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Golfers Book your room at this hotel.

May 28, 2012

Looking for a golf break with your friends,a chance to get away from the wife,are the kids driving you wild? then get on the phone and book your break for freedom while you can.

Go on, you know you want to

We had a bumper collection of golf balls over the weekend, hacking those netles have done the trick and we are filling the sack nicely

The huge sack will hold in excess of 1200 and we are nearly three quaters full which is not bad considering the sheer hot weather.


Logo Golf Ball Retrieval

May 26, 2012

During the heat of the morning we were very surprised to find under the nettles these very good logo golf balls, I enjoy collecting all these various advertising balls and i am always happy to promote a good printed logo ball…..I hope you enjoy this selection…

We often collect logo balls that have been round the world, obviously starting as a present for someone and brought back as a keep sake of there visit

Insolvency Solicitor can help you through troubled times….

And finally to the worlds worst mobile communication outfit, who only have there interest at heart, it has to be this lousy lot….I do not subscribe to them and have many friends who are tied in contracts with poor quality service, problems getting a signal and high online phone bills,do yourself a favour and keep well away from them people… they are…

Clearing lots of GOLF BALLS from the nettles today.

May 26, 2012

Worst hazard possible for any golfer trying to find a golf ball, Stinging Nettles ! today we have decided to beat the life out of these damm irritating weeds with avengence,and it paid off with some very good golf balls being retrieved.
The morning has brought so many varieties and colours i was getting quite excited especially when these lovely colours started appearing

Coloured balls are always a good seller for what ever reason, and to top it all we retrieved some very good pearly white balls,that have sat in the undergrowth for a considerable time

All in all a very good mornings work, we shall be back soon with our “Logo Ball” findings that have returned some very good logo balls.

Budapest Road Trip

May 24, 2012

The long drive to Budapest was interesting with good weather and some great sights to see on route which involved driving through Germany,Austria, Hungary.

Some good pictures were captured of the odd things that make our europe neighbours quite interesting…why have a huge chair dangling in mid air next to a motorway?

Old ladies selling flowers on the side of the road

Fabulous Hungarian Restaurant selling amazing Ghoulash soup and dinners at crazy prices.

Always nice to find a pub anywhere and this tiny little bar in a shopping centre provided a very busty barmaid who liked to let you see more than you should,but the beer was great !

Watching The Deer Today.

May 13, 2012

Looking back at some pictures taken from my camera phone and sadly realising how bad they were,I decided to take my camera with me to try and get some good image shots of the deer that are quite comfortable in the field close to my home.
It was not long before i walked straight face to face with two of the deer mother and father i like to presume,maybe i am wrong maybe not, but i must say the 2 made me so happy that i was so close to them,within a metre and no more.
It was not until i arrived home and put the pictures on my computer that i realised the quality and sharp images i was so lucky to have gained, i was delighted and would like to share this with you all, so sit back and enjoy the pictures as much as i did taking them…

Remember to click on the photos to get the best images…..

Some very good pictures of mum and dad sadly the young one was sleeping deep in the long grass

Where did that Golf Ball Land !

May 12, 2012

Usually the task of finding a Golf Ball is quite easy,but recent weather has seen a surge in wild plantation and nettles growing at rapid pace due to so much rain.
So today i would like to let you see some of the places that GOLF Balls land, these are exactly how i have come across these today whilst taking a stroll with Tilly-Miss

To search a golf ball in these extreme conditions takes concentration and eye for detail and we can honestly say there isnt much we do not find….including this very nice Titleist DT Solo

This DT Ball was buried deep in the thorns, but the best is yet to come and i just found this amazing at how the next ball landed where it has, can you imagine the speed and power that ball took during its flight, it must have bounced of trees at an alarming pace coming to rest here

Tilly-Miss has so far enjoyed 2 walks to the golf course and you can see how much she enjoys herself, left free to roam and hunt the entire landscape as she chooses,but never going to far.

This morning we were fortunate to watch 2 deer grazing in the exact position we left them last night,they had not travelled at all it seems, but mum was nowhere to be seen in the field today, making me think the time has come for the new on the picture to see the 2 deer

Good logo ball from this golf society

May 12, 2012

As soon as i picked this ball up i could feel a good quality ball, and was pleasantly surprised that it was from Ultra !

Very good feel very smooth and what a bonus to find a very good logo design, this will be added to my favourites collection.

It has been very hard going the last few days after the relentless rain which has seen weeds grass and nettles shoot up everywhere in the woodlands,we really need to get a strimmer to start clearing all this debris.
It is looking like mother Deer is soon to calf,she is acting in a dazed state and keeps laying down for short periods constantly washing her rear, tonight she was making some grunting sounds then back laying in the long wet grass, i was there until darkness keeping watch on all three at one point in darkness two walked within 2 metres of me unaware tilly was waiting to pounce

Here is tilly-miss on the run

Were looking for a friend for this little fella, tilly is fed-up playing with him now so its time to find a friend

Enjoy your weekend !

More sweets for vending arrived today.

May 10, 2012

And do they taste good, you bet I have been sampling the products this morning

The Peanut M&M are lovely and i am finding it hard not to eat more !

The favourite of all time seems to be these Rolo which come in a sealed can with 3 mini packs
and people love them

Here is another favourite that is becoming very popular, a good old fashioned sweet name with chewy flavours

And not forgetting these mixed Bon-Bon sweeties, my grandchildren adore the taste of these and always make a bee line to look for them

We ordered Toblerone but that has failed to show as with the mini chocolate eggs,so hopefully they will arrive shortly.

Would you like to have our sweet machine sited on your premises, we offer very good commission on each item sold, we offer free install with a choice of wall mounted or free standing machines….you only need to get in touch and through our preffered choice of supplier you can be certain of quality service always.

Night Patrol on Golf Course 2

May 5, 2012

Thought we would add pictures from a deserted golf course, walking round at 18:30 last night and the weather was good,so you would imagine there to be people out getting stress levels down from working,but how wrong could it be? will the course be busy during the weekend break? I will keep you posted… the meantime enjoy the pictures.

Holiday weekends are usually a great time for us to return massive amounts of golf balls, recently thou we have seen a huge decline from the woodlands and shrub areas, also worth mentioning is the quality of ball we are retrieving, gone at the moment are the top selling brands that we would hoover one after another,sadly we are being left with some very tatty old style Pinnacle & Top Flite.

Beautiful surroundings in the countryside with peace and quiet all round should be the perfect choice of location to relax,we love the freedom of walking the area daily.

And often we bump in to this fella on our travels

Enjoy your weekend people

Golf Course Night Patrol Part 1

May 4, 2012

As always i have to get out of the house around 1800 after watching local news, the rubbish soaps on tv are of no interest to me or tilly but the wicked witch loves sitting there flicking channels so we clear off.
Part 1 tonight is devoted to Tilly-Miss as it has been a long time since i have taken pictures so i hope you enjoy your viewing


So good and never any problems wherever we go, very good hunting dog and brilliant at finding golf balls with a liking for ProV                                     .