Great morning collecting more Golf Balls.

What a morning for ball collecting, the golf balls just keep coming wherever we look, I was not expecting to find more than a few,but our tally in the woods returned 47 lovely golf balls, most of these are brand spanking new.
Look at these colours that have been cleaned and posted to a client in London for just 99p plus postage,would you be happy with them?

We also have these beauties for sale and offers are welcome

You might like to get your hands on these lovely one’s

Just a selection of what we have available, if you want quality at low prices, get in touch !

We also found these 2 golf balls with a building company logo on ? let us hope he builds houses better than he plays a game of golf….pmsl Crescent Builders based in Slough Berkshire
would you dare to call them ? (if you do please let him know he is famous)


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One Response to “Great morning collecting more Golf Balls.”

  1. altheamann Says:

    Got a business of collecting and selling golfs eh? Good luck and I’ms ure you’ll find more. 😀

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