Orders washed and cleaned Golf Balls.

Look how lovely and clean these beauties are now they have been washed, I was sorting through the bag quickly to fulfill a request from a couple of golfers.
1 order 10 mixed white and another for 10 coloured balls, they were minging when pulled from the bag, so a long soak and a lot of scrub dub dub and hey presto they are as good as brand new.

My wife started moaning because as it is pouring with rain i do not want to be standing outside at the wash centre where i do all the cleaning,so a large bowl with the magic applied and hey presto, but that moaning witch enters the kitchen when i am moving items from the bowl to the sink and it starts ranting on about hygeine in the kitchen, oh so shall i stand out in the pouring rain then?
Tilly has been laying on my bed all day with me as i had been in Newcastle last night doing work at the champions league game against Bordeaux and arrived home around 08::00 this morning after the drive home,as soon as i got home we walked in the woods and headed home as i was very tired, i thought i would have a couple of hour’s sleep then head in the woods, but the wicked witch surprised me with a wake up call around 18:00 telling me my dinner was ready, a lovely chicken casserole, then a quick walk with tilly who wasn’t to keen to walk another route because of the rain and home, but tomorrow we will be out at 2 golf courses and clearing our main field once again.


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