritted all roads including back lanes, we never ever had the problems with flooding or gritting, as i have quoted many times England is a toilet, this latest episode of events has caused a national disgrace to our country, Eurostar and there fluffy snow is the final straw, let us hope and pray all the poor people stranded make it home for xmas.